wow cable channels not working

I changed the channel displayed during the scan with what they should be.. EI 108.607 --> 45.1 and I then looked up the station info manually. same exact problem. when you get home, rerun TV setup for Media Center and see if those choices are, offered for your zipcode. Yahoo ist Teil von Verizon Media. Fore the most part, gone are the days when you could plug in your cable into the back of the TV and get all the Cable Co's channels. No, I can olyy get clear QAM 200-208. is a simple way to pass this issue onto Microsoft, I would like to know. Tried the auto config and didn't show all 3 guide choices. With no guide listings, I cannot set anything to record on these channels. I will then try to.

I'm so glad this thread got started tho because I wouldn't have known you could remap channels. I can still record manually however I cannot get the channel guide. the hd channels and stuff. are you. I played around and finally figured it out. Zip is 44125.

Wasn't able to report it to your call-in service. Hope to hear back soon. Back in the 80's when "digital cable" was introduced here, I was one of the first to get it. No Luck.

Dies geschieht in Ihren Datenschutzeinstellungen. Is there a solution to this problem. then report back here. This is WOW Cable in the Detroit area, a tuner that has both analog and Digital capabilities, and Windows 7 Media Center tested on both Home and Professional. Hope maybe the steps might help someone else out with this problem. I then got the channel info. Correct, I can receive channels 21 thru 95. Starting at channel 21 is where my problem begins. Hey, could you explain in detail how you got it to work? I have no channel guide for these channels. Most. ok, so YOU have no problems receiving these channels other than no guide data to, look at. Why does it say ‘One Moment Please’ on some (or all) of my channels but the channel never comes in? what is your zipcode? Sounds like you got it. •

Because for some reason it was downloading Thanks for all the help. sign in and go to the Feedback menu on, the left column. I did update my Hauppauge driver... >I noticed that, WoW - Digital (44125) guide is correct. Ran a nd time and selected defaults and I got the guide back for the first 20 channels.. 70 channels missing the I changed the channel displayed during the scan with what they should be.. EI 108.607 --> 45.1 and I then looked up the station info manually. Medium TV Channels : Animal Planet: WOW!

Internet 1Gbps + Large Cable: Internet 1Gbps + Large Cable ; 1 Gbps Speed Cable Connection Contract (24 mths) ... Channel; WOW! are you saying that the channel line up is now correct?

Thanks for the extra tips on CEO is Steven Cochran. Glad to hear  you got it to work. My issue is exactly the same except I'm using wow in columbus, OH. I use the WOW box to view the guide them manually program Media What do U mean "DTA's"?

No guide for these. Have a good one. Thx. Medium TV Channels: A&E: WOW!

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