how did jess die in unfriended

Blaire tries to explain that it was an accident, she was drunk, and it didn't mean anything; Billie begins to play a song on Spotify called How You Lie, Lie, Lie. Is that how you remember it?

They start yelling out codes. Just then, a new YouTube video is posted on the RIP Laura Barns Facebook page, starting with Laura drunk on the ground covered in her own feces. When multiple Instagram users scold Val for her cruelty, Billie227 possesses Val's computer and calls the group, causing Val's corpse to be suddenly brought back into the chat. Unfriended Following Val's death, Laura fully manifests herself by abandoning her Billie227 alias. On April 12, 2013, Laura had enough of the cyberbullying and decided to commit suicide in a public area by shooting herself. But then Blaire goes back to the Skype and on Jess's webcam, she is being killed with a hair straightener hot iron in her mouth. Everyone is told to download the game Ken sends. This was cut in the final version of the film. I think there's more to the story...." She tells Blaire that she's going to have to live with what she did and will never be able to live it down. Jess notes it's the drinking game but Blaire has never even heard of the game, so they explain that she holds up five fingers and if she has done something, she puts one down. Billie (the user name of the unknown Skype account) tells them if they hang up, they're going to die. Blaire apologizes for them drifting apart. But then a notification comes that Adam has posted the same pics. He thought Blaire loved him. Her acquaintances believe her to be vain and arrogant, and discover she is also a party girl due to her drinking heavily and smoking marijuana. Now, it's just Blaire, Adam, Mitch, and Jess. The trailer strongly implicates that the identity of Billie227 is the spirit … Val yells at him, asking if he copied and pasted, but he swears he didn't post. Maybe it could have been a coincidence that Laura's spirit decided to kill Blaire, In real life, the username Billie227 is used by many different users, none bearing any, However, since the release of the stand-alone sequel, However, Cybernatural is what it's called in different regions, in other regions, a different movie with the same premise called "Friend Request", is called "Unfriend.". Billie threatens all of them and begins to count down, saying she will start to kill someone at the end of 60 seconds. One year later, her former childhood best friend Blaire Lily is chatting with her boyfriend Mitch Roussel on Skype, during which they agree to lose their virginities to each other on prom night. Hacking her account and Blaire's, Laura uploads the embarrassing video of her on Facebook, but in this video, which she dubs "the extended edition", Blaire is revealed to be the laughing cameraman saying "I got her". Yes All the while she tells him to keep threatening her with the knife, (i.e., "Take off those panties or I'll do it for you"). (Everyone now loves Laura after the cyber-bullying led her to kill herself.). This conversation is interrupted when three other people pop up on the Skype call. She adds, But they're good people. She then tells them "Lights out" and the lights simultaneously go off in their rooms. Everyone screams. Billie continues taunting them and Val tells her she's going to come over there and mess her up. Blaire sobs for forgiveness, loading their friendship page on Facebook and scrolling down to show Laura all the pictures of them together as young girls. The way the film was shot, the cast members were completely separate from one another, each operating from a desktop in a separate room in a house in Santa Clarita, California. Parents Guide, My List of Social Media Movies and TV Series. And Billie begins to countdown. Billie227 then disconnects the webcam in the chat room. A group of online chat room friends find themselves haunted by a mysterious, supernatural force using the account of their dead friend. Blaire is relieved and tells Mitch he scared her to death with his pranks but he promises her that he isn't behind Billie. Then, Blaire demanded to see it and he told her no, she doesn't want to see it. ('We got her' is the message Laura originally changed the text to on the Facebook Memorial form). Origin

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