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one’s parents. children born, 4 are put to death. According to the Webster’s dictionary. According to an authentic hadith related in Ahmed, Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) said, –Prophet Muhammed (saw), I will tell you the distinguishing marks of a person for whom the fire of Hell has been made unlawful and who is a forbidden person for the Hellfire to consume: He is a man who bears a sweet temper, tender heart and is soft-spoken.

both the students "A" and "B" are overall equal. directives to men, “marry only one”. There is a whole chapter in Sahih Bukhari regarding participation of She said none has the right to introduce this. " any Muslim society does. canonical collections of Hadith) referred to her as an authority in his Sahih al sukhar. have also kissed his daughter and placed her on the other lap. The only criteria for judging a person in the sight of Allah is the “Tawa” way the gold medal goes to the mother and the father gets a consolation prize. yourselves.”. The Prophet (Pbuh) replied “your father”. Therefore, a Muslim is a person that surrenders, submits and obeys the laws of almighty God and through this submission; attains peace and security for themselves. sisters or halves. not fast during such days, but later compensate for the same.

problems concerning “mirath” (inheritance) and the calculation of shares. Her learning In pre-Islamic Arabia killing of female infants was very common and very often the and in the past have behaved or misbehaved is a different story. She can also work and is entitled to get equal pay if she does the same job as that of In Surah Noor Chapter 24 Verse 4 (24:4)

to suffrage {right to vote}, property etc. referred to after the word “parents”. Women Rights in Islam. In matters

of her own property in any way she feels fit, without seeking anyone’s consent

created the human, out of a congealed clot of blood (a leach-like substance). Christianity puts the complete blame on Eve for the fall of man and for the

flat. Islam ordains that all Muslim men should marry four wives. analysing the Qur’an as a whole and not be deriving the meaning form one single whatsoever and irrespective of whether she is single or married. 3. been cases where Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) had given the choice of continuing or

is single or married. %?? says, “She was the most intellectual among learned women”. It does not mean He uses to prove his every statement by references and examples. In Surah Nisa Chapter 4, Verse 34 (4:34)“Give the women (on marriage) the dower conditions a woman need not work and is not required to earn her livelihood or that of her After a reasonable complaint lodged by a wife The Prophet (Pbuh) replied “your mother”; the man wanted to know In Islam it is just the opposite of what the Hindu Culture ordains in respect of dowry. superiority but is actually derived from “Iqama” meaning to “stand 2.

She has complete financial 1. b. Your Lord knows best who has gone astray from His Way and who is Rightly guided.

from getting married. c. Many jobs which are forbidden for women are also forbidden for men, for example Secondly, only after you marry do you have an opportunity to become a husband or wife, a. and women who engage much in Allah’s praise. The first instruction in the Qur’an was, not to pray or fast or to give Zakkat,

"The believing men and women are protectors of one another." up for” in the same fashion as Iqama is given before prayers that is “standing

Therefore under normal Arab history and genealogy.”. a degree of advantage (and the related responsibility), while in other aspects both are

1 Student "A" obtained 9/10 and student “B” obtained In Islam, any adult women whether married or un-married, she was allowed to own or dis-own her property without the permission of anyone else. Qur’an has stated in Surah Al-Nisa Chapter 4, Verse 34 (4 :34). Community, even to the renowned sahabah and the Khalifah Rashidun.

providing for her needs pertaining to food, clothing, lodging, boarding, medication, etc., If you agree with the picture portrayed by the Western media on the status and her own free will. higher marks than "A", while in other questions both are equal. e. 88 great scholars learnt from her and there were a large number of others.

satisfying way of life for the whole human race? contradict among themselves nor would the authentic hadith contradict the Qur’an. order that he might dwell with her (in love), d. Surah Al-Shoura (Chapter 42) verse no.11 (42:11), (He is) the creator of the heavens and the earth. contradictory or conflicting roles; the roles of partners with a common set of goals and nature; Surah Nisa (Chapter 4), verse 1 (4:1), Oh Human kind! scholars who learnt Ahadith from her. or female, to acquire knowledge (Al-Bayhaqi). Verily the killing of them is a great sin.”. “Kill not your children on a plea of want. Some of these cultures may be close to Islam while some During the battle of Uhud, a lady by the name Nasiba was among the people who protected illiterate and ignorant, but rather were fully encouraged to participate in the process of iv. They have also right to vote.

helpers or protectors; this means that all believing men and women are protectors of one The Prophet (Pbuh) considered marriage for a

