wii sports mii tier list

In Wii Party he is a master Mii. He places 55/98 in cycling. She places 32/98 in cycling. Silke's(JPJapanese: ジルケRomaji: Jiruke) skill level is 720-730 in tennis and 100+ in baseball. In Wii Sports Resort Yoko's skill level is 883 in swordplay, 1126+ in table tennis, and 282 in basketball. He places 64/98 in cycling. In, Shouta's skill level is 1150 in swordplay, 590-600 in table tennis, and 956+ in basketball. He places 19/98 in cycling. She places 90/98 in cycling. In Wii Sports Resort Steph's skill level is 626-630 in swordplay, 85-100 in table tennis, and 311-315 in basketball. He places 54/98 in cycling. Last updated: 10/22/2020. Steve's(JPJapanese: スティーブRomaji: Sute~ību) skill level is 650-670 in tennis, 1145 in baseball, and 200-300 in boxing. In Wii Sports Resort Naomi's skill level is 150 in swordplay, 806+ in table tennis, and 850 in basketball. In Wii Sports Resort David's skill level is 500 in swordplay, 1170 in table tennis, and 1243 in basketball. Shinnosuke's(JPJapanese: しんのすけRomaji: Shinnosuke) skill level is 98-100 in tennis, 1095 in baseball, and 240-260 in boxing. She places 5/98 in cycling. Credit to https://wiisports.fandom.com/f In Wii Party he is a standard Mii.

In Wii Party she is a beginner Mii.

In Wii Sports Resort Matt's skill level is 1496-1500 in swordplay, where he is the champion, 776-780 in table tennis, and 446-450 in basketball. Add new page. In, Takumi's skill level is 341-345 in swordplay, 221-225 in table tennis, and 926-930 in basketball. Sarah's(JPJapanese: セラーRomaji: Serā) skill level is 1900-2000 in tennis, where she is the champions, 1000+ in baseball, and 1300+ in boxing.

Wii Sports + Resort CPU Mii Tier List. In Wii Sports Resort Sakura's skill level is 950 in swordplay, 650 in table tennis, and 597 in basketball. In Wii Party she is a standard Mii. He places 60/98 in cycling. Almost Best. He places 10/98 in cycling. She places 92/98 in cycling. In Wii Party he is an advanced Mii. Keiko's(JPJapanese: けいこRomaji: Keiko) skill level is 1200 in tennis and 846 in baseball. She places 89/98 in cycling. Share Template on Twitter Share Template on Facebook. Gan S Tier (Best): Rosalina (Same Weight as Funky, has slightly less speed than Funky, but has more advantages than Funky. Michael's(JPJapanese: ミヒャエールRomaji: Mihyaēru) skill level is 1300-1400 in tennis, 875 in baseball, and 1100+ in boxing. In Wii Party she is a beginner Mii. In Wii Party she is a master Mii. Yoshi's skill level is 340-350 in tennis and 400+ in baseball. By continuing to browse our site, you agree to our Cookie Policy. In Wii Sports Resort Takumi's skill level is 341-345 in swordplay, 221-225 in table tennis, and 926-930 in basketball. He places 50/98 in cycling. I made a tier list on tiermaker.com where you can put your opinions on the CPU Miis from both Wii Sports original and Wii Sports Resort. Living Legends. He places 66/98 in cycling. The Wii Sports + Resort CPU Miis Tier List below is created by community voting and is the cumulative average rankings from 229 submitted tier lists.

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