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The damage increases by 8% for every status effect cast on the enemies. Takes all dispellable status ailments from all allies and randomly casts them on all enemies. That is 4 per ally, Lady loki herself is not included.). Lady Loki will take all the dispellable status effects off herself and her allies and then cast them randomly on to the enemy team. Shes the inverse Mad Hatter. The flankers (Gravemaker and Vela) are Fast and Very fast. Its not eliminating them? Dispels status ailments from all allies, Target and nearby enemies receive 869 damage over 4 turns, starting low and increasing with every turn.

Element Users may opt out of personalized advertising by visiting Ads Settings. Lady Loki is included in debuffing all allies. It takes more out of your team and places some level of burden on the player to I let them fire an additional special at me or shoot now?

(To hit the 278% damage cap will require you to transfer 16 status ailments. Defense Given the prevalence of GTV (Gravemaker, telluria, vela) combo, how well does Lady Loki do? And having both charged up at the same time gives you a lot of flexibility in deciding just how many of the enemy ailments you want to throw back and which you want to block (whilst mini healing). Legendary. Deals additional 8% damage per transferred status ailment, up to 278% damage in total. Definitely not recommended – there are many other Fire heroes that can be placed on your defending team. All rights reserved, Third party vendors, including Google, use cookies to serve ads based on a user's prior visits to your website or other websites. for ailments that arent health related (defense down, offense down, bind..etc) it becomes more versatile as those tend to be the loger ailments anyway. Moonlight Serenade

I have used her and I absolutely love her.

Trademarks are the property of their respective owners. (especially if it is water damage or fire damage). Lady Loki is a generic red hero in this aspect (for tile damage), Titan – BOffence – A+Defence Tank – CDefence Flank – BDefence Wing – CDefense Overall – C Tournaments Rush Attack – ATournaments Buff Booster – CTournaments Bloody Attack – BOverall B, Breaking the GTV wall is gonna be a rough expectation to heave on Lady Loki.

I have given Lady Loki an overall grade of A+ because of her dominant attack special skill - even though she has just a B for titans and B+ on defense.


Also deciding to pair her with Hatter sounds interesting. Health

Given their prevalence in the defense team (as of now), it is quite realistic to assume that Lady Loki will be able to dispel at least 1.5 status ailments per ally on activation of her special (7-8). Lady Loki works well on both attack and defense. She may not be as powerful as Skadi in this regard, but it still is a very heavy AoE damage - starting at 170% and then potentially going as high as 298%. No, Tis a similar problem to Myztero. Average 805 (391) Sorcerer.

I am lucky that I also have Grazul, so what often happens is Grazul is able to take the first GM/JF/Vela/Tel volley and by the time they charge up a second time LL is ready to go. Class. In all honesty, that combination is really quite annoying to break, and Lady Loki’s special might have just enough firepower.

will you be able to wait for average speed and a couple of status ailments have fired?

I don't think you'll see her much on defense, since as you say, her special requires some skill and timing to use to its full effect. Empires and Puzzles Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community.

Hero Type Is Lady Loki worth rings? Mana Speed The comments regarding Lady Loki have been mixed. At 182% damage + status ailments afflicted on to enemy heroes + average speed is already quite good for a special skill. The random hitting is so slight I dont get much value from it. Most important for Lady Loki is to stay alive so her powerful status effect skill can not only be used, but also timed for greatest effect. Pirates

This is why going a defense-health path for emblems could also help. Now where she may shine is facing long slow damage like say 4 to 6 poison. I have found something similar. 7 thoughts on “ Empires & Puzzles – Lady Loki ” Pingback: Empires & Puzzles Beta Heroes: Update May2020 - NEW HOTM added. Target and nearby enemies receive 869 damage over 4 turns, starting low and increasing with every turn

Maxed Stats )Third party vendors, including Google, use cookies to serve ads based on a user's prior visits to your website or other websites.

TLK914 says: 25, July, 2020 at 8:50 am Breaking the GTV wall is gonna be a rough expectation to heave on Lady Loki. 1,231 (598)

Effect 2

I hear what you're saying.

Since there is already a comprehensive list out there, you may refer to it yourself.

Family. THE Choice betwen who gets rings, Ladly L or Marjana is definitely one to ponder.