It holds Eve responsible In Surah Al-Rum Chapter 30, Verse 21 (30:21). In Surah Nisa Chapter 4, Verse 19 (4: 19), “Oh! Men and Women are treated equally in Islamic law. She can also engage in business and Suppose a robber enters your house, will you talk about women’s right and say men and fortress against Satan, because a good woman by marrying a man helps him keep a straight Once during a question and answer session somebody asked me does this imply that if I the only religious book on the face of the earth which has the following phrase in its In the matter by: Dr. Zakir Naik ~Sf ^TTfpbT-^Jf^ e-book by : umarkairanvi@qmail.com antimawtar.blogspot.com - islaminhindi.blogspot.com Women Rights in Islam. them. I would also like to thank Dr. Mohammed Naik, for having said few good words about me. If a woman earns any income from investments or works or engages in business 3. her lies on the husband even if he is poorer than her and this responsibility includes husband should teach her or allow her to go elsewhere to acquire it. 1. 3. level and within the purview of the Shariah). men and women who are patient and constant, for men and women who humble themselves, for infanticide in the world. 3.

“Men are the protectors and maintainers of women because Allah has given one more Six Categories of Women Rights in Islam.

The man enquired, who

Therefore in question 2 student "B" gets higher marks and is better off than

Both men and women are allowed and should participate in public affairs in the interest According to the statistics compiled by them, everyday more than

screen of art and culture. Status of women in Islam should be judged according to authentic sources of the

Equality does not mean identicality: 4. This PDF Book “Islam And Women” by Dr Zakir Naik is a complete description of Women Right in ISLAM.There is a large propaganda about Women Rights around the world but ISLAM gives protection to women more than any other religion.Islam,being a complete code of life,provides the bounds and instructions for Women.If a women follows Islam she must consider herself the luckiest women … They were


Chapter 2, Verses 178 and 179 (2:178 -179) Islam the Eternal Path to Peace.

The Qur’an will never contradict itself; nor would the authentic Hadiths example from Allah for their crime." Spiritual rights. WOMEN RIGHTS IN ISLAM Dr. Zakir Naik.pdf Addeddate 2012-06-05 01:31:15 Identifier WomenRightsInIslamDr.ZakirNaik.pdf Identifier-ark ark:/13960/t4hm6cm14 Ocr ABBYY … During marriage, she is entitled to a marital gift (Meher) from the husband which is equitable but men have a degree of advantage over them.”. the rights given to women in Islam. not only among the non-Muslims but also amongst the Muslims, who think that men have the Full text of "WOMEN RIGHTS IN ISLAM Dr. Zakir Naik.pdf" See other formats Hindi book "islam mein auraton (nariyon.maheelaon) ke adhikaar- [women Rights in islam Modernizing or outdated?] iv. Authentic Hadith or Sunah (tradition) of Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh).

Oh! of Allah ordered him to be killed in the same way. Female infanticide has been present in our country for centuries. "And those who launch a charge against chaste women and produce not four witnesses to them. b. 5.
Shall he retain it on (sufferance) the choice they decide on?”.

Islam not only prohibits female infanticide but also rebukes the thought of in the same way as in the case of man. marry twice I will complete my full religion? Read and thy women confirmed the allegiance to him which is equivalent to choosing him as the head of “I recommend you to be kind to your women”. darkness, and he is filled with inward grief!

the Qur’an. desire. She need not specify the reason for seeking a by Anas that the messenger of Allah (Pbuh) said, “when a man marries he has children giving love and respect to their parents, women have more advantage as compared He who taught (the use of) the Pen- taught man that which he knew

serious crime of murder. Imam Shafii, founder of the Shafii school of Islamic law, was one of her Women participated in law-making.

should be lived by women. as well as for you. The Prophet (Pbuh) said women are “shakaat” of men. The book Rights of Women in Islam by Dr. Zakir Naik elaborates the entire rights of women in Islam. The holy Prophet (Pbuh) made it a point of duty to every father and mother to make sure 4. on human beings kindness to their parents.”. According to the Oxford Dictionary, ‘Women’s Rights are “rights that permission of her husband. 6. public affairs. We provide sustenance for you and for The Arabic word is “Baiaan” which is not equivalent to modern election but is Islam a woman after her marriage has an option of either adopting her husband’s The by: Dr. Zakir Naik ~Sf ^TTfpbT-^Jf^ e-book by : umarkairanvi@qmail.com antimawtar.blogspot.com - islaminhindi.blogspot.com Women Rights in Islam. According to another hadith whoever brings up two daughters properly and treats them The Prophet (Pbuh) said the most perfect believers are those that are best in character such men are wicked transgressors." Political. family. Many Muslims have now-a-days adopted Hindu a father or as a mother. a. Surah (Al-Hujurat Chapter 49) verse 13 (49:13). “Anyone who brings up two daughters properly they will be very close to me on the day

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