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Are you referring to yourself as "we" or are you sharing shoes with someone? Despite what Tom Ford says, we don’t believe in throwing out our underwear after six months. But just how different can all these pairs be?

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They're pretty nice from what I can tell and I like them a lot. On paper the Organic Basics TENCEL Lite Boxers have everything our top pick has for £4 less per pair. Reddit's largest men's fashion community. My names Earl as well, rare when you're not a old white guy that's 70+ y.o. They come with a SAXX style pouch, which Stance call a "Wholester". We welcome those who want to learn and those who want to contribute.

The lyocell here was notably softer than other similar materials we tested, and felt almost brushed. try hanging them to dry.

The waistband is generally a synthetic material with a percentage of elastane. Organic Basics are even superior to CDLP in the area of eco-consciousness. It ticks all our boxes, but it’s still inexpensive so if you need a beater pair that still looks the goods, the Clae Bradley is it. Likely they are similar models from different factories that changed season to season. Made in Portugal. But there are issues with the way that the shoe has been put together. They are just so comfortable and the fit is perfect for me. We’d also like to see some sort of recycling/​disposal programme where old or worn out pairs can be sent back to the company for recycling alá Patagonia and others. Hailing from Sweden, CDLP specialises in men’s underwear, swimwear and loungewear and having worn their briefs for the past few months, they are now my favourite pick from my underwear drawer, but why?

The neoprene heel tab is a very nice touch. Classic court silhouette that won’t break the bank. c)As a nearly 30 year old woman, I can order online, vs actually walking into an American Eagle. Then he realized that he was obsessing over the rest of his wardrobe only to take the most intimate garment of all for granted. This lack of transparency made us somewhat uncomfortable, and £21 is on the steep side for China made underwear. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Again the neoprene heel accent definitely adds to the comfort level and also makes it easy to slip the shoes on and off. Well, the fabric is a big pull for sure. I got a variety of cuts and fabrics, and I have to tell you ladies, these are the most comfortable, cutest underpants I've had as an adult. Instagram Yes, we can hear you asking, ‘what about the Stan Smith?’ We totally acknowledge that they occupy the same price point and they’re both great choices. In saying that, a 10.5 would’ve been perfect. They look nice though! CDLP offers a broad option of Underwear & Accessories at an alluring price. We pride ourselves on our in-depth approach to research and focus on good design. MeUndies Underwear Review – Cons. Perhaps this is a hazard of fast fashion.

I had to reach out to the company to find out where they were made. An incredibly comfortable pair of underwear thanks to their light and airy lyocell material and lack of a fabric label. If you're buying from a store like Banana Republic, paying full price is simply incorrect -- the only question is whether you'll get 40% off or 50% off. Find your model at now. Patagonia's Men's Essential Boxer Brief had an incredibly soft, lightweight and breathable lyocell material.

A nine pack reduces the price per pair to £21.60 but costs an eye watering £195.

That might be MSRP, or it might not -- it depends., MATTHEW GARDNER doesn’t mince words when voicing his dedication to good underwear. I will fully admit I found out about Tani from that sponsor shill Alpha M on YouTube but he had a really good promo with them for a 2 for 1 deal and I also got a promo code on it. Oooh -- I forgot to ask -- what should we do next week?

Newsflash: Cotton is not the softest material for skivvies. They are very nice.

The cotton ones are fine, but the lacy ones are great. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the malefashionadvice community. I wish they didn't, but they're not ugly or anything. The leg length was a little too long on the Stór Bamboo Boxer Brief and as a result they don't flatter the wearer. I also needs to stress that try usually a pair before you invest and experiment for a couple of months. Although similar in many ways to our top pick (particularly the excellent lyocell material), the CDLP Boxer Trunk offers a more aggressive cut and a lower rise than their Boxer Brief cousins. Love love love Aerie. The material did have a slightly unusual sheen but this lessened on the body of the garment after a few washes (but remained on the waistband). That said, I thought the Kennedys were really nice. Admittedly we wear a size 10, but bought a size 11 as this was the only pair available and some reviews say they run small. This thread will sit in the sidebar for a long time, and serve as a guide for lots of people, so help them out! Hi Earl! Thanks. backpacks? The fit was good, hugging the wearer without being tight. Thanks Mate! Combining the three pack with a three month subscription reduces the price to £59 every three months.

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