secondary brand associations of starbucks

stream So choice of right character as shown by Sony is important. Then there are marketing strategies aimed at product, price and distribution network. Celebrity endorsement is another way of association, for example, Tiger Woods endorsing product Gatorade. However, if consumers do not have knowledge of associating company than there could be no knowledge transfer and cannot translate into benefit for the brand. But strategy has a drawback, sometimes popularity character may last just for a movie or a season, in that case, brand has to undergo another round of association. Secondary brand association has its importance when consumers are not aware of the new or upcoming brand. Even if the consumers have brand knowledge how much relevance it holds for the current brand also has to be ascertained. Another way of association is through usage of logos, characters from brands, franchise of other product category. Marketers have various options available to them to facilitate leveraging process.

Public Relation/Publicity: Starbucks is positioned to be a “lifestyle” brand and relies heavily on building emotional connections with both employees and consumers by focusing on core values of passion around the coffee, providing the finest products; the coffee house experience and social responsibility. 212 0 obj Secondary associations are when the brand is linked to other entities that have their own knowledge structures in the minds of consumers. “I worked for Staci Cretu from June 2, 2010 to February 10, 2011 at the U.S. Army Recruiting Battalion – Harrisburg, Pa. During this time, she afforded me the opportunity, encouragement and training to learn a myriad of new technologies in Social Media and Website management, essential in today’s marketing and public affairs plans. Co-op adverting agreements were developed to establish a push strategy with these manufacturers to facilitate the sale of the product. In order to grow the brand, Starbucks expanded their product offering and increased their channels of distribution through partnerships with hotels, airlines, grocery stores and Barnes and Noble. Personal Selling: As stated in the case study and videos, “the key to Starbucks success and appeal has always been the employees, who knowledge and dedication always attracted consumers to return to the stores.” The focus on employees transcended into fostering positive customer relations. Staci is very successful at most everything she does.” January 24, 2012 - Megan Clugh, U.S. Army War College.

The intent was to change consumer perceptions and behavior about an impersonal technology company. Ref: Keller, Kevin. ��myu�SH���١(1h�^}�Uq/�f�w�[|�)����z �� ����3b��I�����|�_n*n��)���4vK/��Sc��J3�v/��0K��듲t�k&8��E��!ؖ}�s������I�Ə��䤳��Ŧ�Ug�e��C�(���|���!��B�7v#�R֦%Ҷ4����V����3�ED��D�1�{Lj�Oꨄ�2�)4B;�����K ���R0�*��8X@z�����`ށ���T���D����û�&"'�p������Y� ��1�kˇ�v}NJ>h��08�����r�+���(p�zf3����B����fBp��C�N����Kq A��ީM� ē/����Y�����{⦅�f�Q�D�`5�KIB=�%��,1�/D�x³ΊV�P�ۆ�h*��Aڦ�Ld��$eԉ��/�����ܕ�2���>J9�U��H���6Y+w^��k��u�t*Z!����S�x��EY�~>E4U)t�u^ �1ΝW���t�ȩ^)��q|�f�ǽzӻ�Қ#��i���=(�)Z��n-Ѽ�a�̋t�������D"cv��x~�l[�{_��a2��К��%���|�lڳ�p� <> If a company is to introduce a new brand the first step of association is with corporate brand if it exists. These trade promotions also used the well-known Intel jingle to create a customer-brand connection when the consumer heard an ad on TV. Now Starbucks has introduced new branded coffees based on the parts of the world the beans come from, creating secondary brand associations with these parts of the world from which the beans are grown. As Keller states in the text, marketers should use “mix and match” communication options to build brand equity, choosing a variety of different tactics. You can use existing knowledge. Both companies only focused on two to three marketing options to building their brands potentially limiting brand recall and recognition. Due to her direction and assistance, I now have invaluable skills in Social Media, marketing and advertising. Strategic Brand Management: Building, Measuring, and Managing Brand Equity, This entry was posted on Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012 at 3:19 pm and tagged with. Below both brands building program approaches are compared from my point-of-view.

According to this presentation, consumer brand associations are corporate related including confidence, innovative, trusted/reliable, leader, and precise, focused and high quality.

