windsor chair seat blanks

The starting point was boards that were 12+ inches wide and about 20 inches long.

Put another way, I use a hand plane to put a straight edge and a flat face on each of the two pieces that go into a seat.

Fancy Baluster Leg Sugar Maple Black-on-Red Milk Paint, Elegant Double-Bobbin LegRed Oak with Shaved FacetsBlack-on-Red Milk Paint, The starting point was boards that were 12+ inches wide and about 20 inches long. Cherry, Butternut and Red Oak: These three woods can be used for the turnings, seats and backs on unpainted traditional Windsor chairs. Each piece for the seat is then jointed.

All Parts are Split from a Log (except the seat), Eight Layers of Black-On-Red Finish:1 – 1st Coat of Red2 – 2nd ditto3 – 3rd ditto4 – Black Wash Coat5 – Black Streaking Coat6 – Burnish w/ Steel Wool7 – 2 Coats of Shellac8 – Carnauba Wax, Assembly Lines & Signature are Visible on Seat Bottom. Components of the chair back are then rived from green red oak that is split using a froe. For example, if you were gluing a table top, biscuits would keep the surface of adjacent boards in a continuous plane. Maple turning blanks 16-20″…..$4.00. Maple turning blanks 30-30”…$6.00. The saddle makes the Windsor chair, one of the most comfortable chairs there are.

Careful matching of the two edges and planing yields a seat blank. A key to the strength of Windsor chairs is that stretchers are made a little long so that when assembled, they are always put mechanical pressure on the legs. Seat: One-piece white pine boards, sawn from huge logs over 30″ inches in diameter, are my choice for seats. Walnut: The finest of the North American hardwoods, walnut makes gorgeous chairs. If the reference face is not flat, the planer will simply follow the twist in the board and the blank will not be flat.

The handles are turned in my workshop using wood from a walnut tree taken out by a storm on my farm in 1976. The through holes for the legs and arm posts are 5/8 inch and the blind holes for the back spindles are 1/2 inch. I just ordered a second one and your two spokeshaves which I trust will be as enjoyable to use. Cross-sections are given to help in shaping the seat. 7 shown in photo) to flatten and edge the board. “This tool is phenomenal. Finishing a Walnut Windsor Chair; Final Notes; Entry 5.

Thanks again for making such great tools.” LG (USA) 2015, I attend a number of shows around the country during the year promoting courses, selling tools and my book.

I use yellow (PVA) glue to join the two boards. The blade is beveled on both sides, a rare characteristic of drawknives. Details of the woods used in the photographed chairs is included but other alternatives could be used. The glue holding the two halves of the seat blank together must cure for 24 hours. The logs were sawed at the historic Hale Farm and Village, Bath, Ohio using a 19th century steam-powered sawmill. The seat blank is cut to its proper shape and then carved to form the seat "saddle" using the gutter adze, the scorp, the compass plane and travisher, which are shown above from left to right. Click here to order the Inshave, aka Scorp from our secure shopping cart. However, with my accumulated rejected wood, I sometimes rip-saw sections to eliminate the cracks and join them to form glued-up seat blanks that may be stronger than the stressed wood in a one-piece seat.

Since the seat is about 20 in wide and the lumber is about 12 in wide, the seat blank is assembled from two pieces. Homemade gauges are used to help guide shaping the parts to the correct size. **Maple turning blanks are sawn square to your spec in short lengths to ensure straight grain and ease of turning (Maple riven stock available too if needed) ***, Add $1 per blank if you wish to have your blanks turned to rough cylinder, Shaped spindles dried straight taper (add to blank price)….………….…………$5.00, Maple & Birch arm stock 1”x4-6” up to 24” long…………………………….………$5.00, Pine seats two piece glue up………….$25.00-$30.00, Three piece (one flat sawn two pieces quatered)………..$25, Quartered wood 4’ or 2-2’ pieces……….$40.00-80.00 (varying on diameter and grade of log purchased). I realized the appropriate hand tool for this process wasn’t available. Seat woods include elm, ash, cherry, sweet chestnut, walnut, tulip, mahogany and pine. These woods may not look good together, and paint again improves the appearance of the chair. I find that this size is reasonable for many people. Larger orders possible, contact us. Will deliver for fee.

