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Sometimes, one or more of your items may not be available when we pick your order, because the item has gone out of stock, for example. To check whether our Grocery Home Shopping service delivers You can also express a preference in a note, such as green rather than yellow bananas. This means that no retailer in Wales is allowed to sell alcohol below the Minimum Unit Price. How can I leave notes for my personal shopper? If you any questions, please call our customer service team on 0800 323 4040. Next, select a new delivery slot.

Enter the details required, then select ‘Use this address’. How will your drivers carry out the Think 25 process or other age verification, if customers are in self-isolation? Once you’ve added a note and checked out the order via our website, the note for that delivery address will be saved and we’ll see it every time you shop, whether by website or app. Will drivers still bring my shopping into my home? If you’re completing your order on our website, you can suggest suitable alternatives by selecting ‘substitutions’ in the basket area. Please enter your ZIP code in 12345 format. To access these slots, there’s a slightly different process to normal, so please follow the instructions below. Remember, it may take a moment to update the basket price. Clubcard vouchers have a 12-digit online code, and they can be used at Tesco.com except for purchases of baby milk, pharmacy products, lottery tickets, stamps, tobacco, phonecards, and gift vouchers. familiarise yourself with the latest version. Wherever possible, our prices will remain competitive and we will continue to focus on offering quality products. Select ‘Change items in basket’. Due to recent increased customer demand, our slots are being booked up faster than normal. Please take a look at our full terms and conditions. If you select items with different When you arrive at the collection point, there’ll be signs to let you know how to scan the QR code. Will drivers still bring my groceries into my home? Please enter your ZIP code in 12345 format. What are the syndicated reviews published on Tesco website? Simply request a password reset and that should solve it.

Please help to keep a 2-metre distance between the driver and yourself.

If you enter an eCoupon or Clubcard voucher and it isn’t accepted, you’ll receive an error message. Delivery depends on the products you choose, and should expect a minimum of 4 days.

Our mission is to keep online shopping simple. Some eCoupons cannot be used in the same online order as certain other eCoupons. By making your order and nominating a 3rd party to collect it, you’re confirming that you agree to us handing over your shopping to your named 3rd party, who will complete the onward delivery for you. CV6 4EY or also HP13 7XF) and know if the free Tesco delivery service already exists and that they drop it to your place / house. Next to your favourites is a ‘My Usuals’ tab, which shows you the items you’ve bought the most in your online shops. You can also put your Clubcard vouchers towards payment. We’re making the following changes to support customers that may be elderly, more vulnerable or self-isolating: The UK Government has supplied us with a list of customers in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland who are the most vulnerable, and we’re opening up priority slots for these customers. If you’d like to hear from Find your order from the ‘My current orders’ section, Select ‘Add eCoupons and vouchers’ and type the code in. Great news! Payment is by card at your door. your groceries delivered directly to your door. If you’re using the app, tap ‘Make changes’ on the home screen, or select ‘My orders’ from the left-hand menu.

Some customers tell us they require more time to answer the door, would like assistance unpacking, as well as other ways we could help.

Select the small box with the cross at the top right corner of the product details. If you’re changing your home address, your new address details will be saved as your ‘home address’ in your address book. Under ‘My details’, you’ll see a list of information you can view and update. Our stores also offer Click+Collect slots which may be suitable for you if you’re still looking to place an order. Please make sure you select the correct address from your address book menu when you check out. I’m trying to register for a Tesco account but I’m getting a message saying my email address is already registered? I’m trying to log in to my Tesco account but I can’t remember my password? What do I need to know about ordering online? Good to know: Buying groceries at the online supermarket and (free) home delivery is still developing.

Your driver or our Click+Collect colleague will make it clear if you’re being offered a substitute, but if you don’t want the item, just give it back to the driver or colleague and your payment card will be refunded. There are a couple of ways to change your delivery or Click+Collect slot: Yes, you can. Minimum Unit Pricing rules have now been introduced by the Governments of Scotland and Wales, but we are not currently aware of any plans to introduce Minimum Unit Pricing elsewhere in the UK. Other Reclaiming: Mortgage Fees, Council Tax etc, Pensions, Annuities & Retirement Planning, Report Holiday Deals, Bargains & Special Offers, Martin's Blogs & Appearances & MoneySavingExpert in the News. Visit mygov.scot for more information. Instantly search multiple supermarkets for available delivery or click & collect slots. Unfortunately we don’t currently deliver to your area, however we plan to extend the service in the future. Please understand that we take the health and safety of our drivers seriously. If you're vulnerable, disabled or elderly, the driver can still bring your shopping inside if you ask, but they won’t be able to enter your home if you're currently self-isolating.

You can’t do this on the app at the moment. Images featured in the Easy Entertaining zone and supporting assets are subject to creative license and may differ in If you’ve shared reviews on our websites, you’ll be able to see a delete link below your review. All of your address details should be displayed. Choose a convenient delivery slot and then tap ‘Begin shopping’. You can hand these back to the driver to be recycled. Copyright © 2020 Shopping Slot - All Rights Reserved. I’m trying to log in to my Tesco account and request a pasword reset, but I’m getting a message telling me that my email address is not registered? From 21 September, you’ll be charged to have your shopping packed into tray liners. How do I know what products are part of the Festive Food to Order range? As a response to COVID‐19 and to ensure the safety of our customers and colleagues, we reintroduced carrier bags for all online orders. The counters in my local store are closing, how can I find out where my nearest store with counters is? We have good stock levels, so please shop as you normally would so that everyone is able to get what they need. However, we are a start-up. Find any zip code (including ZIP+4 - full 9-digit US zip codes) or postal code in the world by using our simple lookup function. Why are products from counters unavailable at the moment? If you cancel your order, the pre-authorisation reserve will be removed from your account within a few working days. #SimpleShopping.

We deliver your Easy Entertaining products along with your regular shopping, and delivery costs depend on your chosen time needed to prepare it. Yes, we’ve introduced a limit of one order a week, which means you may be unable to see future delivery slots if you’ve recently made an order. This is typical of price changes that may affect the final basket total. To start saving on your online deliveries, why not sign up to one of our Delivery Saver plans?

The status checker is updated hourly, 24/7. If you’ve selected to receive your shopping without tray liners, your groceries will be placed directly into our trays. On the day of delivery or Click+Collect, full authorisation takes place whereby the total amount is requested from your bank and the £2 pre-authorisation request removed.

Always remember anyone can post on the MSE forums, so it can be very different from our opinion. Are your alcohol products now more expensive than other alcohol retailers in Wales? For legal reasons; for example, there is guidance from the Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency, as well as statutory restrictions under the Medicines Act 1968, on the sale of painkillers. You can also buy homeware and earn money-saving Clubcard points.

This means that you already have a Tesco account with a different email address. This will also apply if you have a Delivery Saver plan – learn more about this below. Our drivers may have to remove any age-restricted products from the order and return them to store for a refund if they can’t verify your age.

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