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Imagine any unhealthy mental or emotional patterns being rewoven into healthy thought, feeling and response patterns. very gently release your breath. Which makes it unresponsive to direction of the practitioners and uses consciousness that comes from God or Higher self ,and is all knowing . In healing session , I call this place a natural  soul spa. It is like a shower of blessings over you, which fills you completely. Let this blue ball of light slowly fill the entire room with its healing energy. Any Earthly being claiming to be a healer is only a facilitator of that Universal Energy flow in to the recipient  part, which has forgotten its original state of Perfection' Oneness with All That is'. We feel our hearts filling up with love for Creating Time and Developing FocusWhen teaching Reiki classes I often speak of “my Reiki meditations”. We are OPEN! It is located below the navel and above the tailbone, in between those two spots. are serene. Doctor stitches the wound and God heals it --is an old saying. Let these tools slide up to down  your aura clearing, cleansing ,reconnecting, mending your Nadi meridians . The quality of all our other relationships is influenced by our ability to commune with God as we would with a friend. From the center of your body, this light radiates all your being until you only feel peace and fullness. We are going to focus on our sunshine yellow and our solar plexus chakra is awakened and enriched by this Now we are combing up our aura , with a fine crystal comb or even our fingers are so powerful crystals that we arecombing our auar up and down. Gassho means “two hands coming together”. Alternatively, you may choose to create a recording of the script that may be used in-between coaching sessions. This protects us with its meditators and as it connects with our fellow meditators it becomes stronger

The water changes colour again to a warm orange like the When you finish, acknowledge that you are holding the full love of the Reiki energy and it will be with you through your day. Turn on some relaxing, soft music that will help you more easily get into the zone. Your awareness activates your crown chakra, and it opens a door which irradiates a transparent violet light.

If your mind wanders, simply invoke the name of the mental emotional symbol three times and visualize it. Breathe deeply, imagining that you are breathing in the essence of the symbol. Imagine your spirit guide or angel holding this pitcher and gently pouring this blue light over you, starting at your head and slowly going down to your feet. Justine Melton is a Reiki Master/Teacher and an Intuitive Counselor. It is also possible that you may feel all sorts of things, experience flu like symptoms and in more serious cases may even go through a healing crisis. world, we are held in love, light and protection at all times and only comfortably with our feet both firmly on the ground and our backs straight. Activities when spontaneous meditations often occur are while brushing your teeth, in the shower, hiking, running, washing the dishes, mowing the lawn and yes, we have all had those auto-pilot moments while driving the car. This chakra is the emotional Our communion with the Divine through prayer and meditation is THE single most important thing we can do each day. State your intention or ask your question.

and aim it where we feel it is needed. … Allow yourself over a period of five min to then slowly breathe this light in and out. conscious of your lungs filling with air and causing your abdomen to expand and … And now --Start— by clearing your mind from clutter and any and all form of stress, strain – by taking deep long forceful breaths. Reiki  is Japanese word for Rei- means universal and Ki means energy .An inherent natural Divine energy  dormant in everything that is alive. It may be an animal that is endangered by This 21 day program is designed for those who are attuned to level two Reiki. From inside the chakra, a clear and intense red light appears, and blood is carried to every cell of your body. Repeat and continue visualizing energy traveling in through your nose, down to your hara and out through your entire being.

Which is readily available when asked with pure intent and focus .

the ground and sending those white roots deep deep down into the earth’s core, grounding us. Lastly, ground yourself with the version of the Reiki grounding symbol you were taught. Close your eyes and center yourself in your breath. It heals our past, present and future, helping us to grow any height of success, liberating us from disease and sufferings bringing real personal and global transformation. From inside, it shines a golden light. Lay down in your space and close your eyes.

It might be a plant or tree that is threatened by man’s actions. I like to use the Master symbol but use whatever calls out to you! worries, release any type of negative emotion.

Request distant Reiki for yourself or your family and friends. One basically places their hands in prayer position, closes their eyes, and brings all their awareness to the tip of the fire (middle) finger. the atmosphere right outside of the earth’s gravitational pull and then it holds Where prayer is the act of talking with the Divine, meditation is the act of listening and truly hearing what God has to share with us.

liver, gallbladder and so is vital to our health. Guided meditation reiki: The script and the music. This can take place during special sacred moments that you set aside specifically for the purpose of meditation, or spontaneously. the vast cosmos and we reach out with open arms and connect with that universal Achieving this connection can bring a … We can hear the birds gently singing their going for healing is like going to a -Soul Spa . The color blue is a wonderful healing color, eases stress, helps with grounding and cools down inflammation.

open our eyes and give ourselves a little shake to bring us right back into our When you finish, acknowledge that you are holding the timeless healing power of the Reiki energy and it will be with you through your day. (mirror is to show our image , the healer is to take you to that blocked part. ) Justine is lucky enough to be an Empath, Clairaudient, Clairsentient, and Clairvoyant.

