to rail someone

Don’t feed me that line. Similarly, the other meaning rail can refer to is the line of powdered drugs like cocaine, meth, etc. I am not responsible for your problems.

What does Rail me mean on TikTok?

To protest, criticize, or complain angrily about someone or something.

I've always been thin as a rail, even when I try to pack on some muscle. He went off the rails in his teens and was a worry to his parents. to complain loudly or violently to someone about something.

What does rail expression mean? Co-ordinated action is needed more than ever to put the European economy back on the rails. I started out doing a line or two in the morning to help pick me up for work, but then I slowly found myself needing to keep doing throughout the day. 2. ... rail at someone (about something) to complain loudly or violently to someone about something. to complain loudly or violently to someone about something.

The verb rail means to criticize severely. Despite his tendency to ramble and veer off into inappropriate tangents, his speech remained on the rails, evoking downright poetic imagery as he spoke on behalf of the employees who had made the company what it was. If your "friends" rail against you to everyone in school, they're spreading nasty rumors about you, and you should find new friends! Rail can also mean to spread negative information about someone in an abusive way.

... rail against (someone or something) To protest, criticize, or complain angrily about someone or something. Why are you railing against me?

Often, you will be training someone to do your job because you are moving into a new position within your organization. Sign up. I know it takes a lot longer than flying, but I love riding the rail from Portland to Vancouver. A series of words, as in a conversation, poem, song, etc.

Look at your employment agreement for any specific details regarding giving notice. n. 1. a.

The boss started railing at Thomas in front of the whole office for messing up the Robertson accounts. To become crazy, eccentric, or mentally unhinged; to begin acting in an uncontrollable, inappropriate and/or socially unacceptable manner. When I saw them cutting up rails on the table, I knew it was time to leave the party.

The story doesn't follow the traditional fairy-tale pattern but jumps the rails halfway through. Dictionary, Encyclopedia and Thesaurus - The Free Dictionary, the webmaster's page for free fun content, Theoretical Simulation and Experimental Investigation of a Rail Damper to Minimize Short-Pitch Rail Corrugation, Rock-solid stair rail: so strong it's kid-proof! (The opposite, "off the rails," is more common.). 1. Jane railed at the payroll clerk about not having received her check. To railroad somebody is to send them down a (figurative) path with no chance to make their own decision.

rail synonyms, rail pronunciation, rail translation, English dictionary definition of rail. To protest something vehemently, especially using strong language: To criticize someone or something in harsh, bitter, or abusive language: The boat was outboard, its gunwale resting against the Mary Turner's, Scraps, the big Newfoundland puppy, who had played and pranced about through all the excitement, seeing so many of the Mary Turner's humans in the boat alongside, sprang over the, It was when he was thus below that the cow grazed the schooner just for'ard of amidships on the port side, lashed out with her mighty tail as she sounded, and ripped clean away the chain plates and, Ah Moy found need to get more food from the galley, when Daughtry, Kwaque, and Big John swung their weight on the falls, one at a time, and hoisted the port boat, one end at a time, over the, "Schooner he finish close up altogether," Kwaque observed, as the Mary Turner's, [USPRwire, Mon Aug 26 2019] An automotive common, [ClickPress, Tue Aug 27 2019] An automotive common, Transport of perishable produce has shifted from, 28 August 2018 - Nevada, US-based shortline railroad consolidator United. Define rail.

The addict usually “snorts” one or two of these “rails” with some sort of a tube.

It's remarkable that the team's winning formula has stayed on the rails for this many years, as they continue to win championship after championship.

on the path to systematic vocabulary improvement.

I wouldn't even bring it up—trying to withdraw people's social security benefits has long been the third rail of politics. to complain vehemently about someone or something. 2. 1. Literally, of a train, to derail from the track and lose control. All content on this website, including dictionary, thesaurus, literature, geography, and other reference data is for informational purposes only. You want to play football?

The phrase originally referred to a punishment in which a wrongdoer was paraded around town on a rail and then exiled.

I've always been thin as a rail, even when I tried to gain weight. By spring, the project seemed to be going off the rails. I was released from prison last year and I'm now back on the rails with my own apartment and a part-time job.

To travel on a vehicle mounted on rails (especially a train or streetcar). Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. Primarily heard in US. Definition of rail at in the Idioms Dictionary. Even after losing all three of their last matches, the club assures fans that they will get back on the rails in time for their next game. rail at phrase. The long-running drama has by this point jumped the rails so completely that it would be foolish to try and summarize it for the uninitiated.

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