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We’d been pre-programmed to want to open that box to discover its secrets, finding the last continent was supposed to be the end of the game, but then why the box? Or just watching other people slog through it on YouTube, and saving your money. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed.

SeaFall teases us constantly but it so often feels like your stealing glances at some sprawling epic adventure from the window of a passing train. There’s still fossils from this larger beast to be excavated from what finally was SeaFall but so much of it feels incomplete or abbreviated. When you...", "Hi Charlie, great post. Its does deliver on its legacy title. With the reveals of first Patmos, the Pirate Kings crib and then Arados which introduces the Society what feels like should be these cool momentous events just sort of happen and then evaporate never truly going anywhere.

SeaFall is a board game designed by Rob Daviau and published in 2016 by Plaid Hat Games. All the finale really does is direct a desk fan at the house of cards that is SeaFall and watch it scatter.

I had such high hopes and expectations for what this game would deliver that I was willing it on to accomplish what I hoped it would.

The glace cherry on the top of this Hype Cake was Pandemic Legacy that had transformed a dry clinical experience into a gripping breakneck thriller that left us clamouring for more.

The choice of the Captains Booke to deliver the story inherently created many of the issues I’ve highlighted, with no way to unravel the tight plot that Pandemic so successfully utilised story threads and plots are peppered throughout like a schizophrenic producing a cover version of David Lynch’s greatest hits.

Subsequently, I’ve been doing much soul searching following the emotional roller-coaster that is playing SeaFall, so this review comes at you as part therapy session where I will try to reconcile my differences and work out where this zigged when it should have zagged.

That whole moment was ripe with the opportunity for a stunning M Night Shamalamadingdong twist with the introduction of a hidden society that’s been secretly working against you from the start. SeaFall is a game of colonial era exploration which uses a legacy format, meaning the board and components change during each game, creating a different game each time and a story with a beginning, middle, and end. [4] Many called it the most anticipated board game of 2016, coming on the heels of Pandemic Legacy: Season 1, an extremely popular legacy format game designed by Daviau and Matt Leacock that was released the year before. It’s just now, with the knowledge that so much of what you invested time in completing really wasn’t worth the effort, so often you could have just as easily taken a shortcut to accomplish the same result. Rules!

We raced to complete that final milestone abandoning the quests for the statues and other assorted junk which conceivably would have helped us (technically yes but in truth, an infuriating trudge see below in the Tombs). Skip forward to this past Friday and our campaign came to an abrupt close on its fourteenth game.

B...", "Would like to see this movie, By all means buy it, but save it until you have a group that will appreciate it. The story contains about 15 games' worth of content, with each game taking about two hours to play. I’d recently rekindled my board game love affair having just completed Risk Legacy and the prospect of another Legacy game especially one built from the ground up had me slathering in … Have you enjoyed playing other competitive games solo with multiple characters? The one area that the game does deliver is the abundance of the Legacy experience. If you wanted to know the story, you're much better off just digging through the components in order. This method of delivery is both a blessing and a boon for as the campaign progresses and each new box smears its goodness over the existing game like so much crunchy peanut butter the contents of the subsequent boxes starts to resemble Schrodinger’s moggy. The release of the game was originally announced in 2013, and its release was repeatedly delayed. What was going to happen? Had that box been triggered before the game end and somehow upped the stakes over a series of games that would have been so much more satisfying and potentially might have salvaged the experience.

While I don't love it the way I enjoyed Pandemic Legacy Season One, we are enjoying it (we're approaching halfway through the campaign). Well the game would end is what, and while within is a hastily bolted on epilogue as if Michael Bay had suddenly been prodded and told to sort this mess out mostly it was the stale air of dissatisfaction. But it just drops the ball and becomes yet another dead end. And worse still if production was then handed over to the Syfy channel to finish things off with a TV budget and a staff writer who’d been on a toilet break during the previous two flicks if this was a film production the director undoubtedly would have been Alan Smithee. Players: 3 - 5. And to come to the crushing reality that it couldn't I think makes the sting of disappointment feel so much worse. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. SeaFall is a 'Legacy' board game designed by board game industry veteran Rob Daviau. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. We constantly expected either new ships or a reason for that second ship to appear. You’re convinced it’s preparing the foundations with which to deliver a grand operatic tale of redemption and jaw-dropping reveals replete with heart-stopping cliffhangers up until the point it doesn’t. Like the players who play them, Legacy games 'remember' what happen from game to game.

Ages: 14+ Play Time: 120 - 180min. Not every game needs to be perfect to be enjoyable.

