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We’ve got another fantastic, awesome and incredible guest. At the house, it’s tough when you’re getting the crap beat out of you by a heavyweight boxer. NFL Quarterback: I cannot blame anything that I have experienced because I can always find somebody who experienced worse than me, much worse. You kept going and you overcame. These were 1970s televisions. He was going to be a Pro Bowler within a few years, but I backed up him. I took a Ram football helmet and peeled the Ram sticker off of the blue helmet and then painted with my own oil paints the Michigan logo, the famous Michigan helmet. You were there to direct me in ways that ultimately true to be really immensely positive and constructive to me. At that time, the receiver, a really good friend of ours to this day, Dean, a wonderful presence in my life. I hung it by a fishing line from the light shade in the middle of the ceiling so I had a Michigan helmet dangling from my room. Relatively speaking, your childhood was rough, but then you got into some sports and you started having some success in that and then you get to high school. I felt like I was getting great experience.". That summer in ’84, my father now was a computer programmer in the army and lived in Germany. In the biggest game of the year against Michigan, he goes in there and he gets the game ball because he has double-digit tackles because he’s ready to play. Back in those days there were no cell phones. He fought George Foreman. We’re supposed to protect them from all bad things that are out there and not be the people that are out there creating havoc. Why?

I was involved in the youth football, both freshman and sophomore year outside of Roosevelt. Then we went on to the University of Washington. My parents were wonderful and awesome and they brought you in. They have a lid on themselves. We’re living in a part of town where we were the only white kids going to school in central Seattle. He went to the University of Montana. The hardest part of that whole thing is what it does on the kids. I can’t remember all the numbers or the scores. The first series, I was nervous. He was about ten yards behind us. As a junior, he registered 1,051 passing yards, 5 touchdowns, 9 interceptions and led the team to a win in the 1985 Orange Bowl, known as the infamous "Sooner Schooner" game, by completing 247 of 435 passes (56.8%) for 2,616 passing yards. The pageantry of Michigan, they had always looked darker blue to me on television. Nonetheless, what are the odds of anybody making it that far? That’s one of the seven deadly sins. I’m down to six games. He was only 21 years old. That’s the best source of wisdom is to not just experience things and maybe learn from our own lessons, but learn from the lessons and the lives and the experience of others. As far as sports, I think that I was a guy that most sports came pretty good to me. I just killed the engine and I grabbed my stomach with both hands as if I was suffering from flu or food poisoning. Aikman was expected to miss six to 12 weeks at the time, as he rehabbed from his surgery, while Millen and Jason Garrett would fill the void in the meantime. What a wonderful journey in terms of the way that particular team, the whole team was just inducted in the Hall of Fame. Nonetheless, we got through it and then you forge on. Can you imagine walking into an elementary school lunchroom, kids all pent-up with their energy and it’s stone-silent and they got monitors at every couple of tables because there had been so much tension. Put him in the Peyton Manning draft, Elway is number one. My brother maybe had a little bit more time.

He chose the University of Oregon, entering as a freshman in 2019. "It was my first year starting and it was really a thrill," said Millen. They improved to 6-10 that year. You played your senior year.

John Elway gets recruited really hard. I don’t want to blame that, “God didn’t give me enough talent.” I’m just saying that I think if you’re talking about reality versus theory.

When I rolled them up and stuck them in my duffel bag, I put those pants in. Put him in the Troy Aikman draft, Elway is number one. At the end of the day, anybody who doesn’t get exactly what they deserve has to look internally in what they do because it’s really individual.

It’s really hard when you’re six or seven at the time, but the belt is just coming and coming and coming and you’re looking around the corner and your mom is just sitting there with her legs crossed. He was bringing me in there because he had to whack my salary down. There is a potential opportunity,” but you saying, “Here’s the living situation, here’s the social situation.” Now I could start to envision my life in Seattle again, which really was going to center around my friendship with you and your parents’ willingness to take me in. He says, “He made me promise that I would call you, so here’s the call. “They’re from the Big Eight, they don’t see passing teams. For me, Mark, if you go to an opera, they give you what’s called a libretto. If it’s calm for now, just stay on the beach because the wave is coming. That’s how highly regarded he was as a collegian entering into the NFL. She passed in 2007 but the facts are the facts that she had a number of broken marriages, seven to be precise. I had lived up in the north part of Seattle, the shoreline area. It was just like, “Here’s my buddy and he needs to stay here tonight,” and they said, “Great.” That was a wonderful thing for you to be able to do that. We were sitting here and having this conversation and there was this very well-known booster. Si High School in Snoqualmie, Washington and was recruited by several colleges. I think for me, I can recall this. “I’m going to try and soar like an eagle. These are the plans.” The head coach said, “He’s going to go to San Diego State no matter what.” I always wonder if they would have given me a scholarship had he not said that. They had been around 30 years, which was about eleven years after the Eastern Washington coach looked at me and said, “You’re not the caliber of player who can play in Eastern Washington.” It’s backed up right and good. These days, Millen resides in Snoqualmie, Washington, a suburb of Seattle. I’m honored and humbled that you’d ask me to do this and that people would take the time to listen to somebody who made no mark on the game. My stepdad was able to go ten rounds with him. Even at six, I knew that it wasn’t right. Fridays were a terrorizing day and Mondays were a relief. You’ve been a really instrumental part of my life, Mark, and in some of those areas the direction is balancing on a blade of a knife. By Jon Goode, Special To  |  September 10, 2004. To have to repeat that multiple times for any kid, it’s an unstable situation. Even though we won, that’s the challenge too because you have to honor the game, you have to honor your teammates. For you, for anybody that’s have gone through any kind of adversity, is there any one like golden nugget that you walk away with saying, “My one advice is blank.”. I hadn’t been in the game for a few months and the enormity of the situation, I was not handling it well. You did grow up here, so you had a lot of friends.

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