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Lara checked her gear.

Most perfect, a draw meaning all three are mine!" "Folie à Deux," the sequel to "Enthralled" and Part 2 of the Paramour Series, follows the story of newly raised Rose, a Hunter with an affinity for Arc Light, and the most infamous villain in the Last City's history, Dredgen Yor.

I just got to eye this dress for a moment!"

Everything was good, in the beginning. THIS AU HAS A TUMBLR : message me and my editor on it, we're lonely.

The robot's master being a female looking Vex machine whose eyes flashed rapidly at the information displayed on the screen. "Welcome to my arena, the rules are simple. Look at that sale!"

Do you lay awake at night dreaming this might happen to you?

"Mphpmmm..." Sailor Jupiter moaned as Kyoko held her in a tight hold, soon slumping to the ground out cold. This world is not unused to the names of legends; Saint-14, Osiris, Shin Malphur, Dredgen Yor, Efrideet, and so many others. Answers must be found, and when one desires answers about the Vex, where better to go than the Infinite Forest? also, we post memes and character designs as well as drawings from scenes on it! The losers are trapped as sleeping slaves at the mercy of a female robot? tip: katekyou "alternate universe" sort:>words, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death, Rape/Non-Con, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings (14), The Guy Who Didn't Like Musicals - Team StarKid (5), 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia (2), Original Hive Character(s) (Destiny) (75), Original Fallen | Eliksni Character(s) (34), Female Guardian/Male Guardian (Destiny) (5), Original Hive Character(s) (Destiny)/Original Character(s) (4), Agent H | Henry/High T (Men in Black) (3), Original Fallen | Eliksni Character(s)/Original Character(s) (3), Original Female Character/Original Male Character (2), Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Original guardian character/Original hive character, The Inheritance Cycle - Christopher Paolini, Star Wars Legends: Force Unleashed - All Media Types, 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia, Clementine (Walking Dead)/Ellie (The Last of Us), Connor (Detroit: Become Human)/RT600 "Chloe" Android (Detroit: Become Human), RT600 "Chloe" Android(s) (Detroit: Become Human), Marvel characters share appearances with MCU counterparts, Even when he weilds Hive Magic everyone can't help but like Izuku, My ship name for Eris and Toland is “Tolorn”, Male Guardian/Original Hive Character(s) (Destiny), Original Hive Character(s) (Destiny) & Toland (Destiny), The Guy Who Didn't Like Musicals - Team StarKid, General McNamara (The Guy Who Didn't Like Musicals). Does he kill John, or join him? Much like Clover she was grabbed from behind which her attacker smothered her face with a chloroform rag. For good or ill, these people will be remembered as friends and decried as monsters to some for centuries. A freakish thing can't happen every year!"

Player Guardian is left very ambiguous for that reason.). "Ngng, wh-what are you doing?" It cannot be stopped, but here, it can be slowed.". Which was just as well, because shadows, the gloom and...the dark, she fumbled, running out of words, were her domain. Together they face the darkness and everything the system has to throw at them. And he will be greater than all others before him. A particular guardian gets a little tired and worked up while farming a strike. And they're trustworthy. I hope my ghost, can avenge me with an awakening of another... bondage bound and gagged tied up fanfic chloroform bondage suits. "Alright! Neither knew it then, but that day would change both of their worlds futures. all the gathered females wondered as the Vex soon spoke.

This is just pure filth that I write for myself to read.

“Other than weight gain?” Penny said as Mina cringed at this as a vein throbbed on Hana’s head. "No!" the female ordered as the robot flashed several lights as it processed the request and made sure it happens. Kyoko cried out as Clover darted a blue hair female known for welding large keys and was approaching the two struggling combatants.

Alice is a Titan Gunsmith with an unusual penchant for curious whimsy.

The suit was white in color, several dozens of black straps hanged from it along with a long collar that would firmly fit over the captive's mouth and nose. her friend Sam called out. Two years later, and what Cayde-6 thinks is a normal day headed to relax on Nessus turns into a mystery when he finds two dead ghosts, and a woman who can control the Vex around her. Penny muttered. [An Evangelion/Destiny fusion]. "What?" Hive (Destiny) Vex (Destiny) Ghost (Destiny) Miller (Metro) Other Additional Tags to Be Added; Summary. Evening fell, and night fell harder, on the city. Now return me so I can get back to clothes shopping!" However, now a new legend awakens to forge their destiny. And he will be greater than all others before him. she said pulling out her gun, though it suddenly vanished much like her Ghost. Clover cried out as she began to squirm and struggle, kicking about wildly as she began to feel a strong sensation of sleepiness overcome her.

The hall behind, leading all the way back to her careful entrance to the mansion, slicing through a window, should have been the full extent of the security measures. "I hope my ghost, can avenge me with an awakening of another..." Guardian thought as all the women soon closed their eyes, as they would sleep peacefully forever eternal.

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