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And isn't he the owner of Shengshi Supermarket? The security guard's eyes became even more contemptuous. But Secretary Zhang looked at the four of them, but frowned, but soon his brows were stretched. Everyone looked at Lu Chen, his eyes were full of incredible.

The beauty of the big wave suddenly felt unhappy when she saw that Lu Chen ignored them. He felt that if Lu Chen was sitting in the outer hall today, Xie Shujie and the others might still want him to go for a drink, and when people see that they are at the same table, they will also envy him. Secretary Zhang directly ignored the Jiang family's four brothers and sisters, and stepped forward and grasped Lu Chen's hand. He won't get up to greet you, let alone say that you are not qualified to be greeted by him. Seeing the densely packed luxury cars, Lu Chen knew that this donation activity, led by Xie Weihao, was quite successful.

I'm going, really or not, is this guy so rich? He only knew that even Xie Shujie would personally serve Lu Chen's wine. Lan Ling followed Chen Churan's footsteps and asked. Fortunately, Lu Chen didn't care about them, otherwise they wouldn't know how it would end today. Is he really not afraid of death in this way?

Even if it can’t compare with the big four families, it’s definitely more than other companies. Seeing that his daughter had offended Du Fei and other big men, he almost fainted. Read Daily Updated Light Novel, Web Novel, Chinese Novel, Japanese And Korean Novel Online. If you listened to my advice, would you end up like this?". And looking at Wang Xing's expression, it seemed that he really owed Lu Chen 350 million yuan. After drinking half of it, he couldn't help but vomit, but after he vomited, he also drank the remaining half of the bowl. It's okay to ask one or two like this. Luo Yunhuai's eyes widened, and he couldn't think of the significance of Lei Puyin's doing this for a while. The woman is twenty-two years old. We are offering free books online read! "Mr. Lu..." Chen Churan wanted to say something, but he didn't know what to say. www. "Who are you, do I know you?" Didn't he just clamor to teach this wimp to recognize himself? Although he didn't know where he had offended her, it was impossible for him to help Lei Puyin. This is the big guy he has been yearning for for a long time. "Du Fei, Phoenix Yu Fei's flying, the boss of Sakura Club." Looking at her dad's embarrassment, Lei Puyin not only did not repent, he hated Lu Chen even more. "Actually, Brother Lu..." Luo Yunhuai was a little embarrassed. When everyone saw that Wang Xing didn't even dare to join Lu Chen, they were upset again. He didn't expect Lei Puyin to have such a big scheming. Even at this moment, Jiang Ting even guessed that the previous Steinway might have been given to Lu Chen by a rich woman. She had a sudden plan in her heart and walked over to the big man. "Boy, dare to speak ill of Wang Shao behind your back, you are dead today." The beauty of the big wave snorted coldly and waved to the two security guards on one side. You deserved it and asked for it yourself." I don't know what she was thinking. Who Are You, My Husband Chapter 32-40 | Best Novel Enjoy Reading #WhoAreYouMyHusband #WhoAreYouMyHusbandChapter32to40. Lei Yanjun glanced at the sea bowl filled with a bottle of white wine, his heart couldn't help beating, and he was in trouble if he drank the pound of white wine in one gulp. Du Fei looked at Lei Yanjun and said. "I represent Shengshi Supermarket.

"Well, there is a thank-you dinner the day after tomorrow, which is organized by the city, he should go." Those young talents did not dare to look at him at the few tables he passed, for fear that they would offend him accidentally.

Then if he provokes him Xie Shujie investigates the matter, and you can't escape it." "This world is really small." In fact, the employees of other companies also envied them. "Can this turmoil finally stop?

But Xia Jun gave this opportunity to Lin Yijun. Lu Chen nodded and walked into the hotel.

