garrett gt28 turbo specs

PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: * Compressor Wheel Inducer: 47.7mm * Compressor Wheel Exducer: 60.1mm * Turbine Wheel Inducer: 52.9mm * Turbine Wheel Exducer: 46.3mm Applicable Garrett P/N's: 431876-5126.

It works well with 1400cc to 2200cc engines and will also be a good turbo if you only are looking for 170 HP. The OE part number differs from the IAM part number in 2 areas. Band new Garrett Dual Ball Bearing GT28R turbo assembly Your choice of turbine housing & A/R. It also guides you to the nearest distributors who you can contact to refine your selection. Please NOTE: The standard configuration (off the shelf and out of the box) GT28RS turbo, is pre-assembled with the standard T25 flanged turbine housing, which is internally gated, and the 5 bolt GT28 style discharge. A standard Aftermarket (IAM) part number always begins with “5” after the dash. This list is very long. OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer

*Marketing communications refers to communications about offerings, news and events, surveys, special offers, and related topics via telephone, email, and other forms of electronic communication (e.g., communications through social media platforms). IAM (Independent After Market) I'm using it on an 82 CID V-Twin motorcycle. We do the math and sort the turbochargers to find you the best turbo that meets your needs. I see turbines for sale from different sellers on aliexpress and ebay also. 48V Electric Compressor for Mild Hybrid Vehicles, Hello, Your privacy is important to us. The GT series turbos are stronger, more reliable, less shaft movement, better flow dynamics, less lag..the list goes on. So if you had an Ford, Volvo or BMW the amount of power you could get would have been in the 150hp range and in some extreme cases 250hp.

With the introduction of turbochargers however the power suddenly increased to levels that are still uncommon in today’s cars. We apologise but this page is not available in your selected language, .Please go back and choose a different language to view the content.We apologise for the inconvenience. Hello mihai.anton, the restrictor size depends on how high the engine oil pressure is on your engine. I’m talking about safety and racing safety gear.

And back in the 80s only a few racing breed turbo engines would give you that. – The turbo is distributed by the Garrett Distributor Network (see website for details).

The best part – the Garrett® Boost Adviser is FREE, and compatible with mobile and desktop devices!

Davon 10 Jahre in der Königsklasse des Motorsports! But most of the time they don’t buy racing seats because of the added safety. LOOK FORWARD TO BUYING MORE. (For example: 721021-5006S), The OES part number differs from the IAM part number only in that it does not have the “S” at the end. However unlike the more modern GT2860RS turbo the TB2815 turbo use journal bearings, so it will spool slower due to that. The GT25 turbo is a newer and more efficient design than the old T series, so they spool up quicker and being ball bearing the GT’s are more reliable and they are also the smallest dual ball bearing turbo in Garrett’s GT range where as the smaller units like the GT22 are only single ball bearing. The Garrett GT2854R Turbocharger is the smallest Garrett turbo in the GT28 Family. Schon ab 100 € Einkauffrei Hausinnerhalb Deutschlands, Du hast Fragen? Garrett GT28rs aka “The Disco Potato” Posted on 28 July 2011 by admin. This is the long shaft version. can contact them and ask if it's correct but also make sure the CHRA P/N: and TURBO P/N: are the same for your turbo. You can find aftermarket turbine shafts for sale. The OE part number differs from the IAM part number in 2 areas. Back then you could not just go into a racing store and buy yourself a set of forged pistons and connecting rods. Follow the journey of your preference, for more relevant information, who needs to replace the turbo. Super quick responding turbo for 4 Cyl applications. Garrett T Series was the original turbo designation beginning in the 50s. If you look close at the picture below you can count 11 blades on the turbine wheel. Code Catalog by Gasket Kits Catalog by OEM Part Number Gaskets Where used Most of the time people come to the track without real racing helmets and if it’s street racing that’s taking place, no one seems to bother wearing any kind of racing helmets at all. Himni Racing, Turbocharger, Turbo, Garrett, Turbo Kit, GReddy, Mazda RX-7, HKS, Apexi, TiAL, TurboXS, TurboSmart, Flange, Turbonetics, Exhaust, Intercooler, ACT, Intake Garrett GT28R Ball Bearing Turbo - GT2560R (330 HP) [466541 , 707160] - Garrett GT28R Turbo (aka GT2560R ) This turbo can support up to 330 HP. – Turbo model Powered by.

A standard Garrett part number consists of 6 digits before the dash and 4 digits after the dash, followed by “S”. And with the ball bearing GT2860RS turbo it would spool up around 500rpm sooner and support a bit more power due to the modern compressor wheel design. The GT2854R looks similar to the GT2554R also because they are very similar turbos and share almost all parts. - Sheryl P. CasulA, Australia...Read More ->, HR Transition Adapter 3" V-band Flange To 60mm - Stainless Steel, GT25, GT28R, GT28RS, T25, T28 Exit Flange - Internal Wastegate, Garrett GT3071R-WG Ball Bearing Turbo - 84 Trim (450 HP), -10 AN / 5/8" Silicone Oil Return Line (High Heat), GT Turbo Oil Return Adapter Flange & Gasket (GT15 - GT35R), T25, T28, GT25, GT28 5 Bolt Turbo Downpipe Discharge Gasket, Compressor INLET Adapter Flange 3" RACE - GT28R GT2860R, Compressor INLET Adapter Flange 2.5"- GT28R GT2860R, Oil Drain / Return Fitting (1/2" NPT to 5/8" Barb), Compressor OUTLET 3-Bolt Adapter Flange - GT25R GT28R GT28RS, T25/T28/GT25/GT28 Turbo/Manifold Inlet Flange - Stainless Steel, Water / Coolant Line Fitting Kit FOR GT28RS/GT2871R, GT Oil Feed Fitting w/ Restrictor : -4 an GT BB Turbos, Oil Drain / Return Fitting (1/2" NPT 45 Degree to 5/8" Barb), T25 Inlet Gasket (T28, GT25R, GT28R, GT28RS, GT2871R, Etc), Himni Transition Adapter- 3" Round to Oval - Stainless, HR GT Turbo Water / Oil Installation Kit : GT25R - GT35R, HR IS SHIPPING EVERYDAY DURING THIS NEW COVID-19 WORLD ORDER. They want you to buy a new whole cartridge instead. Well you still might have to do that today, and serious race teams do spend alot of money to get the electrical side working right.

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