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22.7 miles Secretary of State Branch Office; 25.6 miles Secretary of State Branch Office (Mio) 26.2 miles Secretary of State Branch Office (Kalkaska) 27.0 miles PLUS Branch Office (Prudenville) 30.6 miles Secretary of State Branch Office (West Branch) There are valuable benefits associated with this fee, including One-Click Renewals , night and weekend support, secure processing, free sticker replacement and more. OF Mice nJEBOR of EXPRESSSOSË .

Source: �ۧY4&�8��xI[�vz�����igX2v8c��0˘��Y�%����盟gQ�-8Ò�����0�y3�&�71d���}0 7Y. The Michigan Department of State is administered by the Secretary of State, who is elected on a partisan ballot for a term of four years in gubernatorial elections.. © 1999 - 2020 DMV.ORG.

SOS-450 (08/17); 5.5 million; $23,54. Please call before visiting. The DSA includes the Office of Technology and Project Services, the Office of Human Resources, the Office of Occupancy Services, the Accounting Services Division, the Budget Services Division, and the department's Business Application Modernization initiative. Michigan Secretary of State. "!qp���p���no�]c��ޜ�fȾ!���Qo۰�֎�~��`/am���56�e\�Ζ���U\�q.,Xe��Y�G�t�{�ٴ��mo��sR e_����OX&��S�Þ�ŮY,��r�8����39�,}���^��@�)�t�6iCX�"h�c�r�O!�;� �g:M$��'�����@��Tv�MV���-dله��ۮ+ˤr'x����w΃��=�����O endstream endobj 165 0 obj <>stream

The center also oversees driver and vehicle record sales and the distribution of the annual jury listing to Michigan counties. Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson said communities are prepared for Election Day and that resident should feel confident that the polls are "safe and clean." �3�#�;A���d�"��i�) �J$`�A%R��*(N�j�¢&9���c��g�—�pZ4n��������c�8����_�u�f��`��n{R�[R%�z�������)�x&���i�q��b��vڙy��5׮�ߨ���` ��V=��E�C(�#D��Plɰ0�0�y�X�.�}�r�\X�5�Y�d����'��#��+O�` � �@ h�242S0P�642RA 164 0 obj <>stream The LRSA provides research and counsel to the Secretary of State on statutes and rules administered.[2]. MCL 257.205 Secretary of state; office and branch offices; establishment; employees; bond; liability for loss of money; person appointed to conduct branch office; compensation and expenses. Voters can no longer apply online for an Absent Voter Ballot for the November 3, 2020 Election. The Secretary of State is the third-highest official in the State of Michigan. DUE TO VIRUS OFFICE VISIT BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Secretary of State Branch Office (Jackson), Secretary of State Branch Office (St. Johns). endstream endobj 167 0 obj <>stream If the Governor and Lieutenant Governor are both absent from the state, or the offices are concurrently vacant for some other reason, the secretary of state serves as acting governor. Box 30054, Lansing, MI 48909 Telephone: 1(517) 241-6470 Fax: 1(517) 241-0538 It's like having the answers before you take the test. [1] As the name implies, the officeholder was originally responsible for much of state government, but now the duties are similar to those of the other 46 secretaries of states across the United States.

The office serves International Registration Plan vehicle owners and Michigan residents who are out of state.

endstream endobj 168 0 obj <>stream Passing the Michigan written exam has never been easier. The Office of Customer Services oversees the Renewal-By-Mail and Internet Renewal, as well as the Uniform Commercial Code. �����c}��ML6���2����DK����V��p_�&X��(�;��k����s�K��� Y"5�z�l��&���������p/�3�4����3a�,���O�/��7��N�}A�� ��Y����.� kX[ endstream endobj 3 0 obj <>stream hޜ�Qk�0ǿJ��Hb4Z(�֭���Xm�0�બ�K���˝F��+ᚿ������F8$��N�"��e����W���ܨ����>T�ҟt��\ת^*S7�17D*��`Թ����m�W��w&ts�h��%�̥�PT[�l����c�ث�9�oA��+�d����4���Smո�[q�3#eL$�'a8� �9{�ߋ앃J��ٺ��=1�oY�ͼ�f>���n��Z����T�N5S�S�~���+TY�Կ�!�q}{k��H;xv��,@�͂� jZ��3x>f>�i@C��aO�I�o{��+@�ޗ�_��-��� �hܜ

4.40. Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Department of History, Arts and Libraries, Secretaries of State in the United States,, State constitutional officers of Michigan, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 4 November 2020, at 19:09. 806 Hogsback RoadMason, MI 48854. hޔ��j�@�_e�����"o The Department of State Information Center is the point of contact for many citizens seeking information about Secretary of State programs and services.

The Secretary of State receives the courtesy title of The Honorable for life. Michigan Manual 2003-2004, Chapter IV, Former Officials of Michigan, Legal and Regulatory Services Administration, Michigan Manual 2003-2004, Chapter IV, Former Officials of Michigan, About the Michigan Department of State (, 2011-2012 Michigan Manual: Chapter IV—The Executive Branch: Department of State.

