spotted puffer care

They are more expensive, but still reasonable. Please do not try to make your GSP puff. Some have quite fine spots, almost like specs of pepper, while others have larger black spots. Eric Dockett (author) from USA on January 05, 2017: @Dougie: Puffers "puff" as an extreme defensive reaction. Although they only grow to around six inches in length as adults, the minimum tank size for a single puffer is 30 gallons. Size : 6" (15 cm) pH : 7.5 - 8.2.

Is it alright for him to stay in there until he starts to grow a little more, he will then probably get moved to a 45 is that size okay for the Puffer or should it be bigger because in about a year we are planning on receiving a 75 gal to put all of the fish in the 45 into the 75? :-(. Or will it hurt my GSP? You can introduce a little bit of sea salt when you do water changes. Lol what can i do? Also a tropical fish, a temperature of 72°F-80°F is required. I'll be happy to help if I can. Yes, puffers are more expensive than standard tropical fish, but I don't think prohibitively so. While the White Spotted Puffer is possibly one of the cutest fish you can put in your saltwater aquarium, it is well known for causing a lot of damage to other fish in the tank by constantly nipping at and taking small chunks out of their fins. A good HOB (Hang on Back) or canister filter provides both mechanical and biological filtration.

If your puffer always has a gray or black belly, it may be a sign that something is wrong in the tank, and it is time to review tank management practices. By the way great great read. In wild conditions, they start in freshwater and migrate to brackish or marine conditions as adults. You will need to feed meaty, frozen foods such as blood worms and krill. You need a hydrometer so you can measure the specific gravity. Another article which falsely claims that adult green spotted puffers need "brackish" water - WRONG!!! One of the most important pieces of equipment you will need is a hydrometer. The rest of the article is excellent and contains a lot of good info not found on other sites. But what can cause this?

If you choose to do so and follow through, you’ll finding puffer ownership to be highly fun and rewarding.

Give your puffer ample opportunities for establishing territories, even when it is kept by itself. They are cute and very interesting fish, but i don't have place to have that big aquarium. Offer your puffer fish a varied fresh food diet, not commercial flake or pellets. In some cases, two puffers may live in the same tank provided there is ample room and decorations that limit visibility. GSPs need hard-shelled foods to wear away the plates in their mouth. Understanding puffer behavior, care, and tank requirements will go a long way when it comes to making sure your puffer lives a long and happy life. Eric Dockett (author) from USA on February 06, 2015: Mary, are you saying you have 6 green spotted puffers in the same tank? This is why you need to do research before buying a fish. The Whitespotted Puffer does not get along with puffers of its own kind, unless as a mated pair, and can sometimes become a real terror to most other fish as well.

Eric Dockett (author) from USA on January 31, 2017: @Thomas: I'd keep a close eye on that situation if I were you, and I hope you have a really big tank.

They're interesting and lively enough to be on their own. Green spotted puffers kept in aquariums require brackish water through most of their lives. A+. Since all GSP's are wild-caught, it is important to replicate this diet as well as you can. Common Names : Green Spotted Puffer, GSP. Hardy fish of about the same size can share a tank with them. Pea Puffers are known for showing interest in what’s going on outside of the tank! Diet The Whitespotted Puffer is an omnivore. With this species, I'd play it safe. Can this been done in a full tank during the "Cycling" process, before live fish are introduced? I'm not really clear on what you are describing here. Some good, sturdy aquarium plants that you can use include: Since these fish come from slow-moving waters, the filter output shouldn't be too strong. I don't know how you could force feed a puffer.

Again, with all puffers, this species enjoys plenty of cover. A 55-gallon tank is a good starting size for the 6-inch puffer.

The preferred minimum for this species is 10 gallons, especially if you are planning on having a pair or trio of puffers. FYI - Figure 8s are a little smaller but have many of the same issues as GSPs. This is a fish we think you either like or dislike.

Any adults left in the tank should be removed after the fry have hatched.

Saltwater pufferfish have always been intriguing to children and adults alike, but did you know that there are freshwater puffers too? And heck, maybe one day you can be the one to figure out how to breed them in the aquarium! Wild, adult puffers eat crustaceans, and foods with hard shells are an important part of their diets. Be Her Village. But, you may eventually decide to breed your own snails, and so you'd have the cost of running another tank. However, it does well in a fish-only tank. There really aren't any tankmates you can be certain will get along with a green spotted spuffer. The Spotted Puffer, also known as the Green Spotted puffer, is native to estuaries throughout Southern Asia. Plenty of keepers attest to being followed and observed by their little puffy friends!

