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Mike Ross was third, and stated that design 4 was “too small,” design 6 made the former president appear to be “a crime boss in Boardwalk Empire,” and design 10 was better suited for a “cereal box.”. Allegations of fraudulent or criminal activity against a named party, when said activity has not been proven in a court of law, will be removed. The discussion of the previous two designs for William McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt can be found here. Become a Member today and get benefits listed below. This design worked extremely well in appealing to a variety of recording artists, producers and musicians inasmuch as numerous recipients have commented on how they had framed the poster for their homes and studios—exactly the result we were looking for. logo development for sake brand / client: Pacific International Liquor. ©2012 - 2018 Creative Projects Group, LLC. logo for wine label. A hand vote was taken to see which of the 9 provided designs were of sufficient interest by one or more members to discuss.

Michael Olson simply remarked how the mustache in the source materials had “more of an angle” than in design 10, and asked that the artists review the material if this design is selected.

He has been married to Lesley Ann Warren since January 16, 2000. Heidi Wastweet was asked to start the discussion for each set, as her trained eye as a sculptor provides the other committee members with a professional viewpoint from the aspect of going from design to actual coin. Arthur Houghton was “left flat” by design 5, but it was better than the other images.

Nor will trolls. Assignment. Kaarina Budow noted that the Commission of Fine Arts has recommended design 2. The committee members cast their votes as follows, with their support narrowly going towards design 2. Design an iconic piece that reflects many forms of music (through instruments/music notation) to communicate the breadth of music from classical to hip hop, and that celebrates United's message: "Music Unites Us". © 2020 Graphis Inc. In attendance from the CCAC were Arthur Houghton, Chairman Gary Marks, Erik Jansen, Dr. Michael Bugeja, Dr. Doreen Bolger, Donald Scarinci, Mike Ross, Michael Olson, and Heidi Wastweet. Sorry, full access to our website is available to Only! Ron Bracco is on Facebook. Chairman Gary Marks felt that the image in design 4 “just isn’t Taft,” and thought the eyes in design 5 looked “a little vacant,” whereas design 1 showed “something going on behind the eyes.”. As a result, only designs 1, 4, 5, 6 and 10 were open for discussion.  Dr. Michael Bugeja favorite designs were 1 and 10, but the shoulders were too narrow in design 10, but “there is some character in his eyes.”. Ron Taft - Board of Advisors Ron Taft is an internationally renowned Brand Innovator and Media Arts professional with a passionate and in-depth knowledge of strategic brand marketing, advertising, interactive media, emerging technologies, design and visua The fourth set of designs were for President Woodrow Wilson.

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