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"I took the decision that we will not finalize who will replace Jonas Folger for 2018 before at the earliest Buriram test," Poncharal said. Från säsongen 1999 har stallet jobbat med Yamaha Motor Racing först i 250GP och från säsongen 2001 i största klassen 500GP/MotoGP. All content copyright of MotoMatters.com unless otherwise stated. Submitted by David Emmett on Wed, 2018-01-24 22:15. I'm quite tall (6'2") so there might be a bit of adjusting to do ...... my body is riddled with arthritis so it's a bit hard to tuck in on the straights but if I use one of those strange pointy bicycle helmets they have in the Olympics I can streamline quite effectively. "There were some interesting names, honestly, but priority for me, the basis for me is that I will never take or enter into any kind of discussion with someone who has a contract. Beach? "Yamaha is helping, and Yamaha is sorry and they are sharing the weight on my shoulder. In races where anti-tobacco laws were in places (such as France and Germany) the Fortuna name was replaced with the "Spain's N°1" logo.. MotoGP. The deciders are here, but how are the contenders feeling? Moto2 — клас змагань на мотоциклах чемпіонату світу із шосейно-кільцевих мотоперегонів MotoGP.Був введений у 2010 році на заміну класу 250cc. Poncharal put the chances of having a rider in Sepang at "50/50", but whoever that test rider might be, they are unlikely to be the permanent replacement for Folger "unless they are faster than Márquez, than Rossi, than Zarco...", The Frenchman wants more time to make a better decision after discussing with everyone affected by Tech 3 having a different rider. Grand prix motorcycle racing. Big changes are afoot for Tech3 in 2020, the French team set to leave Moto2 and turns its attentions to Moto3 for the first time. Because also he will face the situation that he has nobody good enough to replace the guy that he lost. Herve Poncharal,šéf týmu Tech 3 Yamaha potvrdil zájem o jezdce Superbiků Jamese Toselanda. Maria Herrera ? "In an ideal world, the ideal profile would be a young Moto2 guy, this is clear," the Frenchman said. He also competed in the Superbike World Championship during the 2015 season with little success.

The decision is a logical consequence of KTM's recent announcement to withdraw from the intermediate class.

Because believe me, if this guy for one year could have had everything right, healthy and positive, the skill, the level, the talent of Jonas Folger, nobody knows. (Superprestigio winner) is a viable candidate! Sure Poncharal will work some magic for 2019 though i can see Tech 3 splitting with Yamaha, relationship has been frosty to say the least. Therefore, it is an honor to carry the Red Bull KTM flag to the ultra-competitive Moto3 class, which Tech3 has never entered before. I certainly liked what Josh Hayes had to say about J.D. But maybe if it had happened in two year's time, maybe Bo would be on the bike. ", That attitude is born not just from a sense of what is right, but also from self interest. ", "Our strategic change, which we decided over the last weekend, has a base coming from the long-term commitment we are having with the championship. It would be wrong to me. It is hard to envision a worse time to lose a rider for the season. Wikipedias text är tillgänglig under licensen. After 10 Grands Prix and 8 different winners, the 2020 World Championship still does not have a defined face. and MotoMatters.com is not associated with it. Mir: I don’t care about the others, pressure 'not a virus' Negativer Covid-19-Test: Rossi reist nach Valencia, MotoGP: Rossi Traveling To Spain Following Negative COVID-19 Test, Valentino Rossi è negativo: è già in volo per Valencia, Rossi may compete in European MotoGP round after negative home COVID test, The Irony Behind Yamaha's Punishment For Using An Illegal Engine Spec At Jerez, Luca Marini Interview: Stepping Out Of The Shadow, News Round Up: Whither 2020, A Possible 2021 Calendar, And Dovizioso And Lorenzo As Test Riders. My opinion of Hervé Poncharal just took a serous jump. If the goal of MotoAmerica is to feed American talent into the world stage, isn't this the opportunity to do it? Well done, sir. "You know us a little bit, once we have made our choice, that guy will be our rider, and we will give 100% of what we can to him to help him perform," Poncharal concluded. Från och med 2010 kör de även Moto2 klassen med en egenutvecklad motorcykel, Mistral 610. https://sv.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Tech_3&oldid=45275894, Creative Commons Erkännande-dela-lika 3.0 Unported. But honestly, even if I wasn't IRTA president, I would do the same.

