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You may have repeated ideas come to you in a continues loop, especially in the first 1,5 hour. It is therefore important to disseminate the information in order to prevent inadvertent wrongdoing by state bodies.

As the Netherlands is an EU member state and the “internal market” principle for food and beverages is implemented ( EU- Info ) means the legalization of a food or beverage in an EU member state means legalization across the EU. What we can say and prove by official Dutch publications, is that Magic Truffles are considered officially a “safe for human consumption” product, create no addiction and have been fully legalized September 13th, 2019. legal certainty: Magic Truffles, because of their hallucinogenic effects, are “luxury food”, FOOD, not a medicine, not a drug, but a legal “stimulative” food, like coffee, chocolate, energy drinks…. Many users find this experience beneficial and very valuable.

The reason for placing the mushrooms on list II of the Opium Act was that the amount of the substances psylocine and psylocibine of these mushrooms was uncontrollable. Do you want maximum certainty about the level of substances in your Magic Truffles?

This legal drug alters your perception. We can control the amount of psylocine and psylocibine because of our experience and sophisticated breeding process. All answers can be found below. Just about all the magic mushrooms that grew in the Netherlands were banned after that incident, but in the end the Dutch government did not ban Magic Truffles. Magic Mushrooms are illegal in the Netherlands as well, and must not be traded!

It must be scientifically justified and explicitly focused on the product (precedence: “Red Bull”, “Absinth”). The ban on magic mushroom is subject of discussion. The most common negative side of these truffles  is having a bad trip. Then try our flagship Psilocybe Hollandia. The risks of magic mushrooms were considered acceptable and the harm reduction approach (through information) became the main focus of the Dutch government policy. You would be committing a Federal offense by importing them and a NYS offense for possessing them.

However, every EU country has the right to impose national restrictions on luxury foods (opposite to “normal” food), which, however, must not completely keep the product off the market. This is also the main reason why the truffles are still legal in the Netherlands. Magic Truffles vs Magic Magic Mushrooms. And did you know that 2.1% of all Dutch adults took Magic Truffles ever in their life. The increase in serotonin gives you a euphoric feeling and energy, so you probably won’t be able to sleep. THE MAGIC MUSHROOMS WERE SPECIFICALLY SPECIFIED BY THE NETHERLANDS as “narcotics”, which means that legalization by other EU and EFTA countries is only possible but in cooperation with the Netherlands and is likely to be a long way off. Do you want maximum certainty about the level of substances in your Magic Truffles? The Netherlands has thus “put” their “approach” on the EU and the EFTA countries, according to which psilocybin and magic mushrooms are “non-marketable narcotics” and magic truffles are “marketable luxury food”.

The reason for this is that these hallucinogenic drugs can be difficult to digest, so this can give an easy feeling on the stomach. The chaotic situation that has lasted for about 25 years and which is incompatible with almost every EU basic principle has come to an end. That is the link: This administrative act is called “legalization” and takes place frequently because new products are brought onto the market again and again. Textures and patterns can come to life. Until September, 13th 2019, one could argue with a “loophole”.

Required fields are marked *. This truffle, not a mushroom, grows underground. Up until 2008 magic mushrooms were also legal in the Netherlands. In 2002 there was a court case where as of that moment dried mushrooms were illegal, and fresh mushrooms stayed legal.

Colours seem more vivid. are now on list II of the Opium Act. And the EFTA countries Switzerland and Norway have also committed to automatically allowing EU food and beverages on their national markets.

There is no loophole, but legal certainty! Now, the eating of Magic Truffles for the reason of “tripping”  cannot be a “miss-use” and cannot be covered by some interpretation of an unspecific national law. To reduce the chance of nausea it’s advised to chew them to small bits and on an empty stomach. “We don’t know the exact situation of this case. Learn more about these psychedelic truffles and all other (legal & illegal) drugs during our Amsterdam Drugs Tour. This can be bothersome at the start of the trip.

In the Magic Truffles, on the other hand, the active ingredient concentration is very constant and there have been no “accidental overdoses” in more than 20 years of free sale in the Netherlands.

Is it a loophole, then?

Yes, it’s a natural product so this drug can go bad. It’s good to inform yourself about the effects and risks of a substance. You see, when the Dutch government banned Magic Mushrooms they simply forgot to put the magic truffle called the Philosopher’s Stone on the list.

Magic Truffles; are they legal in the U.S.A. ? These hallucinogenic drugs also effect your tastebuds. I intend to purchase 15 grams of Psilocybe Atlantis online and have them delivered to my house. 10 Best Coffeeshops in Amsterdam According To The Pro’s, 10x Amsterdam Red Light District Do’s & Don’ts, […] mind. These truffles are not just old, but they as well contain psilocybin. Read this free guide before tripping! A state could, i.e.

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