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"Great! "Of course I love you, but also I wanna hear you laugh. Luther smiles, as he leans down and gives Five a rasberry. From Dave’s perspective, a very grouchy, sleep-deprived twelve-year-old kidnaps him and he finds it much more entertaining than he should.”. "Don't flatter yourself, it's not just you." Baby’s First Bullet Wound by BubblyWashingMachine (5757 words) would probably be your best bet! Life is pretty hectic for me right now, but I will try to get to the backlog of asks as soon as I can! (If you’re looking for the blog key, you can find it here! All seine Gedanken, Handlungen und Wünsche nachdem er in der Zeit der Apocalypse stecken blieb.. "He- he just doesn't understand. Creeping Towards Extinction by VIKAN -(25626 words, 3/? Luther stops, and strokes Five's hair lovingly. . | [UMBRELLA ACADEMY] Fanfiction {imagines book} includes smut we all know that jawline can highest rankings: #1 in fivehargreeves #70 in imagines ty :' i appreciate you sinners #aidangallagher #five #fivehargreeves #fiveimagines #imagines #netflix #number5 #numberfive #umbrellaacademy #wattys2019. He's been running himself into the ground because he is scared of loosing US again.

Five doesn't seem to resist, but he only sobs harder, wracking Diego's body and his own with sobs. Diego whispers softly. Luther shoots back. time.

Hey! Five's eyes go wide as he realizes how screwed his is. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Luther tentatively wipes away his tears win his giant thumb.

Have you read any good five-centric fics about Vanya (this is as kids) getting kidnapped or threatened or something generally bad happening to her?

Five says through els of laughter as his other siblings all join in.". I hadn’t seen this fic before!! Nr.7 / Vanya Hargreeves / The White Violin, Sponsor werden und Werbung komplett deaktivieren, Esra Hargreeves, Nr. Then suddenly, "Hey, why's it silent in here, you better not have killed Five... wait is he crying... EVERYONE GET IN HERE, FIVE IS CRYING."

Luther says blowing air frustratedly and shoving his hands in his black pants pockets, "I never meant to hurt you. The thirteen-year-old had his head-buried in his dark pillow case, as he sobbed so much into it that his pillow was tear-stained. by -SEXCIFY Follow. smutty smut 30.1K 188 25. by -SEXCIFY. Klaus yells after popping into the room. My personal favorites from their collection were: Day 18 - Phobia / Panic attack / Paranoia, Day 19 - Grief / Mourning of a loved one (This one is part of a larger series within Whumptober, but is my favorite from the series!). Again, I’m so sorry this is taking so long, thank you for bearing with me! Klaus always knew just how to piss Five off with it too. ZERØ (The Umbrella Academy) by ... "hey, that's one badass stapler." Five wiggles out of Diego's hold and turns to meet Luther's gaze. Pre-canon fic where all the siblings get kidnapped and Five is furiously protective of Vanya. Some I couldn’t find, so if anyone sees someone I’ve missed and happens to know their tag, please let me know!

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