rappahannock river fishing

have shown up early this year.

The Rappahannock River flows almost 200 miles from its origin in Fauquier, , 2012:  Avid angler and author Steve Moore provided the following fishing, Ken Penrod warns that at the current low river levels, the Upper Potomac is, Virginia Outdoors - A Resource for Virginia Anglers and Hunters, :  Historically, the Rappahannock smallmouth fishery may have, site for more information on access points and float trips. have provided a real boost to local fishing in the past few years. Yet , just when folks were jumping to the conclusion in January that the fishery was wiped out and rockfish were nearing extinction, massive numbers of these 40-60 pound fish were found feeding on mile long rafts of menhaden 25 miles off-shore the Virginia coastline. You must make your own judgment in terms of acceptable behavior and risk and not rely on anything posted here. COBIA, otherwise known as ling, are without a doubt the most aggressive fighting fish in the bay during July.

Blues can be found on any of the numerous artificial reefs including Windmill Point, Asphalt Pile and Northern Neck reef. The S.W. Size #0 Drone spoons and Clark spoons are working well when trolled on an eighteen foot long leader. The Virginia Marine Resources Commission decided to close the fishery until July 31st in order to allow a recovery through the spawning period. Blues can be found on any of the numerous artificial reefs including Windmill Point, Asphalt Pile and Northern Neck reef. For those folks without boats, and those wanting to learn more about fishing first hand, stop by Ingram Bay Marina or give me a call for a charter at 580-7292.Good luck fishing this month and until next time, Fair winds. The local catches average between 16 and 28 inches in length.

A 6 or 10 ounce sinker will carry the lure 4 to 8 feet deep respectively.

No matter what activity you prefer,  it’s great to be on the water.I have included a Fish Cakes recipe out of my private collection for you to try. I've found consistent catches in the past between the Maryland/Virginia line and the mouth of the Rappahannock River. These fish will be making strong showings this month and will continue to offer shallow water finesse fishing throughout the summer months. Scenic River Cruise. A standard store bought bottom rig works just fine for these tasty fish.

Two modest sandwiches, a bag of chips and a gallon of water would suffice.

They will come in waves as they continue to move southward in migration. In the middle bay area anglers can realistically expect these fish to run in the 2-3 foot range. Among the many other species available in June, COBIA is also a sought after fish. Cobia prefer live bait to artificial lures.

I disclaim all liability and responsibility for any actions you take as a result of reading the articles on this site. For using artificial lures a strong casting rod is preferred. but at over $4.00/gal. BOTTOM FISHING will peak this month and should continue to provide good action into October.

These large, aggressive fish provide a strong fight as well as good table fare.

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