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ANDRE BOTMAN (STUDENT NO: 2028755) SUPERVISOR: PROFESSOR JAMIL D. MUJUZI . x��T�n1��W�2A���� �٠���������=�O�E5�ȱ�}|N�7`�7�[g�� 0����G���Nj��"ȡ't`��݉:Uz0�('�Y;�1�K=d0��S?�������1z�i��}����P��Z�$��J�u�2�'=$�ާ R�z��h��&��r���霯]g���#�'�u&̲�m鉐H�cN�L��w��^p�q*f�ު]ViȩCE�3uOV@ A thesis abstract should consist of 350 words or less including the heading. Student Works & Orgs requirements for the award of the LLM degree. Each paper is a substantial work of legal research and analysis on a subject selected by the LL.M. <>

9 0 obj (Begin the abstract here, typewritten and double-spaced. The minimum period of study for the LLM by dissertation is one year. AN ANALYSIS OF CONCURRENT JURISDICTION IN THE AD HOC TRIBUNALS AND THE ROME STATUTE, LEGALIZE IT? stream endobj KEYWORDS Guilty plea . 1011 iii. %PDF-1.3 endobj Samples Llm Dissertation Pdf. This is the “contribution” of the dissertation to the wider knowledge of the field. endstream x��X[o۸~���Gk�VD����8N�E��q]�t�A��X�X�Jr���ߙ! Compliance of Labour Laws in G.P.S.

Unrepresented accused . stream endobj endobj LLM Theses and Essays, Some Important Causes for Settlement in American Civil Litigation, Felipe Forte Cobo, TO REVEAL OR CONCEAL?—AN ISP’S DILEMMA, Presenting a New “Anonymous Public Concern Test” for Evaluating ISP Subpoenas in Online Defamation Suits, Cayce Myers, Universal Human Rights and Threat to International Peace and Security: The United Nations' Obligation to Intervene, Godfrey Mhlanga, Applicable Law Provisions in International Uniform Commercial Law Conventions, Paolo E. Conci, Judicial Review of International Commercial Arbitral Awards by National Courts in the United States and India, Aparna D. JUJJAVARAPU, Ethiopia's Sovereign Right of Access to the Sea under International Law, Abebe T. Kahsay, Comfort Women: Human Rights of Women from Then to Present, Jinyang Koh, Imports or Made-in-China: Comparison of Two Constitutional Cases in China and the United States, Xiao Li, Taxing Emotional Distress Recoveries: Does Murphy Show the Way?, Kaushal P. Mahaseth, The Land of the Free: Human Rights Violations at Immigration Detention Facilities in America, Caitlin J. Mitchel, International Legal Standards Governing the Use of Child Soldiers, Dorcas B. Mulira, Corporate Restrictions in Mexico and the United States, Dennis Rios, Regulating Transnational Corporation for Environmental Damage, Sonal Sahu, The Need for a Transnational Appellate Arbitral Review Body, Priya Sampath, A Consumption Tax versus a Federal Income Tax in the United States, Shelly-Ann R. Tomlinson, Financial Holding Company System and Relevant Legislation, Ye Wang, Tourism in Antarctica: History, Current Challenges and Proposals for Regulation, Juan Y. Harcha, Reconsidering the Medical Expert Witness System, Yunwei Jiang, Enforcement of Human Rights under Regional Mechanisms: a Comparative Analysis, Fekadeselassie F. Kidanemariam, Shareholders' Agreements in Close Corporations and Their Enforcement, Ricardo Molano Leon, A Comparative Study on the Trade Barriers Regulation and Foreign Trade Barriers Investigation Rules, Junrong Song, How to Deal with Multi-party Nominations of Arbitrators in International Commercial Arbitration - a Comparative Study of Appointment Procedures with Emphasis on U.S.-European Commerce between Private Entities, Marie-Beatrix Tupy, Balancing Regulations and Incentives for Foreign Direct Investment: a Case Study of Mexico and Kazakhstan, Dauren B. Tynybekov, The Legality of Humanitarian Intervention, Eric Adjei, A Comparative Assessment of U.S. FAQ | -OSP AND PEER-TO-PEER NETWORK LIABILITY FOR ONLINE MUSIC COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENTS IN THE UNITED STATES AND GERMANY, CHRISTIAN NILS JOCHEN ENGELHARDT, REGULATION S - RULES GOVERNING OFFERS AND SALES MADE OUTSIDE THE UNITED STATES WITHOUT REGISTRATION UNDER THE SECURITIES ACT OF 1933, CAROLINE MARY RUTHERFORD LEE, Modernization of European Community Competition Law, Alejandro Leon-Vargas, LIBERALIZATION AND POLITICS OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT IN TANZANIA, ALICIA BOSENSERA MAGABE, A TRADE/HUMAN RIGHTS LINKAGE BY THE UNITED STATES: IS ENFORCING HUMAN RIGHTS BY USE OF TRADE SANCTIONS EFFECTIVE?, BLAISE OMONDI ODHIAMBO, EVOLUTION OF THE ARM'S LENGTH STANDARD IN THE US TRANSFER PRICING LEGISLATION AND RUSSIAN ARM'S LENGTH PERSPECTIVE, ANDREI A. SHUTOV, Corporate Distributions to Shareholders in Delaware and in Israel, Anat Urman, Home | The thesis argues for the reintroduction of absolute divorce into Philippine law on a legal, pragmatic, and rights-based approach. > endobj

Writing the Proposal.

