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You can get your custom paper from November, 24th 2014 This beautiful tale has a special, The Notebook Nicholas Sparks really knows how to set a romantic/emotional, but also creates a very predictable love story plot-line. This story is framed by a contemporary man who is reading to a woman who suffers from Alzheimer’s. The Notebook. This illustrates an interesting concept, that actions are neither right nor wrong, they merely are, and it is the context in which an action takes place that determines the appropriateness or inappropriateness of it. She asks if he wrote the story and he admits he did. I have read all of his books, cried many tears and felt many emotions as I pictured the people falling in love, people, CHARACTERS “The Notebook” is a perfect love story where they loved each other, and died on the same day. This book tells the story of Noah and Allie, a young couple from the South. The progression of time and how it ages a person is a constant theme in this book. I chose The Notebook as an example of a cultivation effect where women (and sometimes men) expect... Industrial Analysis of the Notebook Industry.

This is shown when Allie returns to the see him after seeing that he had restored the house, to which he always said he would. After spending the night together, Noah and Allie also shared the next morning. Essay, Use multiple resourses when assembling your essay, Get help form professional writers when not sure you can do it yourself, Use Plagiarism Checker to double check your essay, Do not copy and paste free to download essays.      When we were assinged to do a book critique, I knew right away I was going to do a Nicholas Sparks novel. The story begins in 1940. The Notebook is about two young teenagers who fell head over heels with each other.

Once again, they are magically reunited, only to remain that way for the rest of their lives. The other is the story Noah reads from the notebook in which he tells how he and Allie met, fell in love, lost each other, and then found each other again. We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. Instead of an ideal reunion, readers experience the image of two people who need consoling.

When sitting in the coffee shop, Noah decided to look through the book, for the name of the owner, so he turned to the, The Notebook Analysis of the Notebook Essay The Notebook Analysis. This story doesn?t just say happily ever after at the end, it actually takes you there. This story begins when Noah and Allie are in a nursing home, eighty years into their life. ‘The Notebook’ written by Nicholas Sparks, is told on two levels. (2017, Jan 09). THE NOTEBOOK It was in the afternoon when Noah, and Alex finished their college classes and were going to a local coffee shop to get something to drink. He knows that reading to her sometimes enables her to remember who she is, who he is, and remember their life together, but those times are few and far between, And because Noah is not initially certain whether she is going to have a good day, a miracle, he plays the part of a man who loves and cares for her, even if he cannot tell her his real name. ‘Congratulations’ he finally said, wondering how convincing he sounded.

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