break in heart line palmistry

You can also watch the video about the broken head line to learn more. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The head line is practically missing altogether. Also, where the end of the break reaches (like to a mount) can give more clues. Sometimes the meaning of a broken heart line can change depending on where the break is on the line. Pick a card. (Fig 3), If your heart line ends below where the Mount of Jupiter (below the forefinger) joins the Mount of Saturn (below the middle finger), it indicates the purely true love. An emphasized heart line can be impulsiveness which may lead to mental exhaustion. In the image below, the break is at the start, depicting some changes or problems at an early age. More about the broken heart line in our Video lessons, A quick Psychic Tarot Reading for you here. The perfect example is the hand in the image below. This is called a false broken palm.

(See types of heart line here). The women … It also depicts how sentimental we are (or aren’t). These people prefer to make their decisions based on what they feel, not what they think.

She has strong opinions and is surprisingly cold-hearted considering her mental energy runs mainly through the heart line.

But mainly, it shows a disconnection on the emotional side. Whether you have a deep affection or not, your emotion is complicated or simple, if your love and marriage life go smoothly and whether you could have a good personal relationship can all be reflected from the line. Once split up with boy/girl friend, or marriage breaks down, you will get hurt seriously. A fork at the end of the heart line, with the lower section touching the head line, the individual prefers everything to run smoothly and avoid confrontations whenever possible. Can the Length of the Life Line Predict Longevity? Look at the quality of the line after the island. The thick line in palmistry means that a person rude, without soul tenderness. If it happens to have a break or more than one break in the line, it shows disruption to the flow of thought. Imagine the lines as energy, and if there is a disruption, the energy needs to come from somewhere else. If the break overlaps the second part of the line, it can be a time of change, especially …

If so, they kind of heal the line making it less severe. If there’s something missing, please let me know in the comments below. Some see the chained line as a sign of a fickle flirtatious or unfaithful lover. The women are mostly faithful to their love. Copyright © 2020 | WordPress Theme by MH Themes, Basic Reading for Questions Via Page Messenger, Life Guidance From the Palms and Fingerprints, Palmistry Lines Destiny Palmistry 2 eBook, Claim Your Power and Succeed in Everything, Succeed in Everything Claim Your Power book, Girdle of Venus Intensifies the Character - Destiny Palmistry, Code of Ethics in Palmistry and Tarot Reading, Achievement Lines and the Line of Ambition, Destiny Palmistry Blog, Books and Services, Palmistry Workshops in Brisbane Australia, Palmistry Video List to Learn Hand Analysis. Typically, the heart line begins on the side of the palm on the pinkie side. The person might have times in their life when they are indecisive.

These people might often feel like they are not emotionally connected and feel phases of unattachment.

It interrupts the main flow of current from the heart that suggests some major event, shock or incident have changed the person’s attitude or outlook towards life. However, and island on the head line is more often than not, merely a sign of defective memory. abrupt ending means break in that flow. The usual line is a crease which commences from the radial edge (thumb side) and travels at least halfway across the palm. It almost looks like a broken Simian line. A heavily chained line can suggest actual heart problems. September 17, 2018 destinypalmist Health Warnings in Palmistry, Heart Line types and meanings, Palmistry Blog and Palm Readings 1. For your love life, it’s also not smooth. If the chained appearance is only on the part of the line, it can represent a period of indecisiveness about their feelings. Learn how your comment data is processed. It stretches horizontally to somewhere around beneath the middle or index finger. Today I want to let you know about the broken head line. If you own such lines, your relationship usually has a lot of ups and downs. You can type whatever you’re looking for into the search field to learn about the palm lines and hand analysis. What Does Having Too Many Lines on Palm Indicate?

If the heart line is darker than the head line, and another line rises and merges into the heart line (or a branch from the line links to the heart line), it shows that passion or sentiment rules over rational thoughts. Sometimes it’s a sign of poor self-control. See it here, Subscribe to our channel, If you enjoyed reading this article, please share it with your friends. If a branch from the Heart line reaches past the life line, into the Mount of Mars, it suggests a  loss of a relationship.

