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#thatpart. Like I stated earlier good teams (like us) usually develop hitting internally. Johnson (pitching), Hefner (bullpen), Diaz (third base), Watkins (first base) join team. Therefore we should target pitching.

If they go after Frazier, they better look into a lefty platoon for him. Follow him on Twitter @RhettBollinger and Facebook.

At least they’re dedicated to their fans and putting the best product possible out there. We publish thousands of articles a year, host multiple podcasts, and have an ever growing database of … I was waiting to get a roundup from a strib writer in the next few weeks but you came through quite a bit earlier. Bring in a defensive CF like Hamilton or Lageras as an insurance policy on Buxton. Lol a 22 yr old prospect that had a .721 OPS last year in a full season at AA, so obvious! Sure, we’re developing a culture of looking the other way at selective wrongdoings. Odorizzi Reply. With that we are able to sign Cole and Wheeler. Berrios has 3 more years of ARB so I’m willing to bet they will wait a little bit before giving him big money. It’s the same discussion that surrounded the Rays’ decision to designate Cron for assignment after a 2018 season in which he slugged 30 home runs, rather than pay the approximate $5MM he would’ve earned in arbitration. I will come back and read this when I'm not running on 3 hours of sleep. Rick Procello, Michael Wacha, Kyle Gibson, Greg Holland, Brad Bach, Jeremy Jeffres & Addison Reed could all be signed to try to rebuild value in a pitchers park with hopes of being dealt to a contender. Minnesota could offer then a favorable contract, but they could deny it in favor of a different team. The Twins infield defense struggled last year. I 100% agree that farhan ought to be looking at things like this for longo – even if it is just a straight dump of longo + cash for nothing or a PTNL. Porcello The Twins have quietly amassed the financial flexibility to go after the winter’s big fish, so a player of Donaldson’s caliber shouldn’t be out of the question for Minnesota. Show all. They are standing alone. We may not offer him $26M and he may as well not be worth it, but a couple large market team very well could offer him low to mid 20s.

Grow up. Pitching Falvey! You can try to take all the shots you want, I’m proud to be a Philly sports fan; win or lose.

Add Bumgarner or Keuchel. I'd also like to see a move to bring in someone like Kirby Yates. Because that brought the Twins how many World Series appearances in the Mauer era? I mean, Kirilloff is close and he plays 1B too.

Johnson, a Sherwood, Ark., native, graduated from the University of Arkansas-Monticello in 1994. Starts in the White House at the desk of the cheater in chief….. Giants 3B Longoria for Cron and other Twins salary dumps. the twins are giving lip service to getting over the Hump and being a championship caliber team: They need 3 starting pitchers and as this last WS and many world series have shown.. you need 2 if not 3 ACE type pitchers to have the best chance to win it all.. you’ll know the Twins are serious when they sign or trade for 2 Ace type pitchers.. Non tender Cron & Get a LH hitting 1B and platoon with Garver/Gonzazlez And with Sano expected to earn $5.9MM in his second year of arbitration eligibility and coming off a decidedly better offensive season, he may very well represent a more cost-effective replacement for Cron. The Twins have Max Kepler, Jorge Polanco, and Marwin Gonzalez under contract for next year. We need quality arms, that means no Gibson.

We have interior replacements and better use of $7.3m in the pen for Yates/others. He was part of a formidable timeshare with Jason Castro in 2019, and the Twins seem reluctant to pencil in a single catcher for 130+ games in 2020, so a similar arrangement (whether with Castro, who’s a free agent, or a newcomer) could be in order this year. I’d like to see Sano move to 1B and put Gonzalez at 3B and focus on filling in the starting rotation. Then I'd push all my chips in the the Cole train. Berríos had been seeking a salary of $4.4 million. This is a really good write up.

He's known as a forward-thinking, analytical coach who uses technology such as Trackman to help his pitchers find a consistent release point and unlock greater velocity.According to his Arkansas bio, Johnson has helped develop more than 40 pitchers who were drafted or signed professional contracts over the past 11 years, including Dakota Hudson, the No. C.J. Don’t see MIN spending big money here. All depends on who is doing wrong. I don’t know if it’s John Coppolella big, But I agree it’s big. I think the Twins almost NEED to sign either Cole or Rendon if they are serious about making a WS run. Adding a 3B will stop them from adding pitching because they are on a tight budget. He’s one of those players, that even if you don’t need him, he’ll still improve the team. Castro was born in Castro Valley, California.

Cleveland’s window could be closing and with Detroit and KC in all-out rebuild mode, this is the time for the Twins to go for it. The issue with longo isn’t that he is bad or old right now or even the money, he is a average to slightly above average bat with an ok glove, the issue is that he blocks younger or platoon guys and is a curmudgeon about it – if he can go to somewhere where he can have a non rebuilding more traditional role everyone will be happier. Please login to leave a reply. He may not, but hes got three things going for him. Martin Perez has a club option for $7.5M with a $500K buyout and Nelson Cruz has a $12M club option with a $300K buyout. My target here would be German Marquez out of Colorado. Top Stories MLBPA To Vote On MLB’s 60-Game Proposal In Coming Days Korea’s Kiwoom Heroes To … Unless the Yankees are willing to enter historic payroll area, I don’t see them signing Cole surprisingly. We bump our payroll up to $140M-$145M. We have a surplus of minor league hitting talent and potentially some pitching prospects to trade away as well. He needs to go to the playoffs, No one is taking Seager. Here's who the Angels and Twins might pursue now that Hyun-Jin Ryu is off the free-agent market Both American League contenders could look to add another starting pitcher By R.J. Anderson The Cardinals would have to send more then that to get Kirlhoff. 25 HRs in 125 games is interesting. He pitched for the Mets from 2012-13.Like Hefner, Watkins is being promoted from within the organization. They NEED pitching. They did it on an institutional level. Maybe sign a cheaper FA 3B option like Todd Frazier on a 1 yr MLB deal. But, guys like Mike Minor, Kirby Yates, Robbie Ray, Ken Giles, etc. By just signing Cole alone they may push around $250M-260M without signing any other free agents. Ahh I think all teams cheat to an extent, but the Astros are probably the most egregious. (Pohlad philosophy).

The Twins officially added four coaches to manager Rocco Baldelli's staff on Friday, as they hired Wes Johnson (pitching coach), Jeremy Hefner (bullpen coach), Tony Diaz (third-base coach) and Tommy Watkins (first-base coach).The moves came after the Twins decided not to bring back pitching coach Garvin Alston, bullpen They have roughly $60 million minimum to spend. We can still sign Cole, but then we will more than likely will have to try to Martin Perez someone, which I hope we will not do.

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