The game contains 430 entries in a Captain's Booke, a journal which is read in sections when players trigger in-game events called milestones. This site uses cookies: I prefer biscuits myself, but i'm British and we dunk them in our tea.

To dive back into the film analogy SeaFall is Rob’s Heavens Gate. As it’s stands, it’s this sudden rug-pull of hey!

For a majority of the game I never split them up, its only real worth is in the early game to gather supplies quicker and pretty much every player concentrated on upgrading just the one flagship. And then there’s the whole search for the mysteries of the Statues and the hidden symbols on the tablets. Which makes the fact that while SeaFall does indeed contain all of these things it’s a crushing disappointment to discover that it never manages to truly capitalise on any of them. Was it at all worth it? At one point I’d completed the find the chart milestone yet it took a further two turns before we grokked what I’d done. As with Risk and Pandemic, SeaFall has those marvellous boxes each a tantalising prospect of new and exciting developments however its in how it chooses to utilise them that differs from its illustrious predecessors. So the story, above everything else the story was what I believed would deliver SeaFall’s redemption. It’s these doggos over on Who Dares Rolls where you’ll find a l...". There are oodles of things to open, unlock and write on.

Whereas in Pandemic each box felt like a thunderclap of new content SeaFall’s legacy moments permeate into the status quo loading each turn and decision with the possibility of changing the game state in some way. The choose your own adventure as the delivery method works in games like Arabian Nights but that’s a game that thrives on the chaos of random crazy when you try and inject a narrative suddenly all that choice feels like your’e on rails. City of Mist Review One – Reading the Book.

SeaFall is a massively compromised experience. The components of the game itself will change, as islands the players discover on the map will be marked with stickers, and players' actions in a game will trigger events, which cause sealed packets to be opened which contain new pieces, cards and rules to be revealed. God damn that whole final box!

There’s unarguably a huge amount of content here to be discovered but so little of it amazes. Set during the age of sail it follows you as you nurture your province of bumbling merchants as they venture out into uncharted waters, happening upon mysterious islands and high adventure slowly uncovering the mystery of the lost civilisations that came before you.

SeaFall was absolutely and unequivocally my most anticipated game since first teased by Rob Daviau some four years ago.

Many of the entries quickly became repetitive with any real surprises so few and far between that ultimately nothing really seems to matter. Personally I think it would be a waste of time, the narrative elements are rather weak due to it being a sandbox. 7th Sea Session Six – Castille Prison Break! That initial elation of unlocking all this new stuff is tainted by the faint whiff of recently expired feline. Top 10 - Duration: 23:34. I'm a huge fan of storytelling in games, possibly because I feel like it's generally underutilized at heavier weights, and am thinking of picking up Seafall soon (one of the advantages of it being seen as a disappointment is that it's often 50% off in the US). 7th Sea Preview Part Two: The Swiftest at Swordery!

If you haven't, then watch Shut Up and Sit Down's video review, they do a really good job of talking about it. On the board teasing you throughout proceedings is an undiscovered location that requires a significant effort to uncover and will open the last legacy box. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. But all of that goodwill, all of those hours poured into this sours when you finally have to shrug and acknowledge it’s really not all that good of one. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. But again the rewards so often fall short of the efforts involved and discovering one punishes that player as it leaves a clear path for another to dive in and snatch the glory and close the tomb. ", "This is really interesting. But it’s not that, yep this at the end of the day is just a game and for what it’s worth for a majority of it I did enjoy myself. To remove this pointless text box click and get on with more important stuff.

[2] The game is played by 3–5 players, each of whom takes on the role of a province taking to the seas after a long dark age. Have some self control people. The #1 reddit source for news, information, and discussion about modern board games and board game culture.

For me, this started so well, I was willing to look beyond some of its shortcomings. Imagine for a moment Peter Jackson hot from directing the first two Lord of the Rings instalments decided instead of wrapping up proceedings in a final flurry of Oscar nominations instead went and put the kettle on. It’s by design there teasing and building anticipation every single time you play, and when finally you’re given the green light to go for it, well my group were slavering. There is some enjoyment to be scraped out of it, whether the time investment required to see its campaign through to completion is worth that is open to debate. Why put it there? It’s during this process I believe that the heart of SeaFall was cut out and the resultant finished design presents us through necessity a compromised version of Rob’s original bigger idea.

The Society subplot is an aggravating example. And upon first encountering the contents of this voluminous box you’d be pretty optimistic that the journey you are about to take would be exactly that.

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