In general, if your heart line is deep, clear, curved, unbroken, not mixed or disorderly and extends to the forefinger or between the forefinger and middle finger, you have a good love life and emotion. There may be a period in … The broken line that overlaps the second part of the line can be a sign of mental exhaustion, The chained heart line shows a nervous disposition emotionally. A broken heart line can manifest in difficulties expressing feelings or someone who is subject to mood swings or emotional stress.

marriage line goes down, crosses heart line and a little underneath headline. Ideally, it is slightly curved and free from islands, marks and variations. After receiving the first bad experience, the person is left alone or has a short love relationship. Bar lines depict obstacles in unions or restlessness. If you understand a little about palmistry, you might know that not everyone has the same type of heart line.

Only if your career line is clear without broken, you are fit to engage in speculation. It gives clues as to how you think and manage (mentally).

Take note if the condition of the line (thin, thick, stars, dots or islands) after the break to see if the possible problem has or will be overcome. The little bit of line that is there, has a large break. How Many Marriages Will You Have in Life? By young, I mean up to the age of 21 or so (approximate).

(Fig 1), If your heart line is very long which extends to the edge of the palm from both side (as in the picture shows), it indicates you are too straightforward, would rather break than bend. In career, you could get success although you undergo a lot of hardships. See example – One and two are dropping lines, three and four are rising. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

If your heart line is very long which extends to the edge of the palm from both side (as in the picture shows), it indicates you are too straightforward, would rather break than bend. The main issue with the interrupted line is that it can produce a lack of concentration or an inferior memory.

If a part of the heart line touches the life line, like a branch or line connecting the two, it can be due to a secure connection with the parents.

It can show whether you are struggling or sailing along smoothly and how you make decisions. If in the middle of the line, If there are islands on the other lines, it is rarely an encouraging sign to see.

It … It’s important to check the other lines and marks for clues. Sometimes it’s a sign of poor self-control. Heart on the line gap is interpreted as heartache or love relationship. What I mean by that is the person might have strong feelings one minute, and the next, they feel different, (or disconnected). This line is one of the most significant on the palm because it reveals a great deal about the essence of you. If there are drooping lines along its entire length, it can indicate a sense of failure or negative thinking with regards relationships or the fact that they may be restless or hypersensitive, possibly even prone to depression. It shows you are responsible, good - hearted, friendship weight and popular among friends. So, there are twists and turns with your love relationship or marriage life. The main issue with the interrupted line is that it can produce a lack of concentration or an inferior memory.

A heart line in palmistry shows how we feel, or shows our emotions. Not everyone has the perfectly formed regular lines on the hand, and sometimes it is broken or an unusual shape. For example, they might have previously been a hopeless romantic, but not anymore. In love aspect, the man is usually romantic and henpecked.

You usually give others an uneasy feeling because you don't dare to chase and express your love feelings.

It also depicts how sentimental we are (or aren’t).

Only if your career line is clear without broken, you are fit to engage in speculation. They are approximate ones. Sometimes the chained look is brought about by mineral deficiencies in the diet. The person might have times in their life when they are indecisive. The attached life line to the head line shows some insecurity related to family. ● Another situation is that the heart line and head line has two points after intersection. If the line breaks repeatedly, it shows a lack of stability in the mind.

, Fish Symbol Meaning in Indian Palm Reading. The end of the head line reaches towards the heart line which is not complete. A smooth and long curved line would suggest effortless emotional thinking and someone sentimental. head line is like a river of mental flow, flow of thought process. It indicates abundance of love, great dreams and high expectations. The branch lines almost always taper at the end.

I have seen on a few occasions whereby the break is at the start of the line near under the pinkie.

It can be a sign of worry, uncertainty, illness, depression, loss of memory or merely a period of fatigue which alters the ability to think clearly.

In love aspect, the man is usually romantic and henpecked. Drooping branches show insecurity or disappointments, poor quality relationships or losses. Broken heart line as shown indicates serious breakdown in love or health problems. In career, you could get success although you undergo a lot of hardships. (See types of heart line here).

Thus, you are easy to be ostracized by the people around and become lonely. inconsistent thinking, or a transformation in life attitude (mental outlook).

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