For all you young'uns out there who think "Ima get mine no matter what", Hervé just demonstrated what integrity looks like. "Of course, if I do it [accept a rider who breaks an existing contract], then what example is that? My work contract runs out in mid March so I am readily available. Tech3 is a ‘factory supported’ team, so closely linked to KTM, and without a bike with which to compete in Moto2, the only solution is to move to the junior class, still with the Austrian bikes of course. They also enter the MotoE World Cup under the name Tech3 E-Racing.

", Being president of IRTA, the association of teams in Grand Prix racing, would make it even more difficult to break open the contract of a rider with another team, but Poncharal is insistent that his position had nothing to do with his decision. Yamaha Tech 3 berbasis di Prancis. So, now we need to rearrange in 2020 and the main mission is to find and convince the riders that have the profile to understand and match our program. The precautions only serve to protect the economic interests that motorcycling, like any other sport, represents.

A two-... At the end of a bad season in World SBK, the Spaniard will return to British Superbike for the newly-formed team of Faye Ho. Just a couple of things though. Tech 3 will run Yamaha's up to and including 2020. ", Poncharal has a busy schedule set for Sepang, with rider managers either already present or flying out to meet the Tech 3 boss to discuss the vacant seat. He ticks a lot of boxes: - has international experience having raced Superstock 1000 last year, - has MotoGP experience after filling in at Avintia Ducati a couple of seasons ago and impressively scoring points and suffering no crashes. That’s why we are truly proud to see that Tech3 is following and pushing for our idea and that we can create another Moto3 platform together in this environment. Because anyway, there will be a human adventure. Till säsongen 2019 avbröt Tech 3 sitt långvariga samarbete med Yamaha och gick över till KTM-motorcyklar i både MotoGP och Moto2.

Loňské vítězství zde obhajoval obhajovat Daniel Pedrosa ,který letos ještě nevyhrál.Před Velkou cenou Velké Británie si jezdci Repsol Hondy pochvalovali zlepšení současné osmistovky a … I can do Spanish at a pinch but it takes a little time to translate so Johann would be well past me anyway. It is a massive task, especially as Poncharal is refusing to break any contracts to take a rider. It's that sort of attitude that makes your team one of the most highly respected organisations. ... that you should judge riders by their results, not their last name. Speaking to people like Herve Poncharal of the Monster Tech 3 Yamaha team, Lucio Cecchinello of the LCR Honda team and Pete Benson of Repsol Honda - to name just a few - is always a fascinating and thought-provoking experience. The Tech 3 boss dismissed the idea out of hand that taking one of the Pata Yamaha WorldSBK riders would be an option.

Tech 3 (uttalas med fransk trea: trois) är ett franskt roadracingstall som tävlar i MotoGP.Teamchef är tidigare föraren Herve Poncharal.Från 2019 kör Tech3 med KTM-motorcyklar.. Tech 3 grundades 1990 och körde med Honda och Suzuki-maskiner i 250GP-VM.Från säsongen 1999 har stallet jobbat med Yamaha Motor Racing först i 250GP och från säsongen 2001 i största klassen 500GP/MotoGP.

Guys like Alex Lowes, Michael van der Mark, they have a strong contract and a strong program. Like a bolt from the blue, Havier Beltran’s team has issued a statement in which the divorce between the two parties was loudly announced. Probably didn't even get to see it last year as his illness would of been holding him back from racing at 100%. Jonas Folger's announcement that he was withdrawing from the 2018 MotoGP season to focus on his health was a hammer blow for the Monster Yamaha Tech 3 team. On a lighter note if you get stuck for a rider please feel free to contact me. When you *know* that you can advance yourself by screwing someone else and yet you choose *not* to do it, then you have demonstrated by your actions that you have a code that you live by, and that it's a code of integrity and honor. And I haven't done it and I will never do it.". Good luck in your hunt for a new rider (pick me, pick me). This will be a very strong base for young future talents and I’m really looking forward to this project, which we fully support. The guy we will take, hopefully will be a nice guy, and we will share some great moments, and maybe we could have a pleasant surprise. there are a couple who are in the smaller classes.

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