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Rabbits are complex animals and their behaviour is not always easy to read, therefore it can be difficult and stressful for rabbit owners to bond rabbits in their own home. had Bottle springs Thank you for adding me and sorry to jump straight in with a question but I hope someone can help me. In order to prevent rabbits from becoming lonely or reduce rabbit stress, bonding rabbits is essential. are extremely social animals who crave not only the love and attention of their human families, but also benefit greatly from the extremely close companionship they can receive from a bonded bunny partner. Rabbit and Guniea Pig Boarding & Bonding It is wonderful to see the joy that two bunnies can bring to one another’s lives and witness all of the loving interactions between them. With an entire working life dealing with animals I have a vast knowledge and superb background with a primary focus on Rabbits & Guinea Pigs.

EQUIPMENT & FOODSTUFFS AVAILABLE BUT ONLY BY PRIOR APPOINTMENT Indoor cages A rabbit won’t ever be a cat or a dog.

We usually keep the bunnies for 7-10 days and carry out bondings in off-peak seasons when we are less busy and have more time to closely monitor a bonding pair. Mary Cotter’s article “The Most Important Word in Bonding: PATIENCE,” is an essential source of information for all bunny parents considering entering into the bonding process. I can cater for disabled bunnies or those with any special needs and happy to administer any medication. Bunny Haven Hotel offers a bonding service, in a neutral territory.

Sadly, these hasty introductions often result in serious harm or injury from biting, chasing, or other forms of attack. We are pleased to have featured in Discover Hertfordshire Magazine July 2020, witha feature on Rabbit Bonding.

Bonding with your rabbit will help you learn about and appreciate your rabbit’s unique personality. Edie Sayeg, bonding counselor for the Georgia House Rabbit Society, describes it as putting the rabbit next to each other and stroke them on foreheads, just the way they like to be stroked. Please enquire if you have single bunnies that you wish to be bonded into a pair/trio. I am also happy to advice on diet, weight management, grooming and handling.I also offer an experienced bunny bonding service, pairs of bunnies or larger groups.

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Rabbits are complex animals and their behaviour is not always easy to read, therefore it can be difficult and stressful for rabbit owners to bond rabbits in their own home. Rabbits are very social animals. Bonded bunnies support, entertain, and comfort one another. Many of the calls we receive are from well-meaning rabbit caregivers who bring a new rabbit home, put him with their existing rabbit, and think all will be fine. A special housing set-up must be arranged, and a structured set of procedures must be carried out over time until the rabbits are fully bonded. All our attempts to bond single bunnies in to pairs or trios have been successful. Jul 10, 2011 . See article below. It is wonderful to see the joy that two bunnies can bring to one another’s lives and witness all of the loving interactions between them. Litter trays Following a successful speed date, the bonding process continues at home. Any pairs of rabbits can be happily bonded, whether 2 males, 2 females or a male and a female, but all must be neutered. I have qualifications in rabbit behaviour and assistant vet nursing. If you are interested in adopting a partner for your rabbit, email, The Most Important Word in Bonding: PATIENCE. We can update owners with progress and give advice on how best to re-introduce a new pair back into the home. More Information: Shy Rabbits Bonding With Your Rabbit . If you and your rabbit would like to consider adopting a partner bun, then the next step is to learn all about bonding! It is very important for rabbits to choose their own partners, so initial introductions will take place during a speed date in which your rabbit will meet several potential candidates to ensure that the best possible match is made. They give each other confidence and mitigate nervousness during stressful situations.

by Amy Odum and "Bunny Has Picked Out a Mate: Now What?" hits so far. I was running out of options trying to re-bond my rabbits after their bond was broken due to health ... issues with one of my buns, so when I contacted AAB bonding service and they said they had space that same day, I was absolutely thrilled!! I use a veterinary practice which specialises in Rabbits and Guinea Pigs. The process of introducing and bonding your rabbit to a partner is one that must be done with great care, patience, and under the guidance of a rabbit volunteer experienced in the bonding process to ensure a safe transition into partnered life. Saturday 10.00-12.00, 17.30-18.30 A rabbit is her own special creature with many gifts to share. They give each other confidence and mitigate nervousness during stressful situations.

Rody igloos Bonded bunnies support, entertain, and comfort one another. I tried to bond them myself for 2 weeks but was getting nowhere and now 2 weeks later, I have my bunnies back and in love - just how they were before! A fully insured establishment which has worked in rescue, and now works closely with the rescue community. Rabbit & Guinea Pig Boarding and Bonding is the realisation of more than 14 years of running a rescue for these little guys. All bunnies must be spayed or neutered before a speed date can be arranged.

Not only will they support one another through the process of settling into their new home, adopting a pair of already-bonded bunnies completely cuts out the work of the bonding process; it’s a win-win for the bunnies and their new forever family!

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