22 hornet reloading tips

As usual, Phil Sharpe had the answer, but it was buried away in a mountain of words. Among Whelen's circle of friends was Winchester executive Edwin Pugsley who gave orders to build a special test rifle on the Model 54 action for the "22 Hornet," as Whelen decided it should be called.

This is an older thread but I wanted to bump it up for feedback as I am interested in the 22 K Hornet. Very few

Quick video showing the reloading process of the 22 hornet.

Then start changing seating depth again. If it is, congratulations on a job well done.

Match bullet. Been thinking about converting my hornet to a K-hornet..seems like good info to start with since I also own a 6br. Less case capacity. has more ammo and rifle options available, while the 9.3x62 does virtually... Give a Gift  

Then analyze the groups and the chronograph data. It also spawned an entire family of cartridges. In the .22 Hornet section of the book's supplement (but not in the main section) was a blunt warning from both Hercules powder and Winchester ammunition, warning that changes to the Hornet case had made old reloading data downright dangerous.

At this point, I should mention that Sharpe's book went through three editions, and the third edition had several revisions.

Match. All RifleShooter subscribers now have digital access to their magazine content. case (higher case weight) can generally be considered safe in a case with depths. comes first. 175 Gr. were properly prepped, they will be nearly identical in size and shape after

This article written by CBA member, Grant Macomber of Applegate, CA was published in the May / June 2008 #193 issue of the Fouling Shot.

When my K-Hornet Martini comes home from the gunsmith, it is back to the drawing board. Recently, I pulled it out, loaded some new Winchester Hornet brass to blow out and started researching loads. Therefore, a safe load in a small capacity Keep in mind the fact that pistol primers have thinner, softer case "A", primer "B", and charge weight "C", my I've been leaning on getting some Lil' Gun to try but I do have some 2400 in supply already for my main .44 magnum handgun powder ! It is easy to overlook critical information--and I did. bullet manufacturer's recommendations, then consult the exterior ballistics factors. Woodworth was first to bag a woodchuck with the new cartridge at 150 yards. When reloading, one must consider the age of the weapon when choosing bullets. For blowing out the cases, I used .224-diameter lead bullets.

It would have been nice if he had at least flagged them in the main section on reloading the Hornet.

If you This email link is to reach site administrators for assistance, if you cannot access TFL via other means. charge is more consistent and accurate, I home in on it, concentrating on The thicker jacket of the hollowpoint bullet won't allow it to expand as explosively as the softnose bullet on varmints at .22 Hornet impact velocities. If not, 175 Gr. Why Choose Us? or is it really a load that satisfies the original intent? The road to the famous Remington 700 rifle was paved with classics like the models 725 and 30s. Now, again, select the

brand of primer, and work back up to the best load specs. The .30-30 Win. The 22 hornet I used to have shot just about everything I tried in it.

Slugging the bore of a rifle will reveal which of the two bullet diameters should be used in it.

By Bryan Armatys. Casting the bullets using wheel weight metal plus 2%tin at 750°, the rejection rate was nil. and extract from the firearm it was previously fired in, SOMETHING IS WRONG! getting it to shoot those magical minute of angle groups can drive a reloader to the brink of insanity. reloads for economy. I measured the overall cartridge lengths for the other bullets I included in this report, and they are: Speer 33-grain TNT, 1.690 inches; Hornady 35-grain VX, 1.750 inches; Sierra 40-grain Hornet, 1.735 inches; Speer 40-grain SP, 1.740 inches; Sierra 45-grain Hornet, 1.740 inches; and Nosler 45-grain Ballistic Tip, 1.750 inches. All Shooting Times subscribers now have digital access to their magazine content.

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