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People have aspirations, and gunmakers should have them, too. It wanted to mark its return to independence by offering an American-­made product, which implies a higher price. Next, screw the nut a quarter turn onto the pencil. The choke is a Savage Super Choke like the rest except there are fewer slots in the compensator portion and they are a bit wider. This configuration should fit all hand sizes and those wearing gloves. The Renegauge unit is at the right front of the triggerguard and stands out boldly for easy use when wearing gloves. If you really believe in upward mobility, you should give the Renegauge a look. overall this shotgun has not seen much use it … Speaking of the magazine, it comes with the usual plug to restrict capacity. The sole purpose of this site is to provide an online community for those who wish to interact with other Savage firearm enthusiasts. Reinstallation is done in the opposite direction. What is the rising action of faith love and dr lazaro? Why don't libraries smell like bookstores? Now, an 8-­pound gun is always going to be a soft kicker, but there’s no question the elaborate gas system gives the impression of a long, progressive push. After looking at it I found it to be a Stevens model 77A with the savage super-choke set up, with 97% of it's orignal blue and the walnut wood looked nice.....this shotgun has not seen much use....maybe because of the so called ugly poly-choke, it sold for $74.50 with the extras....back in 1956..I got it for $150.. Use the same 13mm deep-­hole socket and flex extension you’d select for any Italian shotgun. I assume welding it together makes final assembly at the factory go quicker, and it certainly is easier for the consumer; this can be the fiddly part of assembling some gas guns. My question concerns the integrated "Savage Super-Choke"--namely, is it safe to fire buckshot, or should I simply stick with birdshot? I take it that's one of those collet chokes that you twist to adjust? Note that the piston is the only part of the system that should require routine maintenance. While most Italian and Turkish shotguns have chrome-­plated bores, Savage chose Melonite, which has similar corrosion resistance properties, and did so without affecting the inside .726-­inch diameter of the bore. The spacer’s stem will face down to engage its recess in the stock. Three cheekpieces are supplied with the gun and measure at the thickest point 1½, 2 and 2¼ inches. As it returns forward, the bolt picks up a shell from the magazine and loads it. My neighbor has this old shotgun that he wants to give to me. I intend on shooting mostly birdshot through this thing, but I read that a lead rifled slug can be shot through it when it's dialed in at improved cylinder (good to know, in a pinch). That part then travels toward the butt, ejecting the empty. The aluminum receiver is interestingly contoured in a way that’s hard to see in the camouflaged models, but visible enough in the all-black field version.

The Trijicon SRO is specifically designed for pistol use. A mandate to keep the Renegauge at 8 pounds led to one of its most distinctive features: barrel fluting. Grew up learning to shoot clays with a Mossberg 500 and Poly-choke aka Dial-a-Duck - great fun.

The throughbolt extends rearward from a short buffer at the rear of the receiver and is quite short itself, with its end 6 inches inside the buttstock. This site utilizes affiliate programs to generate revenue and as such purchasing a product reached by clicking on a link on this site may earn us a small commission on that sale. To get started, click the link below to visit and learn how to access your digital magazine. In this segment of “At The Range,” Handgunning Editor Jeremy Stafford and contributor Patrick Sweeney compare the visibility of red and green lasers in outdoor, sunny conditions. I apologize in advance for any ignorance displayed in this post.

The Renegauge is an important gun for Savage.

Excellent fit and finish are essential for an accurate firearm. It’s an immediate contrast to a certain Italian competitor. Note that Melonite is not, despite what you may read some places, a coating. Italian makers popularized the notion of adjustable buttstocks, and even very economical Turkish guns have them these days. For others, the debate goes on. Misses did come eventually, but that was from fatigue. It's been a while since there's been a new American-designed and -made autoloading hunting... Trijicon has dominated the Carry Optic landscape on hard-use handguns for years. Shotgun has a 26" barrel with a Savage super choke that has the best of both worlds of a Polychoke and a Cutts comp. The Standard shim and spacer provide a 2 inch drop at heel. You can then cross a fence or board a boat with the magazine loaded, and the shotgun will be completely safe. The Savage Cub got a new aluminum cowling, reshaped windows, fuselage, tail, wingtips, and reinforced flaps. At the front is a .085-­inch red fiber optic that’s screwed to the rib, and there’s no mid­bead. If Savage intended mild recoil as the headline feature of the Renegauge, it succeeded. So, I’m not buying that, especially when the unusually complete provisions for stock fitting are considered. Does the Renegauge have what it needs to take on the Benelli M2 and Beretta A400 Xplor? No installation instructions were included with Guns & Ammo’s sample, but examination showed that while the cheekpiece sides were rigid, they’re not completely rigid. You can, of course, completely ignore the system if you leave the bolt open on an empty gun since the last shot of a magazine leaves the bolt locked back. View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message Senior Member Join Date Apr 2016 Posts 160. to shoot with an improved cylinder choke all the way to a full

I’d say the Renegauge is an American-­made gun that offers value quite in line with its foreign competitors.

