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“There is a dissention in the band with Geoff Tate at the helm.

When the trouble began, our webmaster, Kevin Scurlock wanted out of the middle, so he produced a document with all of the access codes and gave it to the corporate attorney.

Kelly Gray and I worked for about 6 months to get as much guitar recording done. We can already tell that Tate will disagree with a lot of what his former band mates are claiming (including what actually happened in Brazil). “During the recording of Hear In The Now Frontier, personal things changed. And the damage to Geoff Tate would be minimal as he continues to book solo dates, tour, and record new albums. Everything else I remembered.

Her voice was not situated for the key it was in so Kelly had to time stretch and Auto Tune it. After the situation was under control, the other band members and the band’s crew had to fix the damage caused to their equipment during this assault before the show could proceed as scheduled. "I have a lot of ability still," he said.

However, during this process, Susan and Geoff Tate had told Mike to NOT continue conversations with me or the other band members which Mike Kadrie was able to convey to me in his emails. As the original founding members of the band and a clear majority, they have the strongest claim. “We weren’t being allowed to play all of the music we wanted to play live, and to give our fans what we thought was important.

A fun project to do because of all the different personalities and all the different players and the scope of it.

It was at this meeting that we were told that Mike Stone was being replaced byMiranda Tate’s (Geoff Tate’s daughter) new boyfriend, Parker Lundgren. The idea of setting a meeting on three days notice, just to have Geoff Tate not participate or simply be voted down in decisions for the launching of a band he is no longer part of makes no sense and would bog down and hurt the corporations. This time, in a new interview, Tate is saying that the drummer has “a lot of medical problems,” and that’s why he’s been absent from the band since 2017 with nary a word to the public. It never has been and it never will. After trying to make a go of it and hold on to our band anyways, the assault was the final straw.

After that, there became a rampant deletion of any negative comment made towards Geoff Tate or any excitement over the news of the Rising West shows and future of Rising West. Extensive touring and smart management decisions pushed the sales of that album well over 150,000 units, a worthy start without the key songwriter. “The band meeting went on as planned, and in attendance were myself, Scott Rockenfield and Eddie Jackson. Now that the Empire reissue is soon coming out, wouldn’t this be a perfect time and time to make it happen? Although as a clear majority and quorum they had the ability to make this difficult decision for the good of the band on their own, they attempted to reach out and negotiate a settlement. During this time, Scott Rockenfield got an email congratulating him on the deal that was made to have Operation: Mindcrime made into a movie.


While Tate unquestionably knows Rockenfield better than most people, he’s been estranged from Queensryche ever since the split in 2012, and he’s also been known as a bit of a loose cannon over the years. I thought this was a democracy, but I guess not. It’s two very different albums because we start with Rage For Order which is a pretty dark and moody album, right? To comment on a When the band members asked Neil Sussman how he could allow such a deal to be done without their collective input, he responded by saying something to the effect that ‘Geoff told me he owned the rights, and so I just believed him and told him to sign the deal.’ This made Michael Wilton, Eddie Jackson and I FURIOUS.

“The next album was a thematic/conceptual idea based on our military.

Comment on this post [9] Share on Twitter or Facebook or use the Permalink. “Again, a rigorous touring schedule followed. “I was saddened to see Chris DeGarmo leave.

“The final performance was Memorial Day weekend in Oklahoma at a large music festival geared towards heavy metal and hard rock. Geoff Tate Thinks Queensryche Drummer Scott Rockenfield Has “A Lot of Medical Problems” March 5th, 2020 at 3:46pm; Vince Neilstein; facebook; twitter; 0. We were going to perform the songs from our earlier catalog that we had not been allowed to play over the last 15 years. My contact jostled and I was trying to get it back in place so I could see.

I asked for copies of the financials and began to do some budget reports. Watch the clip below: Leaves’ Eyes share “War of Kings” music video, Spirit Adrift unveil “Ride Into The Light” music video, Amahiru (Kreator, ex-Dragonforce) share “WTTP” music video, Insane Clown Posse drop new song “Ding Ding Doll”, Amon Amarth release “Fafner’s Gold” music video, Skeletonwitch Announce Headlining Tour With Havok. This does not sit well with Geoff and Susan Tate as Susan Tate made it known to Scott Rockenfield that this made Geoff Tate uncomfortable and that he was happier having his friends out on the road with him.

Tough to know what’s what here. Geoff Tate replied back to the email that he was not available until the next day. Rob Halford was doing a solo project, and Queensrÿche and Iron Maiden– the three of us all were on tour together. Susan Tate and Geoff Tate were already receiving these so they already had their copies. I don’t see it as likely happening. I immediately called Geoff Tate and Susan Tate and requested a band meeting. In 2000, we had a band meeting regarding our next CD and at that meeting, he did not like some topics of discussion and stormed out of the meeting after throwing a chair across the room. Eddie Jackson, Scott Rockenfield, and I, as 75% owners, three of four current members, and three of the four original founders, have been treated as little more than studio musicians. “For the fall tour, Scott Rockenfield demanded that we cut the opener and get rid of a bus and get rid of some personnel. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer. “Queensryche was not, nor had it ever been, a band that had a ‘rock star’ image.

