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Film Deaths Edit. Lisa Santo, 58 Sleepy Hollow, NY. She wears a blue dress and she lets her hair down. Full Cast & Crew: Sleepy Hollow (1999) Cast (45) Johnny Depp. Mars Attacks!

During a visit to see their wife and mother's grave.

Species */ setTimeout(function () { jQuery(".bwg_slider_0").css({ transition: 'all ' + bwg_transition_duration_0 + 'ms ease-in-out', transform: 'translateZ(-' + tz + 'px) rotateX('+ wrx +'deg) rotateY('+ wry +'deg)' }); }, 20); /* After transition. Director Tim Burton unleashes MARS ATTACKS!, a vicious, affectionate, brightly-colored homage to 1950s alien invasion movies. */ function bwg_fallback_0(current_image_class, next_image_class, direction) { bwg_fade_0(current_image_class, next_image_class, direction); } /* For browsers that support transitions, but not 3d transforms (only used if primary transition makes use of 3d-transforms).

When Ed Wood pulls together his ragtag band, including has-been horror star Be... Married to a man who underestimates her, Alice lives an empty, comfortable life between exclusive boutiques, massage parlours and gossip at the hairdresser’s. Jerry and his daughters Melanie and Barbra are going to experience a night they will never forget. Ichabod's mother is sweet and playful and she loves her son, playing with him and showing him her witchcrafts. */ current_key = jQuery(".bwg_slideshow_thumb_active_0").children("img").attr("image_key"); } else if (current_key == '-2') { /* Dots. Lisa Marie Name: Lisa Marie Origin: Piscataway, New Jersey Date of Birth: December 5, 1968 Date of Death: Occupation(s): Actress/model Character(s): Maila Nurmi Martian Girl Lady Crane Nova IMDb Profile Lisa Marie is an American actress and model. */ var cur_img = jQuery(current_image_class).find('img'); /* Create a grid to hold the gridlets. */ function bwg_set_filmstrip_pos_0(filmStripWidth) { var selectedImagePos = -bwg_current_filmstrip_pos_0 - (jQuery(".bwg_slideshow_filmstrip_thumbnail_0").width() + 2) / 2; var imagesContainerLeft = Math.min(0, Math.max(filmStripWidth - jQuery(".bwg_slideshow_filmstrip_thumbnails_0").width(), selectedImagePos + filmStripWidth / 2)); jQuery(".bwg_slideshow_filmstrip_thumbnails_0").animate({ left: imagesContainerLeft }, { duration: 500, complete: function () { bwg_filmstrip_arrows_0(); } }); } function bwg_move_filmstrip_0() { var image_left = jQuery(".bwg_slideshow_thumb_active_0").position().left; var image_right = jQuery(".bwg_slideshow_thumb_active_0").position().left + jQuery(".bwg_slideshow_thumb_active_0").outerWidth(true); var bwg_filmstrip_width = jQuery(".bwg_slideshow_filmstrip_0").outerWidth(true); var bwg_filmstrip_thumbnails_width = jQuery(".bwg_slideshow_filmstrip_thumbnails_0").outerWidth(true); var long_filmstrip_cont_left = jQuery(".bwg_slideshow_filmstrip_thumbnails_0").position().left; var long_filmstrip_cont_right = Math.abs(jQuery(".bwg_slideshow_filmstrip_thumbnails_0").position().left) + bwg_filmstrip_width; if (bwg_filmstrip_width > bwg_filmstrip_thumbnails_width) { return; } if (image_left < Math.abs(long_filmstrip_cont_left)) { jQuery(".bwg_slideshow_filmstrip_thumbnails_0").animate({ left: -image_left }, { duration: 500, complete: function () { bwg_filmstrip_arrows_0(); } }); } else if (image_right > long_filmstrip_cont_right) { jQuery(".bwg_slideshow_filmstrip_thumbnails_0").animate({ left: -(image_right - bwg_filmstrip_width) }, { duration: 500, complete: function () { bwg_filmstrip_arrows_0(); } }); } } function bwg_move_dots_0() { var image_left = jQuery(".bwg_slideshow_dots_active_0").position().left; var image_right = jQuery(".bwg_slideshow_dots_active_0").position().left + jQuery(".bwg_slideshow_dots_active_0").outerWidth(true); var bwg_dots_width = jQuery(".bwg_slideshow_dots_container_0").outerWidth(true); var bwg_dots_thumbnails_width = jQuery(".bwg_slideshow_dots_thumbnails_0").outerWidth(false); var long_filmstrip_cont_left = jQuery(".bwg_slideshow_dots_thumbnails_0").position().left; var long_filmstrip_cont_right = Math.abs(jQuery(".bwg_slideshow_dots_thumbnails_0").position().left) + bwg_dots_width; if (bwg_dots_width > bwg_dots_thumbnails_width) { return; } if (image_left < Math.abs(long_filmstrip_cont_left)) { jQuery(".bwg_slideshow_dots_thumbnails_0").animate({ left: -image_left }, { duration: 500, complete: function () { } }); } else if (image_right > long_filmstrip_cont_right) { jQuery(".bwg_slideshow_dots_thumbnails_0").animate({ left: -(image_right - bwg_dots_width) }, { duration: 500, complete: function () { } }); } } /* Show/hide filmstrip arrows. */ if (newRowRemainder > 0) { add = newRowRemainder >= rowAdd ? */ if (!bwg_testBrowser_cssTransitions_0()) { return bwg_fallback_0(current_image_class, next_image_class, direction); } if (!bwg_testBrowser_cssTransforms3d_0()) { return bwg_fallback3d_0(current_image_class, next_image_class, direction); } bwg_trans_in_progress_0 = true; /* Set active thumbnail. When he finds out his wife's magical draw (used to protect her beloved son Ichabod) he gets furious and the poor woman is separated from her son and she's horribily killed by Lord Crane with an iron maiden. contWidth : tx; tx = tx === 'min-auto' ? */ jQuery("#bwg_slideshow_play_pause_0").on(bwg_click, function () { if (jQuery(".bwg_ctrl_btn_0").hasClass("fa-play")) { bwg_play_0(); jQuery(".bwg_slideshow_play_pause_0").attr("title", "Pause"); jQuery(".bwg_slideshow_play_pause_0").attr("class", "bwg_ctrl_btn_0 bwg_slideshow_play_pause_0 fa fa-pause"); if (0) { document.getElementById("bwg_audio_0").play(); } } else { /* Pause.

