honda silverwing 600 problems

I have added heated handgrips for winter riding. The Honda Silverwing IMO is the best of the lot in the Honda scooter line up .

The result is a buttery ride from take off to interstate speeds. This section is for all of us to share information on performing maintenance for the Silver Wing. I found one with less than 2000 miles for £2500.

Whether racing the rats to the office or the sun to the horizon, the Wing's 600cc motor/tranny combo gets the job done in a smooth, efficient and thoroughly pleasant manner. Dr. We ask that you be polite and also introduce yourself on your 1st post. I for one dought it. Text: Chris Myers • The seat’s vast and plush, there’s loads of leg room and the screen/fairing works a treat.

Engine very responsive and smooth. I ride fairly conservatively but not slowly and the bike usually does long enough runs to get properly warmed up.

Lying beneath the elegant surface is this ride's most important element, the engine. The storage pockets add that little extra and includes a 12v charger for my phone.

Please post all comments or questions in this section about your Silver Wing.

I would definitely buy another but not at £7 new. I had to fit a new front brake light switch for the MOT. Apart from a few cosmetic additions, I cannot fault thisvlovelybmachine. I use to ride middle weight roadsters but the Silverwing with all it's extra features, practicalities and performance ensures I won't be rushing back to a standard motorcycle anytime soon, if ever.

Mpg's averaging around 45mpg.

Also receiving conceptual cues from the venerable touring titan, the Gold Wing, the new Silver Wing offers a comfortable ride, good protection from the elements, and the means to leave town on a whim no matter the destination. If the optional ABS is added to the package, the Silver Wing is arguably the best braking scooter on the road. don't know how. This can save some brake pad wear in the long run. Brake pads and front tyre seem to last for ever, a rear tyre goes every 4K.

I'm sure everyone would agree that power is a nice thing to have, but it doesn't do much good unless it's competently put to the street. I also fitted a home made front mudflap to protect the radiator and fitted some Oxford heated grips. Subscribe •

I can't say I feel the same. The robust 41mm forks up front combine with the twin shocks in the rear to provide a smooth, stable, and comfortable ride.

It would be nice to have a slightly larger fuel tank but I get 160 miles before the fuel gauge flashes and it will make it to 200 miles before filling (I know because I've done it twice). H Bauer Publishing are authorised and regulated for credit broking by the FCA (Ref No. That's enough room to swallow two full-face helmets or a briefcase. Battery went flat for no reason, turns out the under seat storage latch light was left on overnight, took the bulb out, sorted.

Great handling makes it good fun on the roads and you can sit at 80mph on the motorway for ever.

The pillion is a true delight and offers the lucky copilot a wide, luxurious perch from which to plot the day's course or just to take in the scenery. Job done. You can also post pictures here too to help others out too. I looked at a Bergman, but they were too expensive. As for twisties: the Honda FJS600 Silver Wing is huge fun, offering great grip, top (linked) brakes and remarkable lean angles. I did it myself and will wear the risk of any issues arising but it is very off putting.

I use to think why would anyone want a big scooter, but now i would haft seriously consider why anyone would want a normal bike for everyday use. The bike purrs around town and is up to 30mph in a few seconds. You get so much more with a silverwing and I'm sure if more people tried it they'd be converted too. Buying experience: Mine is a 2006 model bought used with 12k miles, from a dealer. I've owned my 03 silverwing for a month now and I love it. 845898), for the HONDA SILVER WING 600 (2001 - on), Honda FJS600 Silver Wing motorcycle review - Riding, Honda FJS600 Silver Wing motorcycle review - Side view, Honda FJS600 Silver Wing motorcycle review - Rear view, Honda FJS600 Silver Wing motorcycle review - Front view, Honda FJS600 Silver Wing motorcycle review - Exhaust.

Photography: Christian Neuhauser. See the need for a larger windshield and a rack.

Sure, in the touring world, the Silver Wing always takes a back seat, or maybe the second podium, to its big brother. That alone is something to consider if you find yourself, shall we say, vertically challenged. I've added heated grips and I also picked up some wind deflectors which increase the weather protection.

Take one spin and it's likely you'll agree that this scoot has earned its Wing. So, we've established that the Silver Wing has plenty of power and handles well, but can it stop? A Bona Fide Silver Rush Who needs "gold in them thar hills" when a lighter, more maneuverable Wing of silver is perfectly adept at taking care of business.

The Silver Wing remained on sale through 2013. It's very smooth and just does what it should. The mere mention of the word Wing amongst the two-wheeled community inspires visions of wide-open roads leading to destinations near and far. Office papers, laptop, iPad, camera, tripod, crash helmet, rain suit - it all goes in. We ask that you be polite and also introduce yourself on your 1st post. I am big bloke and 17+ stones so the rear shocks at at their limit really. But not in town, that's a waste.

I don't know if this is a Honda thing or down to the dealership but I was quoted £150 for the first service which consists of an oil/filter change and basically a once over.

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