‹ TESTAMENT RELEASE NEW SINGLE, “CHILDREN OF THE NEXT LEVEL,” NEW ALBUM “TITANS OF CREATION” DUE APRIL 3RD, 3/4: LAMB OF GOD PODCAST, POISON/KEIFER/BACH IN TULSA, MORE ›. Another essential thing you completed a few years ago was the Operation Mindcrime album trilogy. Queensryche's Scott Rockenfield says parting with Geoff Tate was like shaking off a long-term "sickness".

And Geoff Tate’s comments were picked up by many media markets again. When his bandmates, Eddie Jackson, Scott Rockenfield and Michael Wilton finally said enough is enough and tried to move on to outside management, Mr. Tate reacted with a violent physical assault, leaving them no choice but to obtain a new singer. We were not able to post anything on the Queensryche Facebook page as we still had not received administration passwords from Miranda Tate. It was not until years later that I even became aware of the issues during the final recording and mixing of Operation: Mindcrime II. All of them [laughter].

Here are several excerpts from drummer Scott Rockenfield’s declaration, as posted by Blabbermouth: “After [2005], Geoff and [his wife] Susan Tate began controlling the band’s direction and Geoff Tate insisted on pushing only the music he was interested in pursuing. And, it was becoming clear that the majority of fans were constantly screaming for the old standard songs. I remember seeing Sting perform 'Roxanne', and I think the new version he's doing is cooler than the original one. He still had not apologized for his actions in Brazil and the other two shows, and he didn’t even want to discuss business matters with us. On the other hand, it’s very possible Tate knows something we don’t. That’s what happens, you kind of hit the bottom of a hole, and there’s only one way to go – up and out of there.”. And, the bulk of the band entities’ revenue has come from touring and the ancillary merchandise and back catalog sales in recent years. At the airport before his departure, Geoff Tate still showed no remorse and had no apology for his actions. does not endorse, or guarantee the accuracy of, any user comment. This was flatly rejected by Geoff Tate. This was surprising to the other bandmates as all meetings had been set by e-mail or text for years, and even more shocking that Geoff Tate was speaking through an attorney about a meeting of their band of 30+ years.

We all decided it was best to record the meeting. Blabbermouth got a hold of their joint response, as well as Rockenfield and Wilton’s individual declarations. Also, Q Prime management decided to drop the band due to Chris DeGarmo’s departure.

Next the issue of outside professional management was suggested by Michael Wilton.

And, even then, we gave it two more performances to see if that was not the case, but it unfortunately it was.

Additionally, Geoff Tate, through his physical assault, outrageous, naked self-dealing on the Operation: Mindcrime movie, and other activities detrimental to the corporation and brand, has unclean hands and cannot ask for equitable relief.

Goeff Tate: I need a teleprompter on my phone to get the lyrics on my bone [laughs]….

As this band has made major changes in its career, I felt it was time for another change. Unfortunately, the next day did not work for everyone else and we stayed with the original time and date requested. Had the communication been better, and had I been aware that parts needed to be recorded or rewritten, I would have been there. Cover band Queensryche will carry on living off the albums Tate sang on. We felt this time was no different and that Geoff Tate would be there. This was done because of the time restraint. He now comes before this Court asking for a preliminary injunction stopping a majority of the band and shareholders from operating as the band they have been known as for 30 years. The next day we received offers from management companies and promoters asking us to bring the show to their cities. Reluctantly we agreed to this, feeling we had no other choice if we wanted to remain as a band, but we did refuse to sign a binding contract with her. Further, although Eddie Jackson, Scott Rockenfield, and Michael Wilton are the rightful current controllers of the QUEENSRYCHE entities and their assets, Geoff, Susan and Miranda Tate have locked them out of the official QUEENSRYCHE Facebook account and band website, causing harm not only to the reputation of the band, but blocking revenue through sales on the QUEENRYCHE website.

Now that it’s done, and some time has gone by, how the whole thing went, and is there something you’d still like to do with it? There are an abundance of legitimate reasons for the decision to replace Geoff Tate.

She also said that travel arrangements would be made to get Geoff Tate on a different flight, and that we would not be placed in that type of situation again. “In mid-June, Scott Rockenfield, Eddie Jackson and I flew to Los Angeles and met with Frontline/AGPS Management.

Aspiring Polymaths Enrich your mind and cultural diversity with the joy of continued learning and appreciation of the arts. “Susan Tate brought to the table the idea to record Operation: Mindcrime II. Thus, in a duly noticed meeting on June 2, 2012, Eddie Jackson, Scott Rockenfield and Michael Wilton voted to replace Geoff Tate with a new lead singer, and to expel and/or otherwise negotiate just compensation for his ownership interest. Because of everyone’s complete involvement, it was easily decided that we should just split all credits equally amongst the five members. Call it delusions of grandeur, but they were convinced that this was going to sell three times more than the original, and to date (six years later) this album has sold fewer than 150,000 copies. That is when Scott Rockenfield started to brainstorm on ways to efficiently cut costs.

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