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According to a survey done by Wendy’s in the 1990s, nine in ten Americans knew who Dave Thomas was.

In fact, Dave had stepped down from the day to day running of the company in 1982. > What is the history of Wendy’s logos? Dominic West's wife Catherine FitzGerald smiles as she picks... Are Brexit trade talks on the brink of collapse? There, he found work at Hobby House Restaurant. Wendy's say that they didn't realize the hidden message within their logo. One of the most famous logos in the fast-food industry, Wendy’s cartoon drawing of a beaming redhead girl, depicted Dave’s daughter, who inspired the fast-food chain’s name as well. This when the firm merged with a fresh coffee and baked goods chain with over 1,900 units, mostly in Canada, known as Tim Hortons. Dave not only managed to turn the restaurants around and make a profit, but he also made enough cash to launch more restaurants.

A look at the Wendy’s Logo and the History of the Company. One logo-blogging website believes there is more to the logo than the fast food chain is letting on and believe the company are playing off a simple fact that most of us love the taste of home. Our brains learn to love what’s on the menu at home as we grew up. If you look carefully, the word 'mom' can be found in Wendy's collar.

As a child, Melinda was often referred to as Wendy because she had trouble pronouncing the Rs and Ls. It has proved to be a popular refresh, but some have claimed the word 'mom' is written beneath Wendy's collar, Old logo: On this logo from 1983 which was used until this year, Wendy is seen to be wearing a collar. He was laid to rest in Columbus, Ohio.

This is also when the typeface for the “Old Fashioned Hamburgers” slogan was modified.

After Wendy’s first restaurant was opened in 1969, Dave started another one in Columbus within a year.

1971—1975: The second logo looked like the first one, except that it included the catchphrase “Quality is Our Recipe.” This logo was unveiled after the second restaurant was opened and featured the drive-through pick up window. The trick is most apparent in the single color variation of the logo used on packaging.

Wendys logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG. A conceptual image of an "Ultra-Modern" Wendy's with the new logo, one of the four selective restaurant designs. During this period, the KFC restaurants were doing badly, and Sanders, wowed by Dave’s work at Hobby House Restaurant, promised him a partnership if he could revive them. You may notice the word “mom” in white and blue on Wendy’s collar. He got laid off afterwards, but this experience went on to have a long-term impact on the vision of launching his very own restaurant. Police raid flat hosting huge party for more than 30 guests and find... England locks down: Drinkers spill onto the streets after pubs close for the final time as second national... Lockdown One vs Lockdown Two: As England wakes to new shutdown... here's how the new curbs could affect you... Primary head blames Bangladeshi families for Covid infections at her school - saying parents are holding... Shopdown! But hey, at least you have an amusing story to tell at parties. 1969–1971: The image in the Wendy’s logo is a cartoon portrait of the company’s founder’s daughter, Melinda Lou Thomas, affectionately called “Wendy”.

Either way, Wendy’s has a great mascot logo that features founder Dave Thomas’ daughter named  Melinda Lou “Wendy” Thomas-Morse or Wendy Thomas. Dave’s family would be on the move again, but he stayed put to keep working at Hobby House Restaurant. After a website questioned whether the company was trying to relay a subliminal message to customers, Wendy's said that the word "Mom" is embedded in its logo, but it's unintentional.

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After successful years throughout the 1970s, Wendy’s started to struggle in the early 1980s owing to strong competition. Wendy’s fast-food chain is one of the largest hamburger providers in North America, alongside Burger King and McDonalds.

As of writing, the page has 2.7 billion monthly users. Starting from the very first version, the Wendys logo has always featured the face of a red-hairedgirl, after whom the restaurant chain was named.

The history behind Wendy’s is inspiring and intriguing and will fascinate anyone, whether they’re devotees of the company or not.

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