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Bridgette | DJ | Gwen | Leshawna | Owen | Geoff | Trent | Izzy | Katie | Sadie, Revenge of the Island She wants everybody else to love her, too. Beth likes that everyone is being nice to her. Alias

Friends/Allies Hair color Her pupils, while wearing her glasses, are depicted as blue instead of black. The boys at her school usually know she likes them because she'll follow them around like an orphaned puppy and make them poster sized homemade valentines with pictures of unicorns running down the beach.

-. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Origin Beth is angry at Owen for ruining her painting. Beth tells Courtney that she will take her out of the competition. Beth starts to become more and more annoyed by the bees. Beth, labeled The Wannabe, is a supporting character in Total Drama Island, the deuteragonist/secondary protagonist of Total Drama Action, and a minor character in Total Drama World Tour. Beth tells Harold that he did hypnotize someone. Sarah Gadon Beth was torn between Justin and Cody throughout TDC. Bridgette's and Beth's reaction to Courtney's ultimate dream doll house. Beth did not compete in Total Drama All-Stars. A scorpion pinches Beth's hand which makes Beth want to squish the scorpions. Beth tries to go to her cubby as fast as possible.

She received encouragement from Ezekiel on courting him, but it did not seem to go anywhere fast. Hanging out with her friends Spending quality time with Brady Beth tells Harold that he shouldn't give up and keep trying.

Beth tries to pick out Courtney's couch but is unable to find it. In Cluckwork Orange, Beth takes a liking towards an alligator from the petting zoo, even going into its mouth to check its teeth for cavities.

Her ponytail holder is orange instead of pink.

Shawn | Jasmine | Sky | Samey | Ella | Rodney, Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race Soon, she was making friends with Ezekiel and Eva, and drove a competitive edge in her game as well.

Beth is surprised by Duncan thinking that she's a genius. Beth wears a bee costume instead of the outfit her older self wears.

Beth takes Courtney's book away from her and makes it look like a pinata. She had her braces removed like in the official show (mostly because the author received many comments from readers that they couldn't understand her).

Beth becomes sad when Courtney accidentally destroys her doll house. Born and raised on a farm, Beth is a sweet girl who loves her Ma and Pa and they love her back even more. BridgetteCodyDuncanHaroldLeshawnaLindsay (Best friend)EzekielOwenBrady (boyfriend) Beth accidentally tells the kids that she stuck Courtney's couch up her nose.

Occupation When she went to a luxurious spa, she received high-quality dental care and had her bracers removed, which rid her of a very obvious lisp. Harold and Izzy find out that Beth got infected by an alien. Beth asks Chef why can't he just tell the lice to go away.

She is rather more self-centered, obnoxious and short-tempered. Beth tells Courtney that she stuck her couch up her nose.

Beth gets eliminated from the quiet game. Beth tells the kids that last night she saw a commercial for the everything horse. Beth, Cody, Leshawna and Harold sing a song about Christmas. Big Bertha has oodles of barn yard friends, so Beth tries to emulate Bertha's social skills, but they don't always translate to the human world. Beth tells Gwen that Slimey turned into a huge kid-eating slime monster.

The problem is, Beth knows how to bond with cows and chickens, but she doesn't know how to socialize with humans. Beth drinks water to make herself feel better. Beth splashes Lenny's water onto Duncan's face.

Powers/Skills It was more scary than, say, walking in on Heather when she's applying all the make-up! Interestingly, her eyes, when not wearing her glasses, are still depicted as simple black dots just like in the main series.

Beth and Leshawna start arguing with each other. Gender

After much consideration, she chose Justin. She and Cody would joke around and talk a lot, while Justin and Beth immediately clicked.

Contestant on Total Drama

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Don | Brody | Cadets (Sanders and MacArthur) | Best Friends (Devin and Carrie) | Sisters (Emma and Kitty) | Father and Son (Dwayne and Junior) | Goths (Ennui and Crimson) | Twins (Jay and Mickey) | Rockers (Spud and Rock) | Ryan | Kelly, Try to win the one million dollar prize money and go to France with her BFF (Best Friend Forever)., Beth is the only contestant to almost win a chance to return to a competition that she did not originally qualify for due to a competition held on the.

FriendlinessIntelligenceKnowledge about every other contestant (except Courtney) In the Zombie challenge, Colin shot her during a dispute. She was hesitant and shy, but took encouragement from friends; in a great sense of irony, even the campers started arguing who was best with her. Goals

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When the remaining campers were sent to Playa de Losers, Beth was reunited with Justin, and had to make the call between him and Cody. Beth, Chef, Duncan and Owen find a map that leads to Bigfoot's treasure. Beth asks MacArthur if she has any dogs with blonde fur.

Brown Try to win the one million dollar prize money and go to France with her BFF (Best Friend Forever) Lindsay (failed/succeeded)

Beth comes up with a plan as to how she can get on top of the desk.

She became incredibly popular at school for being on the famous reality show.

Beth asks Owen to tell Chef everything that he did in the morning. Beth starts freaking out over the dental hygienist. Beth was one of the later to arrive on the island, eager to be with her friends again and keep the anger towards Heather alive. For example, she is more prone to disgusting behavior such as picking her nose, farting and eating insects, she also appears to be more prone to anger such as pushing Izzy (Total DramaRama) into the cake when she finds out Izzy never promised them corner pieces. Beth puts ketchup and mustard on her cheeks.

Beth and Gwen fist pump after they hear Chef saying that he will lock down the doors.

The WannabeComplete Dud (by Courtney)Loser (by Duncan)Belle (by Lindsay)Ms. Nice Girl (by Leshawna)

Enemies In Free Chili, Juderecruits her to aid him in front Owen's chili dog whic… Beth's reaction when she sees an everything horse. Despite how things went down, Cody and Beth are still friends, and there is no anger between Cody and Justin (they actually were spared that since other people were fighting over the pairing). Things were bad when Heather had framed Cody and Beth almost took the blame for Harold's crippling. Beth is angry at Noah and Owen for making her eat spit. Beth being dressed in a bee costume is a reference to her older self's stereotype, "The Wanna. She had liked both of them for some time, and spent most of her time with Cody when both competed. Beth's objective in TDB was to make Justin nicer around others.

Full Name Beth spits the jelly beans out of her mouth and faints.

Beth starts begging for the everything horse. Beth tells Sewer Mike everything that's in her brain. Leshawna, Beth and Duncan decide to buddy up with Izzy. Beth thinks the first snowfall of the year means Harold getting his tongue stuck to a pole.

Beth and Izzy decide to make more slime monsters.

She's bursting with creativity. Beth tries to hatch Courtney's Extreme-a-Saurus. Izzy launches Beth before the latter finishes counting. In an effort to make friends, Beth constantly makes a fool of herself in front of the whole school, but is completely oblivious as to what she's doing wrong. Beth chooses Courtney to be her partner for partner playtime.

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