Beginner puffer owners and fishkeeping novices should avoid this species anyway. After partially burying themselves in the sand, the congo puffer looks much like a rock or piece of wood covered in algae. Obviously i don't want to shock them so I take it very gradually is best? Good luck, whatever you decide! I’ve been keeping them for years and can attest to the intelligence of these fish! While regular gravel substrate is fine, some keepers like to use crushed coral to keep the pH levels of the tank water within the right parameters. Freshwater puffers are known for being very personable, whether you’re interested in a large or small setup, there is a puffer out there to brighten up your aquarium! Facts & Tips on Taking Care of Aquarium Fish→. I recently changed his water n all,but now i have this clearish white gel slime like stuff in his tank. Feeding time? Be sure to ask the store what type of water your puffer is housed in when you purchase it. Hello I have a green spotted puffer in a 14 g bio cube along with a clown, tail spot blenny, damsel , a goby , 3 hermit crabs and a emerald crab he doesn't bug anyone. Due to deforestation and human encroachment, wild Pea Puffers as a species are being threatened. The diet of wild Green Spotted Puffer consists of invertebrates, mollusks, fish, and small worms and insects. Where to find Puffers and Snails for sale. I thought he was dead took him out of the tank he unpuffed. Good luck! I think you need to move forward with your plan to re-home them ASAP.

Tropical Fish and Aquariums: Dwarf Puffer, The Tropical Tank; Green Spotted Puffer; Sean Evans, Badman's Tropical Fish; Starting a Brackish Aquarium; Cody Shoup, Aquaworld Aquarium; General Care For Brackish Water Fish; Tony Griffitts, "The Practical Fishkeeper's Guide to Pufferfish"; Chris Ralph; 2003, "Brackish-Water Fishes"; Frank Schafer; 2005. Suddenly hes become erractic. Spotted puffer fish will not eat flake foods or pellets. However, some species are hidden hunters in their respective spots in a similar to a rock … The lack of orange coloration around the mouth of the Blue Spotted Puffer Canthigaster solandri distinguishes these two puffers. I have had 3 puffers in one tank for a few months now and it has been great. Plus, there are few that can live in the brackish conditions. As your puffer gets older you may want to try feeding clams, crabs or shrimp. You should never, ever, make them do this on purpose. The Breeder. Pour the water into the aquarium and switch on the filter and heater. Sandy substrates work better than gravel for these fish. You will need to rely on artificial decorations as few widely available live plants thrive in brackish water. I have a GSP who has survived for 2 years so far. GSPs can live in freshwater as juveniles but must eventually become acclimated to brackish conditions as adults. It feeds on a wide range of crustaceans, echinoderms, and invertebrates, such as sponges, tunicates, polychaetes, bryozoans, sea urchins, brittle stars, crabs, peanut worms, shrimps, zoanthids, fishes, amphipods, and foraminiferans, and will eat marine algae and detritus as well. However, if you are new to fish keeping you may want to start small with a betta fish or other tropical species. Eric Dockett (author) from USA on January 18, 2017: Hi Laura. Spotted puffer fish need a tank of least 30 gallons. All three of the species listed above would make amazing pets. Saw them today and fell in love. Use it wisely. No hobbyist has managed to successfully breed the Green Spotted Puffer yet. Frozen options such as bloodworms, brine shrimp, and mysis shrimp can be fed as well. I said in wild conditions puffers start in freshwater and migrate to marine conditions as adults. In some cases it can even be fatal for your fish. Some puffer keepers report their experience with their fish as more like owning a dog or cat than a fish.

The tank is set at the correct temperature, doesn't get too much lighting, is cleaned every single week (if not more), the puffers seem happy and energetic still, but I am concerned that things are going to go south soon.

Adding live pest snails like pond, bladder, and ramshorn snails provide your puffer enrichment through hunting. They are strictly freshwater and prefer a temperature range of 74°F to 80°F. If you currently have one of these little dynamos in your possession you are probably here to learn more about how to care for your puffer. Sometimes this process can go wrong and be fatal.

As for the slimey stuff, it sounds like it could be white algae (look for some images online and see if you agree). It is usually wise to keep a GSP alone in a single-specimen tank. Smooth rocks can be also added to the aquarium.

The green spotted puffer is a highly aggressive fish that may attack and kill any other fish or critter in the tank. Eric Dockett (author) from USA on November 14, 2018: @Angela - I've never used Bio-Magnet so I can't answer that unfortunately. If possible, try to avoid specimens taken from the wild, but this may be difficult since this fish is difficult to breed in captivity. A recent situation has occurred though... our tank water has become a cloudy white and we are concerned it may be a bacterial bloom but have no idea how to fix this problem. While the stress may or may not be warranted, it is felt by the fish all the same. Live options like feeder shrimp and snails provide both a good source of protein and enrichment. I'd start from the ground up and check your water parameters, tank arrangement, his feeding schedule, filter strength (if he is healthy he should have no trouble keeping clear of the filter but if he is ill he may be struggling to stay out of the intake. Good luck! Full marine means adding a protein skimmer to the tank as well as cured live rock, as freshwater filters don't cut it and puffers need heavy filtration since they're messy eaters. i know they turn grey when unhappy but the spots turned grey too then after a while i see him go back to his usual color what does this indicate? The Blue Spotted Puffer may also be called the Blue Dot Toby or Blue Dot Sharp-nosed Puffer. If they cannot establish their own territories away from each other, the fish can become easily stressed. Never make a puffer do this intentionally. Spotted puffer will quickly gain your affection, yet keep in mind that fish care is rather difficult, since it has some special requirements to tank conditions. As time goes on you can increase the amount you are adding until they are in brackish conditions (~1.004 - 1.022 sp gravity) as adults.

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