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Thank you so much for your timely writings, our recappers. Your words can be pretty offensive to us Koreans. Perhaps we didn’t know how to stop, didn’t have a reason to stop, or maybe it was patriotism because the hot summer night allowed a previously nonexistent friendship to blossom.”. Another senseless and infuriating death.. My thoughts exactly. Eugene asks about the pawnshop duo, and Hee-sung explains that they’re away because of their aid in blowing up the hotel. When I heard 'in a freed nation, see you again.'

That’s why I’m going. The remaining platoons will meet any scattered comrades and travel to Pyeongyang by land. I expected less casualties than that, to be honest. But then it felt to soon. Hidden meanings and stuff like that. My favorite scene. Then there was the huge cast of creepy villains. I really enjoyed this drama for its acting, cinematography (although the heavy use of filters starting getting old), dialog, and the three-way bromance. Then, he spells out Gwan-soo’s name in his hand in Korean, causing Gwan-soo to burst into tears. Eugene signed his own death warrant by returning to Joseon so I expected his death. Thank you! Nobody knows, maybe reads someone's fate here and there to continue her life They laugh that Hee-sung is finally buying drinks. He always loved Ae Shin since his childhood she played a role in his life. It was not without its own drama and we are most grateful to you for making the long slog for and with us! I pray for your success.”. Then, she takes out her gun and shoots at the enemy soldiers. I live for these moments in historical fiction, especially when they’re done with a subtle touch as this finale did with Frederick Arthur McKenzie, a real-life correspondent who gave a voice to the Righteous Army. That ending was the saddest thing ever.

Good grief, @wishfultoki, you made me cry again. His body was already in breaking apart and the opium was also killing him. She chose to fight for her country, even at the expense of her happiness and that's the consequence for her decision. Ae-shin asks if he’s leaving and offers to help, and Dong-mae asks if she’s offering her carriage to save him again. I really think the performances and casting, right down to the side players like my favorite teddy bear, Choi Moo sung that played Captain Jang. Now, I say goodbye.” Two years later in Manchuria, Ae-shin teaches her comrades under the waving Joseon flag. 1. Totally. Ae-shin cries for Eugene as he falls victim to the gunshots of the Japanese soldiers behind him. Having jumped aboard the Mr Sunshine train only mid-way, I am glad I watched the drama - the first KES drama I've seen.

But when it happened, I still couldn't accept it. He meets and falls in love with an aristocrat’s daughter. See you again. Episode 1 2 Days 1 Night (Season 4) (2020) Korean Variety. I'm now interested in Joseon's history!!! Episode 4 68m. It has finally ended! As the train continues to separate from Eugene’s car, she screams, “Choi Yoo-jin!” The train exits the tunnel, and she crumbles at the edge of the train.

I'm tearing down just by reading this recap. She survived, but she survived alone, carrying a big burden, and not even a husband by her side. Ps. Hee-sung, oh my! Joon-young takes a moment to collect his emotions and continues with his mission. Gwan-soo provides Soomi with a disguise, and he repeats the words of one blue-eyed American soldier to assure her that God is always with the Joseon people. 7. The best part of this episode for me is when this bromance drank together and actually clunk their glasses together! 1. Tim explained above. I kind of was expecting him to die, thinking of Ae Shin and white flowers. Season 1. Learning more about the history of this devastating but fascinating time period was one of my favorite parts of the journey. Narratively I don't understand why he had to die, and died neither embraced as an American or Korean. Eugene explains that Joseon’s struggle remains unknown and hidden to other countries as Japan continues to cover up their atrocities. I read mostly and then decided to join the conversation. I think that scene at the pawnshop showed objects which symbolized RA and each of the five main characters.

Well a Beanie said at the beginning episodes that by the end,Dong-mae's kimono will turn total black instead of random blotches here and there, and it became correct. It has many episodes but it doesnt feel like one. ... Ae-sin prefers her German gun, but wonders what the English word “love” means and whether Eugene is a friend.

As Hee-sung packs up his printing press, Eugene enters the pawnshop, to Hee-sung’s delight. Just music. The maid says that she came to save Ae-shin and the Righteous Army, that she lived for the joys of watching Ae-shin grow up and will die for her as well. Japan was not democratic country.

Choon-shik points out that gunshots will ring even if they run away. He says, “Alas, I am a bad guy. 1. Ugh. Mr. Sunshine: Season 1 (Trailer 2) Episodes Mr. Sunshine. Even while being cornered by the overwhelming military power of our forces, the enemies keep getting back up time and time again under the battle flag of their general.”. I even came to like Lee Byun hun in the last few episodes. Thank you for coming back to share your final thoughts! But i kinda liked the 6 episodes i watched. You haven't felt much for the couple yet you felt it right? Eugene's death was heartbreaking. Dramacool will always be the first to have the episode so please Bookmark and add us on Facebook for update!!! Mr. Sunshine centers on a young boy born into a house servant's family and travels to the United States during the 1871 Shinmiyangyo (U.S. expedition to Korea). I never knew Byun Yo-han was such a great actor!! Dramallama, thanks for the recap. In a freed nation, see you again.”. Heesung’s death was another shocker. For Ae-shin, on the other hand, the Cause will always take precedence over Eugene. I didn't find the fact that he died gratuitous. Mr. Sunshine: Episode 1 by dramallama. The awkwardly close up scene of his face was too drawn out.