Lan Ling was startled, and subconsciously said, "His identity is too bad, isn't it the boss behind the most popular science park in Yuzhou?". In the past two days, the major news media are reporting on Yuzhou’s donation to the Sichuan capital disaster area. You think of him well. The two of them both bowed their heads to admit their mistakes to Lu Chen. Especially those young talents with better family backgrounds feel that it is possible to come to them. With the help of major media to build momentum, Yiqi Technology has not donated as the starting point, and exaggerated the damage to Yiqi Technology. Wang Xing looked at Lu Chen as soon as he heard it. "Miss, this is that kid's broken Audi. Obviously this guy Position in the mind of Miss Chen Er. Brother Hu is one of Fei's most powerful assistants. Although he couldn't pay back the hundreds of millions that he owed Lu Chen later, every time he saw Lu Chen, he couldn't control his desire to kill Lu Chen. "I'm not busy, picking up my daughter, and then just buying vegetables and cooking." Da Wave and the other four also stepped forward to look at Lu Chen jokingly. Video Who Are You, My Husband Chapter 32-40 | Best Novel with length See more at here! Lei Puyin ordered his favorite drink and the phone rang and said to Chen Xiaobing after the call. "It's very arrogant, isn't it, do you believe this girl prevents you from entering the hotel?" Lei Puyin's change in attitude towards him surprised him. "Is it true that in the eyes of you people, the only people who drive luxury cars are big people?" (Chinese Translated)(Completed) The …

The Jiang family's four brothers and sisters were even more embarrassed. Big Wave pointed to Lu Fa and said.

Therefore, whether it was Chen Xiaobing or someone else in the Chen family, Lei Puyin had no choice but to curry favor. Do you think Lu Shao looks like someone who lacks money? After all, she and Luo Yunhuai are also high school classmates, and now Lu Chen is a mysterious person who is more famous than the four princes, who doesn't want to make friends with him.

Lu Chen looked at Wang Xing who was walking with her arms around the beauty, and said lightly: "Ask him, does he dare to let me get up to meet him?". These people want to use his power to teach Lu Chen, do they think he is a fool? "Okay, let me drink!" Lu." If Lu Chen was really a little white face raised by a rich woman, then he would make sense for this occasion. Why didn't he take it? In the entire Yuzhou, it can be said that there are not many people who dare to call Lu Chengun in the entire Dahuaxia. Lei Puyin really couldn't understand that Lu Chen was obviously a useless person. Luo Yunhuai also felt that Zhang Bishu was probably coming to the Jiang family's four brothers and sisters. He knew that an eldest lady like Chen Xiaobing had lived in a greenhouse since she was a child, and she ate the delicacies of mountains and seas. Big Wave glared at Lu Chen and whispered. "I advise you to agree to me, otherwise you will really regret it." Chapter 614 - Volume 9 – Chapter 16: Chat, Chapter 714 - Secret Affair in Seattle (3) – Part 1, Chapter 1324 - The Exalted Earth Luminary Who Felt Terrible, Chapter 597 - Threats, Two Princes Lost Their Fortune, Chapter 590 - The Calm That Comes With A Thought(23), Chapter 1569 - Is There Something Wrong With Your Head, Chapter 680.1 - Lin Hu’s Request (Part One), Chapter 344 - Stone Slab of the Ancient Runes, Chapter 927 - Little Skeleton’s arranged love, One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire’s Sweet Love, Side Character Transmigrations: The Final Boss is No Joke, Rebirth As a Fatuous and Self-indulgent Ruler. Those who know cars can know what luxury car this is: 760Li Steinway Limited Edition. The two nodded, wondering what the rich girl wanted to do. "Poor dick, stop for me, my brother Tao asks you something." Which Brother Fei?" "Second Miss, are you still as usual?" With this analysis, the four brothers of the Jiang family felt that Secretary Zhang should have come to them. Lei Yanjun's face changed, he was almost dying at this time, and he would have to go to the hospital with another bowl. Could it be that someone in the inner office recommended to Xie Shujie and asked Secretary Zhang to look for it?". "Send Qiqi to her grandfather's house first." "Yes, it's a pity that it made him unhappy today. Chen Xiaobing also heard the dislike of Lu Chen in Lei Puyin's words, and immediately became very upset with Lei Puyin. She felt that she was a superfluous person in the private room. Chen Churan and others hurriedly followed.

As long as he humiliated Lu Chen, Chen Xiaobing would definitely blame Luo Yunhuai and even break up with Luo Yunhuai. Lin Yijun said and took Qiqi out. As for Lu Chen's true identity, he did not ask, nor did he dare to ask.

Of course he Did not dare to offend Du Fei's men. Even after returning home, many employees have to face questions from family members. Even if he hated Lu Chen again, he would not dare to face Lu Chen. "But some people just don't know it." The security guard was shocked and understood something instantly. Who Are You, My Husband Chapter 32-40 | Best Novel uploaded in 2020-07-29 06:30:09 by Zeeshh TV He has to carry it with Wu Kaiwu. It may be difficult to make an appointment next time." Slowly, Lei Yanjun said. What has to do with him is that this woman dared to criticize his brother in public.

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