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Stealing her control staff, they set out aboard a ship into space in hopes of finding worthy allies on another world. Edmund Burton |

Brains | They swore to never destroy any planet with life and protecting them. If you alse build a thornmail i'm pretty sure that warmog is "over kill" since you will get 0 damage so don't need to get heal. After Optimus Prime freed from Quintessa's mind control,. Don't forget Void. In the lobby, at the bottom-left corner, tap the Guardian option -> select a guardian -> tap the level up button next to the level bar. Foundation He literally would only be killed by redbuff or morello, and even then it would take that a long time (20s of full application of morello withouth any interruption or 40s of redbuff) and he would still throw back a crazy amount of damage to anyone auto attacking him. Later, when he forms in the present day, Skullitron had been taken out by the Transformers Reaction Force and two other Knights have been killed by Optimus Prime while as Nemesis Prime. Quintessa (Formerly as the knights betrayed her for her deception)Stormraign (Currently) Soon afterwards, the Knights once again formed Dragonstorm to fly alongside the Autobot ship towards their nearby homeworld. Though this knight was shot down by the TRF, he succeeded in giving a talisman to Cade Yeager. Later, when Dragonstorm forms in the present day, Skullitron and at least two other Knights might have already died. Stealing her control staff, they set out aboard a ship into space in hopes of finding worthy allies on another world. Submit Here. Dutch | 0. So let’s get started! Dragon Knight Shapira. Guardians Knights Guardians List: – Tap the side menu button in the lobby -> Illustration -> Guardian -> here you can check the complete list of Guardians featured in the Guardians Knights Game. And, the second method is by using the potions.

Slog | Hold down on the item to get its details; where to obtain! En-route, the Autobots were unimpressed with the Knights' intimidating appearances; Hound called them "wusses", though Drift stated they were "mean looking". During the Knights of the Round Table

Guardians, as well as enemies, are tagged with one of the elements; fire, water, light, dark, and forest. The allied humans, Autobots, and Knights emerged victorious, stopping Cybertron from consuming Earth's energy and forcing Quintessa and the Decepticons to flee. The Knights soon recovered themselves and came outside. Arcee | Mirage | Other than this, you can merge the Guardians, use the elemental summon method for better quality/grade guardians. It recovers gradually as the battle progresses. Stormreign and Skullitron are only recognizable because their appearances in the film share similarities with their respective toys. And, each class specifies the role in the combat. 12M DL Campaign - Free 4* Servant Ticket Guid... 12 Million Download Servant Exchange Fluff! Jazz | IaconCybertron (Formerly)Earth (Currently)

Doctor Powell | The Guardian Knights are a group of 12 Transformer knights that appear in Transformers: The Last Knight. There is a challenge mode where you can grind elemental stones, equipment, summon tickets, and gold. So focus on the high tier guardians – U or S Rank. (if you play against void you lose anyway, same for morello/redbuff), Braum and leona no longer get the effects of the guardian buff, They do, they just do not buff themselves. To raise the skill level, you need skill level up material – same grade guardian or the same grade skill stone. William Lennox | symbol to check the missions that you need to complete for 3-stars. Protect the staff from Quintessa. In Dark Ages England, they made contact with a native, Merlin, who promised to keep their existence a secret. And, then spend the coins to confirm. Guardian Knights Thanks to the efforts of the Order of the Witwiccans, Dragonstorm was misbelieved to merely be the exaggerated story of a catapult. If you are a fan of this game, then you probably already checked out the game guide that we have for you, otherwise you should definitely do it!

User ID: 134…, SALUTATIONS! Go to the adventure mode screen -> expedition(bottom-right corner) -> select the zone – dispatch the team. Optimus Prime | Heroic Organization

Dynasty of Primes | The items all teach new skill-type abilities; with the Dynamic Emoticons being usable anywhere, and the Social Actions being usable only on your Guardian Knight partner. Glen Whitmann | They can become companions by executing a contract which solidifies their bond of friendship.

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