mongols mc 5 commandments

For instance, if a Mongols MC member ends up offing somebody, a code 55 is declared and all active members go low and off law enforcement radar.

Mongols Motorcycle Club was founded in Montebello, California on December 5, 1969. Very well written by Donald Charles Davis, who may be best known as the founder of the highly respected Aging Rebel website.

5 instances of violence ... KNUCKLES - 1%er The Real Deal Mongols Mc Canada For Life!! There are very few people who go against the Mexican mafia and come out relatively unscathed.

Initially, they received a modicum of success, but ultimately, the Mongols MC won. Now she's defending them. In October 2013 there was a national meeting of the Finks MC held in Australia. Interestingly there is a decision made by Denver District Attorney Mitchell R. Morrissey not to prosecute Derrick Duran. Six Mongols members along with six Hells Angels members were convicted and sent to prison. Book – Out Bad by Donald Charles Davis (The Aging Rebel). While the baddest of the bad title remains with the US Chapter, countries like Australia, Denmark, and Germany among others have their version of the group, and none of them are cuddly kittens, so to speak. Operation “Black Rain” sees 110 arrest warrants and 160 search warrants were issued in California, Ohio, Colorado, Nevada, Washington, and Oregon.

Organised crime detectives were quick to recognise the threat of the Australian newcomers to radically change the landscape, as they were hardened from inter-gang warfare with firearms and had strong ties with international crime syndicates. Around 20 patched members are believed to be under the leadership of a 28-year-old man deported from Australia last year. The case was the result of an investigation – Operation Black Rain – in which four undercover agents successfully infiltrated the Mongols to become full-patch members. That said, other than dealing with illicit substances, the Mongols MC was also part of a motorcycle stealing gang, and pretty successful at what they did. Grave Diggers MC (Thailand) are a support club. Joshua Herbert begins firing at the group of Hells Angels with a revolver, with multiple bullets hitting Hells Angels prospect James Duty, who later died in hospital. Within the club he was known as “Superman” for his physique. He later joined the Mongols and lastly the Outlaws where he became the Petersburg, Virginia Vice President.

The sting led to the arrest of 54 Mongols MC members out of which 53 were convicted. When one of the agents received his patch, one of the gang's members said: "Being a Mongol promises you one of two things – death or prison.

Sadly, the war between law enforcement agencies and the Mongols has not died down. The Mongols are the "most violent and dangerous" motorcycle gang in America, according to police. 2008 – USA. The Mongols MC has managed to increase its bank balances plenty over the years. He currently writes for HotCars on anything that has any number or kind of wheels. For now, he considers his Isuzu D-Max V-Cross, Suzuki Ciaz, and Royal Enfield Classic 500, the three current flames of his life.

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