the great 66 entertainment center albuquerque

Upgraded the fries to 66 fries drenched in cheese & Hatch chili also.Before the main course, we split a Frito pie among the table and it was a hit with everybody. We ate at the buffet which was wonderful. The dealers in the poker room are sarcastic and have poor attitudes, especially Tammy and the bald guy with a goatee.

(Note: I'm not a players club member and a friend and I were speculating that that might be set up to reward you with more play. We made the trip specifically to Route 66 casino with my mother and now are traveling to the Isleta Casino where they take everyone!!

Plenty of lanes and games. What I do not understand or accept is the fact that they do not advertise this fact nor have any signage anywhere stating this. The food inside of Lucky 66 Bowl was cooked by a restaurant called Leilani's. This casino has the potential to be nice but the service and people who visit make it unpleasant. We drank our shakes while waiting for the meals - I ordered green chile stew and a grilled cheese; he ordered the chicken fried steak with a side of mashed potatoes. This obviously due to the COVID. Service was good and quick. Dirt. 12/2/2019Thanks for stopping by Susan! We all ate different shakes from their shake menu, and everyone had smiles eat to ear! “We have passed this hotel/casino many times on our travels--between Gallup and Albuquerque.” in 2 reviews, “The coffeemaker, while equipped with Starbucks Pike Place brew, was inefficient and didn't really work.” in 2 reviews, “Stopped for a Dairy Queen but spent about an hour just perusing the entire store.” in 5 reviews, in Venues & Event Spaces, Country Clubs, Golf. It was alright... the place is super cute though! They treated my friends like trash. I really enjoy shows at Legends Theater. We're glad you enjoyed your trip to the Diner. This casino used a good place to stop over the last fifteen years but there is more employees than player. To eat, I picked the tuna melt, upgrading my side to the "dinner salad" for an extra $2. 3/2/2020Thanks for stopping by Kim!

Oh road trips are hard sometimes. It's quite silly. 9/18/2020Frances, Route 66 Casino Hotel has implemented a COVID-19 Safe Practice (CSP) protocol that is in accordance with New Mexico's Public Health Order and the policy of Laguna Development Corporation. My husband was satisfied with his cheesesteak BUT THE POTATO SALAD WAS SO FLIPPING GOOD! “Here’s what I know. Rooms were nice and clean. This place was an old school gas station on route 66 the first half of the 20th century. Located in Albuquerque, we serve everything from breakfast to desserts, making sure you will receive a delicious meal no matter when you show up at our diner. Taffer said in the episode teaser that the food was greasy, which is a problem when serving it to bowling customers as it could affect their games. Okra was good. They had fun Route 66 decor and many newer gaming machines. ", "Worst place to go in town don't go here.

Pretty disappointed with the front desk customer service, they're very rude every time.

There is plenty of leg room in front of you so you don't have to stand up when people walk by. @JonTaffer gives this owner a piece of his mind Sunday at 10/9c on @paramountnet!

The bathroom was clean. I went to their Overlook Lounge that they just opened (on the left side of entrance) and it was nice! I dabbed it off and took a few bites. Not the best selection of items but open late. Great 66 Entertainment Center (Lucky 66 Bowl) - Bar Rescue Update In this week's episode of Bar Rescue , Jon Taffer and crew are in Albuquerque, New Mexico to rescue Lucky 66 Bowl. 66 Diner, on Central at Sycamore, sticks out from the surrounding scenery, its art deco-inspired stucco facade playing into the Route 66 iconography that the restaurant seeks to embody.

Exit 140, just 10 minutes West of Albuquerque on Interstate 40. 9/24/2020We're so glad you enjoyed your meal! Juicy, not dry at all. What are the best places for game & entertainment centres in Albuquerque? Place brew, was inefficient and didn't really work. We're so glad you enjoyed our retro style during your visit and we hope to see you again soon next time you're in ABQ! Glitch in the system, however talking to the front desk about it, they snapped at my mother and acted as if it were her fault. Okay...that would have been a good thing to mention BEFORE the customer goes through the entire menu.

The customer service was excellent! The hotel was nice and clean but I expected more for the price I paid.

Very good! read more. I would like to say that I do like the retro-diner feel in the restaurant with the staff uniforms and a hopscotch court on the floor. The bar is a combination bowling center with a bar.

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