I felt it coming, even if I was still taken aback by it when it finally happened. Episode 1 Love in Trouble (Suspicious Partner) Korean Dramas. As it was airing I could think of so many things he should have done. What about how Spanish razed over South America?

We missed you, and I thought of you as I was reading the posts for the final recap. For downloading this video, please login first. Salute to our freedom fighters and to all the freedom fights all over the world who gave their lives for their countries. He slowly loses consciousness and closes his eyes to the sound of the ticking pocket watch.

Because of that she came off as cold sometimes, while characters like Hina and Hee-Sung always felt warm to me.

I'm amazed that such a small group of people produced this masterpiece. Many European countries invaded Africa, Asia, Americas and they weren't nice about it either.

Each realising what the other needed - AS giving baekjong!DM the dignity to not save him, let him be on his own terms, according to how he saw himself; DM not trying to shelter yangban!AS, not apologising for the insult that ate into her, telling her to fly. They smile sweetly at each other, and Ae-shin continues on her way. I honestly expected the villagers would reveal AS. Eugene realizes that the Righteous Army’s escape has been compromised and tells Soomi that they need to take a detour. I really loved her character :), me too.. her character was classy yet lethal.

I think he had intended that for quite awhile.

Im glad i managed to follow the series till the end. I don't understand Eugene's death. Hee-sung - watch

Release year: 2018. Like a baby bird who just cracked out from its shell and saw the mummy bird for the first time? I think he needs to always make sure there is some levity in his work. Then, they hear the echoes of marching soldiers and horses approaching, and Eun-san looks at the regrettable sight of Japanese forces lined up on the hills. Eugene smiles at the compliment and proceeds to check his gun. Hee-sung suffers a fatal blow to the head, and he falls to the ground. On a different 6. I think I saw someone comment last week that they thought Ae Shin to be metaphor for Joeson. I'm pretty upset at the writer. Just as Hee-sung finishes covering up his treasures, the police chief arrives to arrest him, and Hee-sung willingly surrenders. Eugene’s sacrifice at the end made sense for his character. I think I was a bit sad that Hee-Sung died alone, there on the cold floor of the interrogation room. I understand it--I don't think it was a "mistake in the writing." }); They are separated by death *cries again*. He had a very high-up Japanese nobleman as a hostage and he could order Japanese soldiers to drop their guns and walk to the other section of the train and disengage the other side of the cabin.

Please do so. Hello! which country is truly called democratic and free now? Ae-shin’s confession clarified the impact of that insult, which I believe motivated both Ae-shin and Dong-mae to their respective places in the resistance.

I wanted to see more from her. This is the duality I needed from Hee-sung ten episodes ago because Byun Yo-han is so damn capable of carrying this character, as we saw in his final moments as Hee-sung. Dramacool will always be the first to have the episode so please Bookmark and add us on Facebook for update!!! Eventually, Eugene’s train car reaches the end of the tunnel, and he’s covered in blood from the gunshots. appId : '127538621120543',

What happened both in Hiroshima and Nagasaki were beyond terrible but I personally think it was better than being occupied by Russia. He's one of my favorite characters!! When the soldiers find an empty carriage, they quickly retreat to report this news. Eugene knows that he should hate Dong-mae but admits that Dong-mae has grown on him. I felt quite sick when you disappeared and want to heartily apologize for any part I may have had in it, it was unintentional. She tells her comrades that once they shoot, they’re location is revealed, and she asks what to do next. I’m glad someone turned on the switch for the last couple of episodes, making it an action-packed, tear-jerking ride until the end with a sprinkle of whiplash. 4. I'm hoping that Dae-Young and Myung-Ju have a daughter in DOTS2. Let me gather my thoughts. Alas, we got THE ending, not even a child of theirs, which I am also furious about. I have no idea if this is accurate, but according to our friends at Wikipedia, the family name "Gu" literally means "to care for." I watch horror movies but I had to look away. Please scroll down to choose servers and episodes, Global Request Show- A Song for You Season 4 Episode 15, Dageki Tenshi Ruri (Blow Angel Ruri) Episode 7, Terrace House Boys x Girls Next Door Episode 99, Idol Star Athletics Championships 2019 New Year Special Episode 5. He orders Joon-young to make it to Pyeongyang dead or alive, protecting his comrades, and reminds Joon-young that he’s a lion (a reference to the proverb from his last lesson). If I am linked with the rebels for this reason, then I am honored.”. Your email address will not be published.

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