cia grs vs sad

Related Article – Marine Counterintelligence (MOS): Career Details. However, there are some reported instances of Paramilitary Operations Officers receiving Distinguished Intelligence Cross and Intelligence Star honors.

The GRS mission calls for the security, sometimes undercover, of the CIA’s case officers on the ground. There is a legal review process in confirming the targets are valid enemy combatants subject to a given authority (such as an AUMF) but they are not afforded any further legal protections because of citizenship or geographic location. As you can imagine, selection for SAD operatives, or more specifically Paramilitary Operations Officers is believed to be incredibly intense. Geography dictates the means of attack not the characterization of the target. The increasingly conspicuous role of the GRS is part of a broader expansion of the CIA’s paramilitary capabilities over the past 10 years. SAD also recruits from within the Agency.

They are part of the Central Intelligence Agency’s Special Activities Division and not the military. The Special Activities Division (SAD) is a special division of military operatives that work under the supervision of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). I do not think this is SAD , expecially for that big American flag on his jacket (SAD works undercover). Though SAD is not considered a branch of the U.S. Military, they have actually worked side-by-side with DEVGRU and Delta Force in the past for very complicated and dangerous, yet vital missions to U.S. security. Learn more about the different branches of SAD and what they do here. Five of the last 14 CIA employees killed in recent years were part of GRS. OGA is a euphemism that general means the CIA, but can cover a broad range of agencies, it literally means "Other Governmental Agency", it could be GRS, it could be HRT, it could even be DEA FAST, but usually when used, it means the CIA. Related Article: Green Beret Vs. Navy SEAL.

Special Activities Division operatives were also involved with Pakistani forces in the capture of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed – a mastermind behind the September 11 attacks.

They are considered experts in surveillance, field and tradecraft, small arms, CQB, hostage rescue, and advanced driving. (This grew to eight committees after the House and Senate intelligence committees were established.). (These apply to insurgents as well.) (SAD) is the Central Intelligence Agency's (CIA) covert paramilitary operations unit. Its members, known as Paramilitary Operations Officers are part of the most secretive and discreet special ops organization in the United States. Additionally, it’s believed they were instrumental in the capture of Saddam Hussein during Operation Red Dawn. Once a war has been declared (to include via AUMF), the military is free to conduct the war as necessary subject the Laws of Armed Conflict, the relevant conventions, and the strategic guidance of the National Command Authority.

While the Special Activities Division is not part of the US armed forces, they frequently comprise former military like Delta Force and DEVGRU and oftentimes work closely with these units on complicated missions. PAG operatives are known to “influence” missions that are used to support U.S. foreign policy. As individuals…not much. In addition, its believed that Political Action Group members clandestinely organize various government protests and demonstrations in hostile nations. Armor and Special Programs members are tasked with the development, testing, and covert collection of new personnel, armory, equipment, and transport. The best description is they literally become “super soldiers”.

Recruits are trained on a wide range of modern as well as groundbreaking new weaponry, explosive devices, and firearms. During the invasion of Iraq, SAD continued to work with Army Special Forces in the northern part of the country. the Hughes-Ryan Amendment to the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961. CIA Paramilitaries are typically ex-military personnel and veterans of military special operations units such as the Green Berets or Marine Force Recon. So tactically speaking, they use the same weapons, skills, and small unit tactics. Under Title 50, CIA and their allocated forces could go into Pakistan or anywhere else (short of the USA). Guys like Michael Spann (killed at the beginning of the Afghan invasion) was a USMC officer before he joined CIA and William “Chief” Carlson was a US Army “special operations forces” veteran before he joined.

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