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Warehouse 13 was a beloved show by lots of fans. The Helena Wells character has been featured in six Warehouse 13 episodes so far, using her futuristic inventions to both aid and flummox the Warehouse team. With the end of Stargate and Battlestar Galactica on the rocks after Caprica, the network could use a new franchise, and Warehouse 13 seems to fit the bill. And the Mad Men-era meat puppets turned out to be that much more interesting, once they could move and talk on their own. Follow Michael on Twitter: @MichaelCrider. lies All The Time, and that if Jinks was there, he would have been able to tell us when she was lying. I’m not sure what the plans were for the reboot, but this would be an amazing thing to move forward with. Back in February the network secured the rights to Among the Spirits, a period piece/buddy cop show about Sir Arthur Conan Doyle teaming up with Harry Houdini to solve crimes. The whole thing stays just this side of the line from "too campy to live," thanks to some fun writing and Gareth David Lloyd's brilliance as a (so to speak) straight man. She allowed her brother to take credit for her works to avoid scorn from the male-dominated society of the late 1800s.

Then there's ABC's Poe project, which sets the grisly poet on the same investigative task, and NBC's Fables, which pits the legendary Brothers Grimm against all manner of mythical monsters. As Warehouse 13 comes to a close, both actors wanted to thank their fans. Wells, set in her time period. Interesting that they took Jinks out. Fans need to sign this petition to make sure it keeps gaining momentum and is renewed or kept in production plans. Wells.

Wells was a…, Last night, Warehouse 13 gave us a "backdoor pilot" to an H.G. Wells a while back.

“We consider each other family, all the actors on the show, and I want to say to fans, you’re a part of our family, the Warehouse 13 family, as well. (Goodman is also one of the producers of Warehouse 13, and the author of this essay for io9 about the show. Syfy is preparing a new series based off the popular 'Warehouse 13', starring a fan-favorite character: the fictional female version of sci-fi legend H.G. It was written by the spin-off's co-writer, Bob Goodman. And also by admitting her own mistakes, including the fact that her incompetence indirectly led to the death of the maniac's father. You might recall that Syfy gave the green light to development of a Warehouse 13 spin-off starring H.G. Let’s tell them we need this show back!!! The unnamed spin-off wouldn't be Syfy's only show inspired by literary greats. When not writing for Screen Rant, Michael's a freelance graphic designer. Warehouse 13 is Syfy's most popular original series, regularly scoring more than three million total viewers for new episodes.With the end of Stargate and Battlestar Galactica on the rocks after Caprica, the network could use a new franchise, and Warehouse 13 seems to fit the bill.. Bones pulled off a similar trick when it fit the pilot for The Finder into its sixth season. Let’s make a difference and let our voices be heard. sort of redeems herself, a bit, by facing up to another maniac who wants to become a mass murderer because he's lost someone close to him. This was a great SYFY series and Helena (H.G. This not only gave us the chance to see how great an H.G. I loved pretty much everything about the episode's Victorian flashbacks — even the slightly dodgy English accents from one or two of the guest stars, and the soundstagey Victorian London. It would be great to also have the rest of the cast come back. When it went off the air it disappointed all of these fans. Wells spinoff] to happen, it still could happen. H.G.

The idea of Jaime Murray resurrecting her morally ambiguous inventor character as a slutty Sherlock Holmes — with Torchwood's Ianto, Gareth David Lloyd, as her Watson! We need to give this amazing show more seasons. There is not a lot of information out there on if this series is still moving forward. — which, as Myka intuits, is really at least partly anger at Myka for making a mistake and then quitting over it. But the emotional arc of the episode was actually Pete working through some of his anger at H.G. A series of nested flashbacks took us to Victorian London and 1962 Ohio, with two teams of Warehouse investigators looking into the same mystery at different times. or. Dear Warehouse 13 Fans, As you all know, it's been almost a year since the last episode of our beloved show. in the present day, going around and apologizing to the descendants of people whom she hurt, while also attending a support group for grief-stricken homicidal maniacs? untitled warehouse 13 spin-off articles Syfy's Sex-Sucking Hottie May 18, 2011 - Syfy has got a couple of new series in the works, one about a sexy succubus and the other a spinoff of Warehouse 13. Some of his all-time favorites include Firefly, Star Trek: Deep Space 9, Battlestar Galactica (2003), News Radio, Scrubs and Dead Like Me. Especially if she goes around building steampunk rockets and solving bizarre mysteries. The last episode was "Endless" in May 2014. Yup, that's science fiction for you. 90 Day Fiancé: Big Ed's Ex Rose Vega Shows Fans Her New Home, Syfy Plans 'Warehouse 13' Steampunk Spin-off Starring H.G. Unfortunately, the idea has hit a wall.

The unnamed spin-off wouldn't be Syfy's only show inspired by literary greats. TV Show. spinoff can be H.G. After John Barrowman, one would imagine that Lloyd can keep a straight face playing opposite anybody. A one-stop shop for all things video games. And Eureka. The show would take place during Wells' lifetime and utilize the popular steampunk aesthetic. While his favorites tend to be science fiction and off-kilter comedies, he's not above a Law & Order rerun, either. Warehouse 13 premieres July 11th at 9PM on Syfy. Syfy's popular Warehouse 13 is getting a sister series, based on female version of famous novelist H.G. 13/05/2011 Syfy is reportedly developing a spinoff from comedy-drama Warehouse 13 . Warehouse 13 was a dramatic comedy that followed United States Secret Service agents Myka Bering (Joanne Kelly) and Peter Lattimer (Eddie McClintock) as they retrieved new and missing supernatural objects and placed them in Warehouse 13, a secret government warehouse. In the storyline of Warehouse 13, Wells was something of a phony, and his sister Helena was both a brilliant scientist and a talented writer. The fifth and final season of Warehouse 13 premieres on Syfy tonight, and there's one thing that executive producer and showrunner Jack Kenny promises ... with the final six episodes the series ends just the way it's supposed to. It was nice to get a bit more of a glimpse into the history of the warehouse and the politics surrounding it — I've been wondering just how it got moved from England to America, and now I know. Or maybe not. And Caprica. And we learned a bit more about how Rebecca and Jack decided to move forward with their relationship, despite knowing of the dreadful life expectancy of Warehouse agents.

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