molinism vs thomism

I wasn’t aware that there were other Catholic schools of thought, besides the Augustine, Thomist, or Molinist views. It is those who accept and work with Grace who are saved, without any previous merits of their own, and God knows exactly who those people are because it’s “already happened” in His experience, even though we are experiencing the moments in sequence. Molinism says that God provides the Grace and the person either says yes or no. In other words, Thomism says God provides the Grace and the person has no say so in the matter. Besides being an author, Jimmy is the Senior Apologist at Catholic Answers, a contributing editor to Catholic Answers Magazine, and a weekly guest on "Catholic Answers Live." At this point in my theological development, I’m not really either a Thomist or a Molinist. Lewis’ book Miracles, especially one of the last chapters/epilogues(?) Both the Thomists and the Molinists held that their teachings were at least compatible with St. Augustine and St. Thomas. It isn’t that it is not true, but that they don’t want to be locked into Aristotle. His conversion story, "A Triumph and a Tragedy," is published in Surprised by Truth. This is clear from the ordinary Magisterium over the centuries. These aren’t the only two possibilities, not even from reading Aquinas’ arguments, but they were the two that clashed head to head in a famous theological controversy that ended in a draw. Here are some sources that may be helpful (in increasing order according to difficulty and length): [LIST=1] God predestines the Saved because He dwells in Eternity, outside of time, and all moments in time are present to Him at once.

I believe that predestination exists, for Scripture says that it does. which deals with whether certain things are “special miracles”. Is this close? I am a Molinist, since I believe that God knows what choice we will make, but He gives us free will to make our own choice. Because of this, an understanding of the Protestant positions may be a good preliminary measure to understanding the Catholic positions. They both say God provides the grace but man must correspond. The article, which I’ve read before, seems to confirm that Thomism shares at least some ideas with Calvinism.

Jimmy: Given the practical orientation of my work–which involves defending the liberty of opinion that Catholics have rather than trying to prove one particular school of thought correct J+M+J. If God only causes some people to freely cooperate, then how can we say that he desires all to be saved?[/INDENT]. When are you going to acknowledge your 3 Blog Award Wins: I think one can be a Deppist and Jimmist at the same time. The human decision is in some sense uncaused since it is (logically) prior to God’s causal activity and an action of the Creator is somehow dependent on the actions of creatures! It’s important to remember that both sides claimed to be upholding Aquinas.

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