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If you want to follow along, I’m currently utilizing PM Haaienhamer with the Belgian national team in my Nearly Men save, while waiting for an eligible club to become available. Jerry Maguire-style. Timo Werner and Yussuf Poulsen will often be hassling defenders in a bid to force them to play risky, long balls forward. Nagelsmann looks to get the ball as quickly as possible in the the last third and players are instructed to use direct passes to do so. Should Diogo Jota be starting for Liverpool? Let’s be honest. Forsberg, Werner, or Poulsen will, often occupy space between opposition lines and prepare runs into space, looking to latch on to a direct pass. […] system, clearly devised over long months of careful planning.

Dubbed PM Haaienhamer (“grapefruit sharkhammer”), in adherence to my manager’s tactical nomenclature, and in homage to Nagelsmann’s “sharkmouth” principles: In terms of personal instructions: (1) the wingbacks are instructed to “stay wider;” and (2) the shadow strikers are instructed to “close down more.”. Konrad Laimer and Diego Demme will act as a cover for the defense when possession is lost. The highlight of the game was Sabitzer. We may switch to regroup instead of counterpressing, for a short period. When too many opposition players overcrowded the half, either one of Kampl or Laimer would provide support to the attack. For big matches, I will tweak and adjust as any of us would. Questa voce è stata pubblicata in Tattiche e contrassegnata con 3-4-1-2, 4-4-2, Bophonet, Emulazione Tattica, FM Tactics, FM20, Julian Nagelsmann, RB Leipzig, RBL, Tactics, Tattiche. What does the future hold for Julian Nagelsmann and RasenBallsport Leipzig? When Klostermann made the runs, Sabitzer moved a little in the central zone and provided him support. On the right hand side, Nagelsmann didn’t use Haidara but placed Laimer on the right.

Dayot Upamecano was brilliant in the back, commanding the play accurately and defending with utmost precision. Julian Nagelsmann, as opposed to other modern managers, likes to have his teams remain malleable. The new tactical idea was a muddled mess, in possession. Then, as now, Nagelsmann’s playing philosophy is based on positive, attacking football. Against tougher opponents, Nagelsmann may adapt his formation to a 5-3-2-. That is why he does not use a single formation or style of play. Handball Laws Explained: Premier League 2020/21, Fulham vs Manchester United – Preview, Lineups, Betting Odds and TV Guide, From shady pastures – Five transfers from the lesser known outfits of the Premier League, Champions Trophy : Five close encounters from archives. I can’t explain all of this. You have entered an incorrect email address! Our passing diagrams will rarely be sexual, in a Pep Guardiola kind of way. Where The Lobsters Spend The Winter – A cat’s a cat and that’s that. He got into dangerous positions and ultimately was fouled in the box.

The attacking half of the midfield consisted of Christopher Nkunku on the left, Dani Olmo centrally and Marcel Sabitzer on the right. Playing for Julian Nagelsmann’s RB Leipzig is not a job for a roster of players easily fatigued. RB Leipzig ensured a 2-1 victory over Atletico Madrid to progress to the semifinal of the UEFA Champions League. In his first season at RB Leipzig, he made them finish 3rd in the Bundesliga and led them to the Final 4 in the biggest club football tournament and he turned 33 last month only. Sabitzer and Nkunku marked the opposition full backs and the defensive midfielders and Olmo marked Saul and Herrera. My version of the tactic was PM Haaientand (“grapefruit sharktooth,” to reflect the solitary shadow striker): The purpose of this post isn’t to repeat what has already been said about these tactics. Still operating within the zone of the “sharkmouth” tactical family. Still, Nagelsmann’s preferred formation is the 3-4-1-2. He instead keeps a set of principles constant, whilst reguarly changing the formation depending on the opposition. Marcos Llorente and Diego Costa started as the front 2. Leipzig face Paris Saint-Germain in the next round and it would be an entertaining match as well. I went "full Nagelsmann" and used the Hoffenheim squad for this experiment, and ended up with a tactic with a lot of TIs, PIs and OIs.

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