It is a ferritic nitrocarburizing process requiring hellishly hot salt baths.

The surfaces around the port are smooth and flat, a big advantage when shooting and loading are fast and furious. One thing that did surprise me was the lack of a tip-­off rail on the receiver, a feature of most Italian and even Turkish guns. It has ditched the bottom-­feeding reputation with its extensive and accurate line of centerfire bolt-­actions and wants to step firmly into the medium-­priced shotgun market where Benelli, Beretta and Browning now occupy. This means you have the option to read your magazine on most popular phones and tablets. With some wiggling and cursing, the pad snaps into the slot. SAVAGE MODEL 750 SC WITH SUPER.

It wouldn’t be my choice for full days of shooting hundreds of rounds of doves in Argentina, but for a full day of shooting dozens of 3-­inch magnums at snow geese, it would be just the thing. As long as you stick to lead, you'll be fine. Whether it holds up to years of shooting will have to be seen. Our sample Renegauge came with three identical recoil pads and three spacers. An 8-­plus pound 3½-­inch gun would cause no great complaint, though it would still be a pound heavier than the current benchmark: Benelli’s Super Black Eagle. If you retract the bolt in a loaded gun (which should be done only after applying the safety), the chambered shell will be ejected, but the shell stop will hold the remaining ammo in the magazine tube. The safety button is at the rear of the triggerguard and is comfortably contoured and ridged for use with gloved fingers. No issues with the higher velocity stuff. A forum community dedicated to all 1911 firearm owners and enthusiasts. What is the use of a savage super choke for the Stevens savage arms model 77A? The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply. Copyright © 2020 Multiply Media, LLC. check out the. There’s no denying its flexibility and reliability, but snappy recoil is a non-­negotiable part of the bargain. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Savage is not making fanciful claims about the benefits of the fluting, “it just saves weight,” they say. By applying a wrestler’s grip to either side and pulling up on the pad, with some reluctance it’ll pop out of the stock. (Getting the spacer and nut back on can cause rage unless you use this handy trick.) You may need to download version 2.0 now from the Chrome Web Store. These correspond with spacers that fit over the throughbolt inside the stock and are marked with zero, one, two or three holes to match the corresponding shim. Ano ang Imahinasyong guhit na naghahati sa daigdig sa magkaibang araw? ... Don’t gloss over the details when patterning your turkey shotgun. But it’s not really all that hard to learn. More importantly, it fired light target loads flawlessly. While the Wilson Combat Ranger... Building on the Ruger American's success­ful foundation, Ruger, Davidson's and Magpul have... Give a Gift   Likewise, there were no instructions available for the shim kit, so I went to work on stock adjustments using the dead reckoning technique. Once you’ve adjusted comb height and drop and cast, you can adjust pull length. Press J to jump to the feed. Palm swells on both sides accommodate right-­handers and southpaws alike. Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access. (By the time you read this, there should be a YouTube video explaining the process). -USMC Corporal Hess Sherrod B:6/6/84 D:4/6/09 I miss you, my brother. The age-old question, 9mm vs .45 ACP. In this segment of "Cameras Don't Lie," a subsonic-ammo showdown, 9mm vs. .300 Blackout fired from AR rifles. Once over the fence, pull rearward on the tab to release a shell onto the lifter, and retract and release the bolt to load it. All Rights Reserved. Removing its nut is easy enough. I'll post up some pics soon. In this segment of “Cameras Don't Lie,” competitive shooters Patrick Sweeney and Jim Tarr head to the range to put the vaunted loads on record, and then consider the footage. It’s chrome­plated and grooved inside to scrape fouling off the magazine tube, so going all season before cleaning should be no problem. Seven flutes are milled from 6 inches in front of the receiver to 2 inches behind the muzzle.

Be careful not to let the pin fly out to parts unknown. Savage is stepping up to that challenge with its new Renegauge semi­auto. Business school case studies are full of firms that attempted to raise their standing through better and more advanced products only to be regarded by the buying public as getting “above their raisin.” We are always happy to see a prestigious maker offer well-­priced guns to the masses, but it is a tough chore to go the other direction. Put the point of the pencil in the hollow end of the throughbolt and let the spacer slide over it. This makes many shotgunners prefer a gas gun, especially for turkey and waterfowl hunting where heavy loads are the norm.

Three flush mount choke tubes of the Beretta/Benelli pattern are included for Improved Cylinder, Modified and Full.

• Thus far, I've only used it a handful of times for skeet. It’s in three segments and you can select one-­, two-­, or three-­round capacity by cutting some off. All Guns and Ammo subscribers now have digital access to their magazine content.

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