Typically made from three specific woods, the woods in a traditional Windsor chair are selected for their necessary functional qualities, rather than for looks alone.

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They are useful in a very long joint tin that they help to accomplish alignment. Create a free website or blog at These seats are 20 inches wide and 18+ inches deep.

The goal is a glue line that will all but disappear. Its size, balance, and blade make an excellent tool for fine woodworking tasks. Windsor Chair Seat Blanks $ 55.00 – $ 90.00. Discounts for bulk ordering. The course teaches how to drill mortises in the legs at the proper angles to accept the stretchers using spoon bits. The tool steel is made in the USA and undergoes extensive heat-treating processes and sharpening. Since the seat is about 20 in wide and the lumber is about 12 in wide, the seat blank is assembled from two pieces. The spindles, arm and bow are prepared for assembly by scraping and sanding them. Left unpainted, the grain of the wood distracts the eye from the form.

Typically made from three specific woods, the woods in a traditional Windsor chair are selected for their necessary functional qualities, rather than for looks alone. Contemporary and traditional Windsor chair designs are available. Legs: Sugar maple, one of the strongest North American hardwoods, is ideal for traditional chair legs.

A guiding principle in their design is that there should be no unnecessary wood in the chair, so that they are as light as possible. Your tool comes to you with a fine edge. Widths: Clear: Windsor Chair Seat Blanks quantity. Every spindle is adjusted so that each one helps to support the arm. Designing and creating my own Inshave became a necessity. In this photograph, Richard, one of my first students, is learning to smooth the seat edge with a spokeshave. Photographed chairs have been finished in oil/wax. The result was an Inshave that I made, and have been using to build Windsor chairs since that time. Windsor chair maker James Mursell has made each of the chairs shown above. Read more…, The Windsor Workshop Copyright © 2020 All Rights Reserved | Terms | Privacy | Contact, Contemporary Double Bow Windsor – A4 Plans, Contemporary Double Bow Windsor – AO Plans. A flat face is needed before I can feed the board into the power planer to dimension the board to its proper thickness. These are 1 and 3/4. Seat: One-piece white pine boards, sawn from huge logs over 30″ inches in diameter, are my choice for seats. Back Spindles and Bow: Oak is strong and flexible, it splits predictably and bends well — it is perfect for chair backs.

The chair undercarriage is assembled this way and the legs are wedged in place where they pass through the seat. (December, 2006). Each plan contains formers for steam bending and the seat. Designing and creating my own Inshave became a necessity. Windsor Chair Seat Blanks $ 55.00 – $ 90.00 Select options; Affiliations. No previous experience is necessary to successfully complete a Windsor chair making course and yet experienced woodworkers will still be fully challenged. Walnut and Hickory: White hickory sapwood contrasts nicely with the dark walnut heartwood. Written by James Mursell, this book was the first new book about the making and design of Windsor chairs for over 10 years.

My favorite milk paint is made by Old Fashioned Milk Paint Co., who have many beautiful colors to choose from. This is the paint I most often use on my chairs, followed by several coats of shellac. Mortises are drilled in in the arm and bow at the appropriate angles using a brace and spoon bits to accept the spindles and arm stump.

When I built my first Windsor chair in 1972, frustration quickly set in when carving the poplar seat with the tools offered at that time.

Though an ancient paint, milk paint was rarely used on old chairs, whose paint would often have been thick and the colors fairly bright. The first step is to prepare the seat blank, which is made from two 2" X 10" boards, which are planed, jointed and glued and clamped together. Watch his short video about this great tool and the uses it can be put to. The edges of the seat are shaped using a drawknife and spokeshave so that the seat is rounded under. It is extremely thin: every pore and growth-ring of the wood subtly shows through the paint.

Description Additional information Description. I use a tilt table (tilt front to back) and the tilt of the table of the drill press (left to right) to drill the compound angles consistently.

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