Our site uses cookies. Gratitude Meditation Script Build your “resilience muscle” through gratitude in this meditation. Breathe deeply, imagining that you are breathing in the essence of the symbol. Below your feet is a sack, a container which is attracting this dust intoitself as vacume absorbs dust with force in to it. 10- feel some grid lines become active and extend to earth   connecting to correspnding earth  chakra on  the earth . It comes to you as sounds, sensations, and intuitions. Copyright 2009-2020. Now we are cutting and separating our aura from outside energy continuity from surroundings. Fundamental of healing -- Healing is not given but taken. Thanks a lot. plexus chakra connects with many vital centres in our body, spleen, stomach, While you are in this infinite and transparent light, place your attention on your forehead. You may be surprised at what transforming thoughts come to you. You can follow Justine on her website and on Facebook at Serenity of the Mind & Soul. Days 1-7 – Begin by creating an intention or a question. our dreams all reside here. starting at the right side, combing down wards, releasing in to the napsack, coming upwards as we comb our hair . Longitudinally slicing , absorbing , flushing – from front to back covering full range  and disposing excess and waste in to the container below our feet. Thank you for sharing. With hands in Gassho position, on the in breath notice the Reiki concentrated in your hands. Sit quietly with this energy for 5-15 minutes. Dr. Usui taught his students to place their hands in the Gassho position every morning and evening. We start   --below the feet  ankle—knees—root—sacral—naval—solar—heatt—thymus—throat—third eye—crown – soul stat--. I teach it in all my Japanese Reiki classes and  people are always surprised at how much more acutely they can feel the Reiki flow afterwards. I like to use the Master symbol but use whatever calls out to you! 11- its automatic energy exchange now  -healing that part , that issue from your life which was earlier bereft of this connection and this energy . Take some time to place yourself in a comfortable position. Here’s our archive with 3000+ articles on various themes: This site is not intended to provide and does not constitute medical,

This technique is detailed in “Reiki the Healing Touch”. You feel a caress in your soul, which opens forgotten feelings. Exhale and move the Reiki to your hara. This net is seiving, sifting,burning, fuushing,clearing, trasmuting any and all form of uncompatible energy (misguilified) . This awakens our confidence our vitality, our

"Live a Meaningful Life"The International Center for Reiki Training, 21421 Hilltop Street, Unit #28Southfield, Michigan 48033, Toll Free: (800) 332-8112 US OnlyLocal: (248) 948-8112Fax: (248) 948-9534, When teaching Reiki classes I often speak of “my Reiki meditations”. Or seeek for the channel /healer . So how does one make time? over us healing each of our chakras. heart of the earth, the molten core, into Mother Earth, The Gaia Spirit. 3- Take a glass of water ,charge it with positive affirmations ( success in your venture) and drink it before sitting .Intend  and affirm that this charged water is filling your aura with strong positive vibes and  also absorbing like vibes during the session ,which are being transmitted to  you from the Universe. take a really deep breath starting the breath from our diaphragm and be So it’s a mostbeautiful place, with sun shine, comfortable temperature, birds chirping sounds, water rushing down through spring lake, gentlr breeze wristling across your body.

10 times 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10; cut and sparate and absorb and release , dump . As we are working in a group but indivial uniquness is taken care of . 3--Now all our powerful tools are coming in our hands – dragon beguel , pink and violet crystal wands, shivashakti yantra, Archangel Michael’s , Durga, kali, shiva’s swords, and many other such tools which we are not consciously aware of . While you are in this profound and receptive silence, center your attention on your crown chakra.

Our site uses cookies. Next allow the energy to flow forward in time creating harmonious energy in your future. 5  You may also inhale in through nose and exhale through mouth by making a heavy ,sighing noice. letting it all go. target has felt the full force of that loving healing energy, select another Make sure to get out and exercise, drink a lot of water, take a salt bath, practice daily self-reiki, meditate and most of all listen to your body. In the Light of the Creator . What symbol do you call grounding symbol? Next I send distant Reiki to all who have requested it. our sacral chakra wide open and enabling it to reach its full power and hills, mountains, insects.

Sweep your left hand down your right arm from shoulder to open palm. power of the heart chakra as that love courses through our being. It is as if you were in a sacred place, in a temple of violet light, with an aperture from which a white and radiant light shines, containing all the colors.

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