nameless ~the one thing you must recall walkthrough

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on Otome Game Database & User Reviews, Started by sakurasan For anyone who needs more information on the themes I mentioned being troubling: Several of the boys get possessive of Eri in a way that's intended to, I believe, come across as cute and romantic. Lance is the first doll that Eri got, and is the only one who knew her grandfather. The "harem" situation is fairly common in anime and manga, though it's usually a male protagonist surrounded by a bevvy of willing women, and Nameless could have gotten creepy in a hurry. In Soi's own words, "Friendship triumphs love! Make no mistake, Nameless is a long, long game, and it might take you an hour of reading before you even hit the animated title sequence. Be warned that many of the bad endings are seriously dark, some to such a degree as to feel at odds with the rest of the content, so tread carefully if you have any serious triggers.

Yuri: Bad End 4 “Second Choice” Other Nameless ~the one thing you must recall~ Guides Yeonho Guide; Lance Guide; Tei Guide; Red Guide; Secret Endings Guide I bought an Otome game called "Nameless: the one thing you must recall". 24 comments: Unknown November 5, 2015 at 4:11 AM. Get the full version (Steam) It isn't until the end of the first chapter that you'll be able to start making choices that impact the story... just click to choose whichever one you like, and remember you can save and load at any time. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. When she talks about how happy she is just to be able to tell a restaurant she'll take extra to go for her family, something she hasn't been able to do since her grandfather died, it's more than a little heartbreaking. Lance has long, straight silver hair along with a full fringe and ice-blue eyes. ]. In fact, she's actually blamed for some of the worst behaviour because of something she did when she was a little girl. :), Just wanted to belatedly say thanks, Dora, I've been playing Nameless with increasing fascination over the last few weeks. Login with username, password and session length, Otome Game Walkthroughs, Help and Requests, [Walkthrough] Nameless - The one thing you must Recall, `___ __ 5 _____ 17 _____` ________ ______ ______, « [Walkthrough/Tips] Dandelion- Wishes Brought To You, [Walkthrough] ~ Yo-Jin-Bo ~ The Bodyguards », Re: [Walkthrough] Nameless - The one thing you must Recall, Quote from: Pinkeverlasting on December 30, 2014, 12:15:38 AM, Quote from: Marie on January 01, 2015, 12:24:52 PM, Quote from: Tabymarie on March 09, 2015, 12:06:43 AM, Quote from: Remy911 on April 09, 2015, 09:10:26 AM, Nameless ~The one Thing You Must Recall~ [PAID], [Release] Psychedelica of The Black Butterfly for PS Vita, [Release] The Pretender's Guild for Windows, Mac & Linux, [Release] Let's Not Stay Friends for Steam, SimplePortal 2.3.6 © 2008-2014, SimplePortal. is a leading Flash and Online game review site. Quicksave before the card game in case you need to try again. While many otome/dating simulation visual novels tend to develop "ghost town" syndrome where you see little to no characters beyond the main cast, Nameless feels like you're in a much more developed world, from Eri's friends Soi and Shinbi to the numerous students who pepper the classes and other places with chatter.

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