lessons from battle of khandaq

God Almighty expressed the situation as follows: in the Quran: “They came on you from above you and from below you, and behold the eyes became dim and the hearts gaped up to the throats, and ye imagined various (vain) thoughts about God.”[23]. 3, p. 188. The Battle of Khandaq, which took place two years after the Battle of Uhud, is one of the important battles that had an important role in eliminating the barriers blocking the development of Islam. In this battle they dug a trench to render the enemy cavalry ineffective. [1][21] Adding in the six days of trench-building, the entire operation lasted 27 days[1] and was contained within a single month (5 Shawwal-1 Dhu al-Qi'dah).

The Prophet who was distressed uttered the following words: “Hasbunallahu wa ni’mal-wakil [For us God sufficeth, and He is the best disposer of affairs].”[18], Sons of Qurayza were a big Jewish tribe and they lived in the strong fortresses outside the city of Madinah.

He is Amr” and did not let him. It was a strategy that they always applied. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site. call to mind the favor of Allah to you when there came down upon you hosts, so We sent against them a strong wind and hosts, that you saw not, and Allah is Seeing what you do. Abu Hurayra said to Muslims, “These conquests are only a beginning. When the Messenger of Allah heard that they had set out, he commanded the Muslims to dig a ditch (Khandaq) around Al-Madinah from the east. He first went to the Banu Qurayza and warned them about the intentions of the rest of the Confederacy. [27], The Confederate army made several other attempts to cross the trench during the night but repeatedly failed. Come on.” All of the people of Muhajirs and Ansar who were there stood up. Abu Sufyan, their commander, mounted on his camel before his soldiers and said, “Flee at once! Besides, the Prophet had entrance places built through the appropriate places of the trench. I do not want to shed your blood because your father was my friend.”, Amr started to laugh and said, “I never dreamt somebody would confront me and speak to me like that!”. The prolongation of the siege caused a great trouble, famine and cold for both parties. Do not fight against Muhammad together with them unless you hold some the Qurayshis as hostages. The return of the army of the unbelievers would be the starting point of all of the returns. The Muslims who were very thin and weak due to famine felt very bad when the enemy army attacked like a black cloud; when the enemy army retreated in the evening, the Muslims felt a bit relieved. Tell it to only those who are aware of the situation. [4] One reason cited by some for such punishment is that Muhammad's previous clemency towards defeated foes was in contradiction to Arab and Jewish laws of the time, and was seen as a sign of weakness. If you let those handful of Muslims be beaten, who will be left to worship you?”[38], The clash continued very intensely that day. The Sayyed, then, talked about the hypocrites who not only tried not to take part in the war, but also spread fear among the Muslims talking about the strength of the enemy and trying to weaken the Muslims’ resolve. The number of the Qurayshi polytheists was four thousand together with the tribe of Ahabish and the other tribes that joined them. Dr. M. Sa’id Ramadan Al-Buti – "Jurisprudence of Muhammad’s Biography", p. 73, English edition, published by Azhar University of Egypt (1988). The siege continued for days. The attacks and assaults of the polytheists were always repelled by Muslims.

It is said that the battle started in the last week of Shawwal and continued in Ramadan. They were surprised when they saw the trench. Sons of Qurayza will make peace with Muhammad if Muhammad accepts to admit Sons of Nadr into Madinah again.”.

The food and valuable goods were kept in those fortresses. [29] The Qurayza also possessed weaponry: 1,500 swords, 2,000 lances, 300 suits of armour, and 500 shields. Thereupon, they accepted one third of the crop and came to the presence of the Messenger of God as a group of delegates. [15], Other tribes included the Banu Murra, with 400 men led by Hars ibn Auf Murri, and the Banu Shuja, with 700 men led by Sufyan ibn Abd Shams. Hazrat Ali said, “How can I fight you? Is there anything to eat at home?”, His wife said, “By God, I have this kid and one sa’ (3,5 kg) of barley.”.

And behold! However, they finished their preparations and attacked with might and main. [27]Ibn Sa’d, ibid, Vol.

Meanwhile the Prophet wanted to learn the view of Sa’d b. Muadh and Sa’d b. Ubada, the leaders of Ansar first.

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