how to connect coaxial cable to tv antenna

You could use a splitter/combiner to join it with the cable entering your house and then send both sets of signals to all your TVs, but the signals will interfere with each other just as they would on a single TV. A bit of advice, steer clear of amplified signal splitters. % of people told us that this article helped them. One option is to use a signal splitter/combiner to take your cable and antenna inputs and combine them into a single feed you can attach to your cable input.

If it's an older-style screw terminal, you need a small adapter to make it fit.

"What helped me most was the hands-on videos. We offer a free antenna recomendation service here > . However, if your TV is digital-ready, you can just hook up the aerial straight to the TV. All the cable TV and satellite TV stations are broadcast as digital. The signal splitter divides the signal and the signal is sent via the coax cable to all connected TV locations in your home. All modern digital TVs don't need a converter to receive freetelevision and radio stations.

Primarily used for cable TV, HFC, set-top boxes, cable modems, the F coaxial connector is a 75Ω connector often used in conjunction with standard RG59 and RG6 75Ω coaxial cables. Distribution amplifiers are used when the TV signal will be divided by a signal splitter and sent to multiple TV's. The amplifier will counteract the effects of dividing the signal. Now switching from Spectrum cable to an external HD antenna as a cable cutter do.

You may want to buy a small extension cable for an indoor antenna if your TV doesn't have enough space for an antenna … If you have a set-top box for your cable, for example, it might have an input on the back for an antenna. This will ensure a higher level of quality on your TV, and the cable will be less prone to breaking or succumbing to the elements. Hoping that my broadband internet from cable will still work.

We take what we do seriously and so should you. 989 875 4902 ...... 9am to 4pm Mon - Fri. EST ...... contact us >. Yes, you can connect your TV antenna to your cable TV wiring system. This article has been viewed 1,157,377 times.

This is how the preamplifier located near the antenna gets operating electricity. If you're using an extension cable, connect the cable to the antenna as well as the TV's input port. The signal may not be as strong, though. The second part is located indoors and this part is the power supply/injector.

Carefully strip back the coaxial outer sheath approx 2" to expose the wire braiding known as the screen. Avoid any set-top antenna that is shaped like a satellite dish and claims to pull in. Inside of this box should be either a.

Helping you every step of the way.

Those who choose the wrong antenna will either buy a second antenna or go back to cable TV.


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In weaker signal areas or if the antenna will supply multiple TVs a signal amplifier will likely be needed. Then take the antenna cable and attach it to the antenna input. As of 2009 in the United States, all TV stations are required to broadcast their channels as digital. If after viewing this page you still have questions submit the form at the bottom of the page, You will likely find a cable box connected to the outside of your home. If you really can’t stand to see another ad again, then please consider supporting our work with a contribution to wikiHow. Yes you can! Analog and digital are not compatible, it's like trying to speak two different languages.

For tips on how to pick the right type of antenna for your needs, read on! Adding a TV antenna along with your cable package can get you more channels, and especially more local channels, but you'll still need to connect them both to your TV. Do the same with the cable connection, if you haven't already.

Jack Lloyd is a Technology Writer and Editor for wikiHow. If your home is wired for cable TV and you want to cut the cord and drop cable in favor of a TV antenna the same coax cable can be used for the TV antenna.

Coaxial wire is used to connect wires to your outside TV aerial. Avoid making embarrassing mistakes on Zoom! How do I hook up an antenna to a flat screen TV with a VHF connector? The preamplifier installs near the antenna, The distribution amplifier installs indoors. It works very well with digital converter box too.

The antenna.

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It's better to use an A/B switch, which lets you use them one at a time. Generally speaking, you shouldn't have to adjust a flat antenna very much, since they're both more powerful than traditional antennae and multi-directional. An amplified splitter is a better setup. Determine the cable that leads to the modem and connect it directly to the incoming Internet service feed. You can put an indoor splitter where the antenna cable comes in and run the extra cable through your house, or you can put an outdoor splitter on the antenna itself and run the cables into your house at separate locations. Can I connect a cable to my aerial socket, extend it to another room and watch TV in two rooms? Try smoldering the wires that connect from the antenna to the TV together, or use liquid electrical tape to secure them together. The wire is encased in plastic.

I am planning to install a tv antenna just close to it and was wondering if I can connect my antenna coaxial cable to the cable box, so all the cable outlets in my home can receive OTA channels. If you're running a cable outside or through your house, make sure that the cable is shielded.

How do I build my own antenna if I have no money?

Knowing where the broadcast station is will also ensure that you know which direction to face the antenna if necessary.

Better yet, it probably has a choice of outputs ranging from the traditional coaxial cable to component video out – the red, green and blue connectors – to HDMI or digital fiber.

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