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"Body options were many and varied with a choice of long or short wheelbase and high or low roof versions, all of which available with or without side windows.". Bebbington (1998), p. 175. I am still hoping there might be someone who has a handbook in a cardboard box or drawer. This refresh coincided with a reduced line up; Holden deleted the diesel and long wheelbase options. At the same time, the column shifter was retired and a floor mounted shifter became standard across the line.

I have one of these as they were marketed in Britain as 4×4 Bedford Midi.

Brit Stops 2020: Perfect for a staycation road trip, Guide to Solar Power for Leisure Vehicles, Brit Stops 2019 – essential guide to UK motorhome stopovers.

I have a Midi CD disc, but not sure how much it covers the Alamo. By 1986, a version with a 1.2-liter turbodiesel four-cylinder and 4WD was available.

Though you can legally import just about anything 25 years after its production date, finding an importer willing to source a JDM camper for you can be tough.

0.0000% of all UK vehicles are ISUZU FARGO. In January 1984, turbo diesel engines were introduced in the Wagon LF model, followed by the addition of optional four wheel drive on Wagons in November of that year.[1]. "No diesel engine option after 1986"; "No LWB option after 1986. The van also signified the end of Bedford, and its own designs as it was cheaper for GM to use other companies designs it co owned. FOR SALE: 1993 Isuzu Fargo Motorhome Diesel AT 4FG1 - YouTube It was also built in the United Kingdom by Vauxhall Motors and sold as the Bedford Midi, then the Vauxhall Midi. There are 31,344,532 cars & other vehicles with valid MOTs.

Isuzu Motorhomes and Campervans are available as Truck, Pickup Truck, Bus and Van conversions in both 2WD and 4WD. GB 638 3492 15.

Reviews. There were talks with Freight Rover during 1985 to produce the Sherpa 300 series van under licence, which came to nothing by the end of 1986. [13], The Shuttle was subject to several minor facelifts and running changes over its production run. "Called Shuttle LS, this nine-seater was a real luxury-coach [...] built in a limited run of only 250. The most popular version to import seems to be the third-generation L300 model, produced in Japan from 1986 to 1998 (overlapping a few years with its successor, the L400). Brands. Review: All the Aires France 2019. Anyone out there know where I can get a handbook / manual for the 1993 Isuzu Fargo motor home ? The passenger van version could easily work as a stealth camper, but many Fargos were converted into dedicated RVs with overcab sleeping compartments.

Brit Stops 2020: Perfect for a staycation road trip, Guide to Solar Power for Leisure Vehicles, Brit Stops 2019 – essential guide to UK motorhome stopovers. The Midi was also restyled in 1989 and given a new dashboard panel and seating, together with new door trims and front end fascia. ", "Vehicle Comparison: 1985 Holden Shuttle and 1986 Holden Shuttle", Faster/KB/Pickup/Dragon/Fuego/Invader/Ippon/Rodeo/TF/TFR/Spark,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 26 September 2020, at 16:19. The Isuzu base vehicle looks to be very similar to the old Toyota Townace / Liteace and it’s pretty compact for a coachbuilt motorhome – it doesn’t show in the picture, but the parking bay was pretty narrow. Fiat showcases Ducato 4×4 Expedition concept camper, Dutch couple travelling around the world in Ford Model T, Sequoia, Kings Canyon And Yosemite National Parks…, Birds, beer, ferries & hills: Isle of Skye by motorhome, Unusual Motorhomes: Isuzu Fargo 4WD Camper.

Four wheel drive could come in handy on muddy campsites, especially as it had suitable tyres, too. This JDM van is known for its ruggedness thanks in large part to a chassis and 4WD system derived from the Mitsubishi Pajero SUV. Does it have the Isuzu or Bedford badge?

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. There are 5 ISUZU FARGO left in the UK with an MOT. The Fargo spanned two generations, the first of which was sold between 1980 and 1995 as both van and pickup body styles, with the second generation, introduced in 1995 confined to a single van body style.

These Bedford vans were not however, distributed under the "Holden" brand. With its high roof and longer body, the Domingo wasn't small enough to meet Japan's Kei car regulations, but that also meant it offered more space and didn't have to adhere to that segment's 660-cc engine displacement limit. Car Logbook - Copyright 2020 App Developers Ltd, free rarity, mileage and MOT history check. The Camroad was available with a range of gas and diesel engines and could be had in 4WD with locking hubs. Learn how your comment data is processed. They must have been pretty rare, as everyone I've been to so far (Google search, Wikipedia, and the various camping and caravanning and motorhome clubs & magazines mostly come up with similar information as far as it goes.

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