evt.detail*(-40) : evt.wheelDelta; /* Check for detail first, because it is used by Opera and FF. The Beat Nicks are musician Nick Nero and poet Nick Beat, a pair of self-styled truth-seekers who'd better find a gig or they'll be out on the street.

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Lady Crane Personality and appearance [edit | edit source] Lady Crane is a brunette, tall and pretty lady. Dark "DOMMouseScroll" : "mousewheel"; /* FF doesn't recognize mousewheel as of FF3.x */ jQuery('.bwg_slideshow_filmstrip_0').bind(mousewheelevt, function(e) { var evt = window.event || e; /* Equalize event object.

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According to a Boston Herald article, they claimed to have bonded over mutually witnessing two UFO sightings in California. 'touchend' : 'click'; bwg_popup_resize_0(); jQuery("#bwg_container1_0").css({visibility: 'visible'}); jQuery(".bwg_slideshow_watermark_0").css({display: 'none'}); jQuery(".bwg_slideshow_title_text_0").css({display: 'none'}); jQuery(".bwg_slideshow_description_text_0").css({display: 'none'}); setTimeout(function () { bwg_change_watermark_container_0(); }, 500); /* Set image container height. */ window.setTimeout(function(){ if (jQuery(".bwg_slideshow_filmstrip_thumbnails_0").position().left == 0) { jQuery(".bwg_slideshow_filmstrip_left_0").css({opacity: 0.3, filter: "Alpha(opacity=30)"}); } }, 500); }); /* Set filmstrip initial position.

Year: 1999 In reproach,... Based on true events, a movie about the two doctors who created breast implants as it follows them over the years. Crane's house This is Me - Control Profile. Her corpse is later discovered by the innocent Ichabod.

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