neighbor au prompts

Just—here, take this card and call me as soon as ye get to safety, okay?

And shouldn’t you not ask me during a live televised charity event?”, “It’s too late to do anything about that now. I stand back up and step away from the painting, before getting very annoyed at myself.

Prompts about a 15 year old working at a day camp filled with kids who don’t listen age range between 5-8. He stands there like a stature for what seems like forever before I take a few pensive steps towards him. “Go to hell!” I yell back as I lock myself in my bedroom. Could you do dialogue prompts where person A is the son of a billionare CEO and person B is the daughter of a billionaire CEO and they’ve known each other since they were kids and they’ve always despised each other. I give a timid nod, and step away as soon as he moves his hand off of me.

“You’re crazy!” I yell as I run back inside.

My parents are great, so why am thinking like this? My name is Drake DeVille, I’ve just moved in to the flat next door.”, “Ah, well it’s a pleasure to meet you Mr. DeVille. “Ye shouldn’t have opened the door lassie, not with beasties like this on the prowl.” Eddie says. Before locking the doorknob, I look out of the peep hole and breathe a sigh of relief when I don’t see any monsters following behind me. But right now, still baby-faced and innocent, naive to the hurt of the world, it’s all they need. Here you go!

I stand outside of the modest 2-story colonial that’s just next door to my own. “You’re crazy.”, “I can see how I might come off that way. ️ Thank you! Another creative and interesting story! Which means I can be with you however and whenever I want. and Until traffic is sent to the neighbor, Neighbor Unreachability Detection makes no attempt to verify its reachability. Minhyun used to babysit and sometimes tutor the kid(s) next door when he was in high school. Maybe it was a gift, a thank you for helping her out yesterday. Just promise me yer not goin' start screeching.”.

:D. Love this one! I like how you went with the POV of the vampire's neighbour, as well as the twist of the vampire hunter. Awesome job, Stephen. For a brief second my mind screams ‘vampire’, but then I see the sharpened stick jutting out of his chest.

You invite me to play as well”, “Your dog keeps sneaking into my yard and I have no fucking clue how. I stand outside of the modest 2-story colonial that’s just next door to my own.

The Pyrex dish slips from my grasp and collides with the tile floor, sending pudding flying everywhere. The suspicious neighbor prompts self-reflection.

Alert neighbor prompts Mill Valley arrest 0. I didn’t mean to disturb you earlier. The man is only a head or so taller than me, and is nearly as wide as he is tall.

Glancing behind me, I notice the moving truck is no longer in the driveway. Please be responsible if prompt is used for nsfw works. Drake says nothing at first, then slowly turns towards me, blood is pouring down the corners of his mouth. “I've just slain me a vampire, lass.” Eddie says, standing proudly over Drake’s twitching body.

Love your blog by the way! Sure, they’ll get some bad publicity, but I don’t really care.”, “Shouldn’t I be asking you this question? “I hear banging on my door at three a.m and am less than pleased when I open the door to see you standing there, wrapped in a blanket and asking me to come kill a spider for you”, “You move in next door and for three nights in a row, I hear yelling and cursing from your house because we both keep our windows open at night, so one day I burst in because I’m getting increasingly worried and all that’s going on is you and your best friend trying to destroy each other in video games. When I came to, I was lying in a hospital bed at Madison Memorial Hospital. I’m Gail Torres.”, “Please, call me Drake. Watching, unblinking.

Fiction You’ll awaken him.”. Within a moment, I am out of the house, closing the door tightly behind me as I make a beeline across the yard to my own house.

After trashing the soiled paper towels and washing my hands, I feel a cold chill ripple across the entirety of my body. With a smile on my face, a fresh banana pudding tucked beneath my arm, I walk up the front steps of the house to welcome my new neighbor to the quiet suburb of Hamilton Heights, where everything is peaceful, and nothing is … Either way, I really enjoyed it! They get married fresh out of high school- everyone tells them it won’t last, that they’re too young, that they’ve made some horrible mistake and they know that maybe, in the future, that might be true. After waiting a moment for a response, I continue inside. She brought the cork to her nose. I may be crazy, but yer enthralled. Easy Family Writing Journal Prompts. I think I’ve found the right person, -I know I’m not supposed to fall for my sugarbaby, not really, but they’re just so wonderful, so perfect for me, that it happens anyways and I don’t realize until it’s far too late. That would explain the trashcan full of glass I woke up to in any case.”. She gave the bottle a final look over before curiosity got the best of her and she retrieved her corkscrew. His filthy hands reek of garlic, if I weren’t already crying it would’ve easily made my eyes water on the stench alone. My wife is on the road a lot, so we have plenty of menus in here as well.”, “The offer is very thoughtful, but I must decline, I’ve got quite a bit of work to do getting my house in shape. I’d left a banana pudding for you.” I say. I unlock the door and open it enough to peek my head out. I’ve been searching desperately for one >~.

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