Consumer Protection Act-Emerging Dimensions Law Thesis; Consumer Protection and Redressal Agencies under Consumer Protection Act in India-A Critical Analysis LLB (Hon). llm dissertation pdf Students are expected to complete a minor dissertation on any topic in the broad field of fundamental rights.


The module requirements for research projects may have changed since these examples were written. Legal Structures of European Security and Defense Policy and War Powers under the U.S. Constitution, U.S. Antidumping Law and Practices against Korean Exports, The Institutional Framework of the European Union for the Conduct of Foreign Affairs, Comparison of New Zealand and United States Securities Markets through the Looking Glass of the Efficient Market Hypothesis, Private Party Participation in the World Trade Organizations, Issues Regarding the Most Effective Tool of U.S. Bankruptcy Law, Historical Aspects of State Arbitration Policy, Regulating Non-territorial Commercial Environments in Territorial-based Legal Systems, Unilateral Refusals to Deal in Intellectual Property as Monopolistic Conduct, Comparative Analysis of Federal Income Tax Imposed on U.S. C Corporations and Russian Joint Stock Companies, Legislation and Implementation of International Environmental Law by African Countries: a Case Study of Ghana, The Challenges of Tax Collection in Developing Economies (with Special Reference to India), Family Businesses, Choices of Legal Entity, Sound Record Producers' Rights and the Problem of Sound Recording Piracy, The Change of Corporate Governance Structure in the United States and Taiwan, Fiduciary Duties of Directors in the Context of Going-private Transactions to the Minority Shareholders under Delaware Law, Recognition and Enforcement of International Commercial Arbitration Awards, Interim Measures in International Commercial Arbitration: Past, Present and Future, Reservations, Human Rights Treaties in the 21st century: from Universality to Integrity, Technological Advances Leading to the Diminishing of Privacy Rights, Protection of Consumer Privacy in E-commerce, Mergers and Acquisitions in Europe: Analysis of EC Competition Regulations, Security Interests in Intellectual Property Rights: the Time Has Come for the Enactment of New Laws, The Convergence of Trade and Environment and the Relative Role of WTO, The Main Characteristics of State's Jurisdiction to Tax in International Dimension, U.S. Foreign Direct Investment in Developing Countries: a Case Study of Malaysia, Mexico and South Africa, Free movement of goods: A comparative analysis of the European community treaty and the north American free trade agreement, A Historical View of Intellectual Property Rights in the Palestinian Territories, An Analysis of the Duty to Negotiate in Good Faith: Precontractual Liability and Preliminary Agreement, Multinational Corporations Facing the Varying Concepts of Jurisdiction : "forum non-conveniens", Contrasts between the Anglo-American and the European Law Systems, Minority Shareholders and Oppression in Close Corporations: Contracting as an Effective Protection Device, Freedom of Speech, Cinema and Censorship: a Comparative Analysis of Issues of Freedom of Speech Violations as a Result of the Rating Regulation Authorities in the Motion Picture Industry in France and the United States, International Corporate Governance Practices and Their Implications on Investors, Current Problems of International Taxation of Electronic Commerce, An End to the Political Question Doctrine in Korea? issues that your dissertation is examining.

endobj Copyright <> stream DEDICATION (NO REQUIRED FOR RESEARCH PAPER) (The dedication, as the name suggests is a personal dedication of one’s work. LLM ICGFREL DISSERTATION – STUDENT NO: 1342061 2 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I will like to say thank you to all the faculty of the LLM Programme in International Corporate Governance, Financial Regulation and Economic Law of the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, School of Advanced Study, and University of London for the excellent lectures <> Direct Investment in China and India, Pre-contractual Obligations in France and the United States, Comparative Law: Alcohol, Drug Abuse & Jurisprudence from the United States to Korea, Commercial Speech in the United States and Europe, Accountability of Transnational Corporations under International Standards, Protection of "Persona" in the EU and in the US: a Comparative Analysis, Income Tax Preferences to Foreign Investment in China since the Late 1970s, Role of the World Bank and IMF in Issuing Loans to Russia: Responsibility, Tricks, Corruption, Mafia, and Important Use of Legal Enforcement, Governance and Responsibility of Multinational Enterprises: the Use of Codes of Conduct and Litigation to Change Multinational Enterprises' Behavior, Free Movement of Goods: a Comparative Analysis of the European Community Treaty and the North American Free Trade Agreement, The Drafting Process for a Hague Convention on Jurisdiction and Judgments with Special Consideration of Intellectual Property and E-commerce, Trade-related Environmental Measures and GATT: the Conflict between Trade Libralization and Environmental Protection, The Question of Non-trade Issues in the WTO from a Developing Country Perspective. student with guidance from the director of Graduate Legal Studies and a School of Law faculty member.

2 0 obj endobj LLM ICGFREL DISSERTATION – STUDENT NO: 1342061 2 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I will like to say thank you to all the faculty of the LLM Programme in International Corporate Governance, Financial Regulation and Economic Law of the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, School of Advanced Study, and University of London for the excellent lectures

Rights against self-discrimination .

The maximum period of study for the LLM by dissertation is two years for a full-time and three years for a part-time student.

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