Another valuable association is through channel distribution; if company already has a strong retail level penetration then introduction of new brand will have its benefit. (]X�F�ܼ� ��d8�دwRߟ�dJ Brand elements offer many alternatives style, logo unique selling proposition etc. For example, Nokia, when it introduce mini laptop it was referred as Nokia 3G Booklet there are creating association, as consumer are already aware Nokia mobile phones. This leads to indifferent approach from customer towards brand. A limitation to this would be creating enough awareness and preference for the ingredient brand that consumer will not buy another product without this ingredient (Keller, p. 298). :�t���b�� A �� �d��ȁ���+���ٝě޹p�(V}�Ճ�fp3���o|�z�������vea��/m���ݛ]�)ƨe��z���!�9g���Î�" �d���ȳw������t��nHfN2��aG���}[��a�%n��xv4`1�>�wL��:�m�%��bf=���m�������,sNM1 Here brand has to draw some brand elements and brand knowledge from already developed brand, which has already created impression in consumer’s mind, thereby leveraging secondary brand association to create brand equity. In other words, you can leverage secondary brand association in your favour and establish strong brand equity. Starbucks and Intel, both leading companies in their receptive product category, used very different approaches to brand building programs over the years however both companies goals were similar using the CBBE model to “create awareness, linking points-of-parity and points-of-difference associations, elicit positive judgments or feelings and facilitated a stronger customer-brand connection and brand resonance” (Keller, p. 230). © Management Study Guide Here focus is on product and its attributes, correct and convincing price structure, and finally choice of product reaches consumer. Secondary brand association has its importance when consumers are not aware of the new or upcoming brand.

Starbuck’s defines its success on allow consumers who are likely to influence others, as Keller (p. 265) states, “discover the product in hopes that they will pass a positive endorsement on to peers.” The extensive word-of-mouth campaigns that Starbucks developed create PODs, creating relevance for consumer, distinctiveness and believability (Keller, p. 114).

Starbucks as reflected by the brand association held in target customers’ memories (brand image). This concept is called co-branding, for example branding of airlines referred to as Star Alliance consisting of 16 airlines. However this also has challenges if that celebrity is involved endorsement many other brands. 2008. Privacy Policy, Similar Articles Under - Strategic Brand Management, Brand Association - Meaning and its concepts, Leveraging Secondary Brand Association to Build Brand Equity. There are various ways to create brand equity. Title Slide of NIKE Brand Associations Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Furthermore, you can also use the positive brand awareness that the parent brand already has. Brand associations: When founders Baldwin, Bowker and Siegl first founded Starbucks, the initial secondary brand associations were based on a geographic area, Italy. But what would be course of brand building for brand extension? “Staci is very professional, passionate, and motivated. This leads to indifferent approach from customer towards brand. Social Responsibility: The strong sense of social responsibility that Starbucks has create has also helped the company build brand awareness and enhanced brand image, providing Starbucks with positive judgments and feelings toward the company. x��XK���%y�;v��ʖ? ����r�H��i�5G_�Ϧ}��nk7�%x���.���jڻ9:M�k� �+߬��>! Advertising: Intel uses a traditional approach to brand building using TV and print supported by place advertising to create exposure and attention of the brand. The concept of this renowned coffee house was built on Italian’s love for coffee and socializing. That gives you a running start. But here question is raised concerning brand positioning, if retail network is catering to high end brand, that distribution network will not relevant for low end brand.

These brand associations are also carried out through the use of stamps providing visual appeal to the consumer. However, unlike Intel, a limitation to Starbucks strategy is coverage as I believe that the marketing programs could have reached a broader audience is there were some advertising mixed in. This could lead to dilution or recall value of brand. Next set of options relate to brand image and they are in form of brand ambassador, event sponsorship and other related activities.

This has allowed Starbucks to increase brand equity through the use of the image transfer process (Keller, p. 288).

These associations are also built on the OEM’s that Intel has partnered with and have developed a category point of parity (Keller, p. 298). Starbucks and Intel Criteria: Both companies have successfully created the most effective and efficient communication program for their respective brands (Keller, p. 267). For example, Sony’s PSP coming out with console featuring characters from Star Wars. Because of this linkage consumers may assume or infer that some of the associations that characterise the other entities may also be true for the brand. Brand associations: As an ingredient brand, Intel key challenge is convincing the end-user that the ingredient is just as important as the end product.

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