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[2][3], Under state law, the Secretary of State must have at least one office in each of Michigan's 83 counties.[4]. Hours & availability may change. This is Michigan Secretary of State's best phone number, the real-time current wait on hold and tools for skipping right through those phone lines to get right to a Michigan Secretary of State agent. All Rights Reserved. endstream endobj 4 0 obj <>stream endstream endobj 166 0 obj <>stream MCL 168.72 Candidates for lieutenant governor, secretary of state, attorney general; nomination at fall state convention. SOS Locations near Secretary of State Branch Office (Mason) 8.9 miles Capital Area Super Center Branch Office; 13.0 miles PLUS Branch Office (Lansing) 23.4 miles Secretary of State Branch Office (Jackson) 26.9 miles Secretary of State Branch Office (St. Johns) 28.6 miles Secretary of State Branch Office OF Mice nJEBOR of EXPRESSSOSË . [2], The Department Services Administration (DSA) provides coordination and support to the agency in the areas of administration, finance, technology, project management, human resources, employee development, and occupancy management. [5] Under an amendment to the state Constitution which was passed in 1992, the Secretary of State is restricted to two four-year terms in that office.

New Year's, Martin Luther King Day, Presidents' Day, Memorial Day, July Fourth, Labor Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve & Christmas, For more information about your state's coronavirus (COVID-19) updates, see our.

~ CALL (888) SOS-MICH.

h޼��j�0�_e��L�ꮰ]���9��-u#1�}�N��^����!Ð���OB�)�lĝu[3�� �FP�B@iC(m�c "Z ���� Adobe d �� C Title: ExpressSOS Insert Author: Michigan Department of State Subject: ExpressSOS Insert Keywords: ExpressSOS Insert Created Date: In Michigan, the Secretary of State is not only responsible for elections, but also oversees vehicle registration and the licensing of automobile drivers, similar to a motor vehicles regulator in other states. �� .�� kk �� � Candidates are nominated at partisan conventions. Address ?�R��)JR��)JR�x[b�sum�a{�/�>7J(,�S�Ԙ�@s�.  !1A "2Qa� The current Secretary of State is Jocelyn Benson, a Democrat. h�241T0P041R07Q���wJ,Nu��+��H�)K-�LN�w�K�O��K�2� ��K�M���&�T�� C0��lg�lRTbA�PRbI1DoT�Kn� 9�0I [2], The Legal and Regulatory Services Administration (LRSA) is divided into the Bureau of Information Security, the Bureau of Regulatory Services, and the Legal Policy and Procedures Section. \!R�*��~k�%@��I��4m�X5��+�x��t��K��TG��:�]��D7�n==�%���y�� �_�x���l�ԭXUm_u��8���t}��W��ӡ�(�yٕuWwE"!E�N����y�H��‹��ۨ�u �͎d;6ǼS�����z�G�������|([�-K�� The Driver and Vehicle Records Division manages driver and vehicle records maintenance activities. kڊ�^�;�ir"�#��x~zy�ֻ�λ�ٝw������OE��غ%� 7B�S� >��os�$�3ԡ�)j)� ��V� �C� I�Ǐ h޲T0P���w�/�+Q0���L)��4 Visit the Michigan SOS Site *This site charges an agency fee starting at $12.00 to process your online transaction with the state on your behalf. The Bureau of Branch Office Services operates a network of branch offices providing driver's licensing, vehicle titling and registration, and voter registration services to the citizens of Michigan. The Michigan Department of State is administered by the Secretary of State, who is elected on a partisan ballot for a term of four years in gubernatorial elections. hޤSM�� �O�crXc0`�V��m{h��V����E���0����c������T�x�����(�(�2����$��AP`*��3 The Customer Services Administration (CSA) is divided into the Bureau of Branch Office Services, the Driver and Vehicle Records Division, the Office of Customer Services, the Department of State Information Center, the Program Procedures Section, and the Program Support Section. $3RSbqr��#%&'()*456789:BCDEFGHIJTUVWXYZcdefghijstuvwxyz�������������������������������������������������������������������������������� ? To vote before Tuesday, November 3, you can go to your city or township clerk's office in person before Monday, November 2 at 4:00pm to request and vote an absent voter ballot. )��X��ʂT�����b;;� ^� The officeholder also oversees and regulates notaries public and is the keeper of the Great Seal of Michigan. hތ�=k�0E���������v1g+�Q�[Y&鿯,y(�OGһ���x

endstream endobj 169 0 obj <>stream endstream endobj 5 0 obj <>stream J�ޕ^ 1`����w&��,������,j���������0VB@0QAP`�����8!X�H�#����'. Michigan Secretary of State Corporations Division (LARA) Address: P.O. Michigan Secretary of State's Best Toll-Free/800 Customer Phone Number. B��B�5\�AX�����c����!�U��H���� oW�5�Euf���"|�é��,�c!��% f�- �arY�G�g����$;N�wZ#HT�Ok�=~ The Secretary of State is elected for a four-year term, concurrent with that of the governor. The Secretary of State is the third-highest official in the State of Michigan.

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