is chasing monsters staged

I need them to deal with all of the real stuff that happens in this world, like mermaids and little green men and chupacabrahs. They should live in a gerbil ball.It took me 3 seconds in to know it was entertainment only. ?A smart woman surrounded by goofs,she looks a real goer.

Id feel a lot safer with wild Bill being head of security rather than Huckleberry. Austin C. Baker is a writer and critic from Plymouth, Indiana.

As with most reality shows nowadays, it's hard to tell which elements of Mountain Monsters are real and which ones are fake. . It's fake but it's funny that's all I have to say. Company of Angels accepts original material for first-run production and fosters staged readings and workshops on a regular basis.

Big Rhodey.

I. I agree you don't want to kill the animal and you don't want to be killed either. The team still never leaves West Virginia. While there are quite a few reality TV series that are staged, we can tell you that “Mountain Men” is the real thing. All that ripping and roaring around... it would serve them right for something real to be out there and make them all shit their pants.

Thanks for the info.

Simply speaking....FAKE!

The one show I watched wanted you to think they were in an barn with a wild cat type animal and it pushed a dead goat down in front of them from the 2nd floor. But my wife could see it vividly.

If its that big, wouldnt it make a racket running through the woods? General tickets are $20 and can be purchased through the Son of Semele Theater website:

On final night, if Trapper placed a man near the trap with a powerful tranquilizer gun the team would have much better luck. After several days of 100 mph winds and 80+ ft waves, when the hurricane finally passed, it left the ocean as flat as glass. Aren't we supposed to be lights to this world? He has a bachelor's degree in environmental engineering and a master's degree in communication research (with a focus on science, health, and the environment) from Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. When that didn't work, they reluctantly returned to their original format for season four. 95% of the ocean is UNDISCOVERED. Bigfoot does not exist because there would be evidence left behind–hair, feces, bones, kills, offspring, a carcass–if it did. .however as episodes go by a realized how fake and set up this all is ..same nonsense each week now not even going to bother with it any more..unless they do the Lochness monster in Scotland where I Livekev in Edinburgh.

1 hour ago — Chelsea Harvey and E&E News, 2 hours ago — Matthew W. Johnson and David B. Yaden | Opinion, 6 hours ago — Jeffery DelViscio and Timothy Weaver. However, as your intelligent son how fake is mountain monsters for us, it has BAD pas and can be a ne to xx. The fact that I put the fish back into the water conveys a very strong message, which most of the audience instinctively understand. After achieving a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Webster University, Cyril started his career as an agent for a sport-fishing tour operator, he worked as a freelance journalist for fishing magazines and even became a sport fishing guide.

I don't know how Willy chooses what trap to use but he doesn't pick very wisely and when he does he doesn't make it strong enough. Julie Andrews Talks About Kissing Carol Burnett on KELLY CLARKSON, Kerry Washington Reveals How She Talks to Her Kids About Politics, Kristin Chenoweth Breaks Into Song on THE KELLY CLARKSON SHOW, Sondheim Surprises Composer With Dementia After His Song Goes Viral, Young Artists Unite to Sing 'Joy to the Polls', Leslie Odom Jr.

I'm sure any real farmer would want to put a stop to that ASAP. And I saw stuff in that ocean that should NOT have been there - things that were longer than the distance between two of the ship's main davits (i.e., over 60' long) and which did not look like anything in any of the books.

2. The way those men expedition firearms is xx than a arrondissement of pas playing with pas. !Remember everyone thought jackalopes were fake till the mounted heads started showing up. With around 100 episodes produced in several languages, the charismatic “globetrotter angler” has been chasing, catching and releasing the world’s most colossal, dangerous and bizarre underwater creatures. Among other things, the language is horrendous. Bow out now and go back and do the research that I suggested you complete earlier.

In reality, the fish that Wade catches are relatively ambivalent towards humans, and cause fewer deaths than man’s best friend. Legend of the Hairy Beast (5.) I was NOT implying I believe every creature on the show exists. Not even people that have lived in these areas all of their lives have never heard or seen these things. Take it as it is. Ha! You are just as stupid as they are.

The next episode of the show featured the AIMS team visiting Trapper in the hospital, where he gave them advice on how to track their current monster of the week. There is mega long lectures on Transhumanism and Transanimals it's happening people. Particularly I am addicted to your show River Monsters. First off after watching this show more I fully agree with you it is all probably fake.

If you haven't had the pleasure of viewing Mountain Monsters yet, do yourself a favor and sit down and watch an episode. Still think a freak hybrid is CRAAAAAAZY? I don’t want to see mermaids garner the same kind of attention that real, amazing animals do.

Buncha corn fed hillbillies got ahold of a tainted mason jar of moonshine and went boogeyman chasin.

The thing that bothers me is they try to make you think that it is actually real.

I would think that people the world over and scientists and hunters, and hell, even NASA would all be there scouring all these counties that are infested with horrible scary monsters. Want to know a secret?

Release year: 2016. Seems strange to me that there are versions all over the world & we are supposed to be the smart ones. If this gets posted 3 times it's because when I pushed publish nothing happened. A man travels around the vast wilderness hunting various animals. So it was trying to scare us back to the car.

As the series got more popular and producers looked to stretch seasons to longer lengths, they decided to expand their horizons and have the team investigate creatures from all over the South and Midwest. “Sometimes I wondered if it was real or fake.

I stopped watching it and I actually saved a few of mine.

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