Read more about setting up your teams for offensive raids here. Lady of Corellia

A third status ailment cure + Damage dealer is ALWAYS welcome. Ultimate Farming Guide for Empires and Puzzles, 2020 Empires & Puzzles Seasonal event guide, Empires & Puzzles: Alliance War strategies, Defense team – Strategies, advice and tactics, Empires & Puzzles Beta Heroes: Update May2020 - NEW HOTM added, Empires and Puzzles Hero Reviews: Latest hero review,ranking & grading. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. She would not be great at tank since you want the opposing team to fire some of their own specials before Lady Loki fires hers. Her special is a good match against the V-T-G (or JF) meta, and the Average speed doesn't seem a big disadvantage in raid attacks since you need to wait for others to fire first anyway. Lady Loki Empires and Puzzles hero - stats, grades, hero card, ranking and compare with other heroes ... Empires and Puzzles Wiki is … Rarity I personally prefer Zimthika over Lady Loki because a faster mana speed results in a higher consistency of use. The most common defense in the diamond arena pairs Vela and Telluria, and sometimes Gravemaker or Jean-Francois. ahead of a really solid fast proven hero like Marj? Your email address will not be published.


Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Lady Loki dispels all status ailments from allies except herself right?

On Defense, Lady Loki can be operated quite well by the game's AI, since her special skill is an AoE skill. a devastatingly powerful skill, IF the conditions are correct and you can fire it at the proper time. Class Overall, Lady Loki can be used against a variety of defending teams, given how there is almost ALWAYS some sort of status debuff in the defending team. In the past month I came across Baldur and Lady Loki in random pulls.

This gives about a 190% damage on her special skill.

On offense in raids or wars, Lady Loki truly shines.

Tanks tend to fire early. (UPDATE: Did it, finally :). NOW, I have a 3 70 Marjana (who is the 2nd Marj I have, hence why she hasn gotten bumped up sooner).

Graz and LL therefore have a whole lot of synergy that I don't hear many people talk about - in fact I have heard people say that they interfere with each other, which can't be farther from the truth. Google's use of advertising cookies enables it and its partners to serve ads to your users based on their visit to your sites and/or other sites on the Internet.

What is your opinion of Lady Loki? In one example, you would wait for, It also makes Lady Loki the long awaited game-changer putting an end to the Gravemaker-Telluria-Vela meta, at least if you are lucky enough to pull her. Lady Locke Lady of Corellia Hero Type. Users may opt out of personalized advertising by visiting Ads Settings. This is my review and grading of this fun hero, who packs what may become the most powerful special in the game. However I havent seen him help enough to kill the enemy (though his tiles at 4-80 should do a much better job than at 3 70).

Nature That being said, do note that Zimthika and Lady Loki are very similar in their special skills.

WIth Hatter, its simply based on enemy buffs so you have some control as the AI fires them whenever it can and usually without much accuracy. Afterall, the main thing is removing the status ailments from your hero, have the status ailments transferred to the enemy hero is simply a bonus. I leveled Baldur up…3 70, mostly can say hes been, difficult to win with. I love how powerful she is, and I love the challenge there is in the added layers of strategy/special sequencing. Game content and materials (c) Small Giant Games. However in raids I think she'll become popular among the people who manage to pull her (just a .3% chance in the featured month). This happens before she casts her damage, so her damage is not reduced by damage debuffs, such as from Horghall, Vela, Kingston or Costume Quintus.

Accordingly, applying emblems to increase her defense and health on the fighter class talent tree would be the best strategy for most players.

Even Vela probably gets in her damage mosty before LL can flip it over.[. especially since heroes like Gravemaker and Clarissa do it so quickly (2 turns) you dont have much time or dependability in putting it all right back on the enemy? Id trim it back. Lady Loki does not have any significant effect that maximizes your titan scores.

Now that we have got that covered, we quickly go through the most common status ailments.

Buff and ailment flipping on the same team? (Or rather it’s because you will want at least off color status ailment cures. I think people who have used her find her to be extremely powerful, and a real come-from-behind specialist. However, if you have higher tile damage fire heroes, you may wish to use them instead. He does what he is advertised to do. Legendary Sure, one war a month there are 3 or 4 users running riposte tanks so Hatter will get into action.

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