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Paul, with winter coming, not much sailing for a novice until the weather cheers up and certainly not while we have these storms rattling around, I suggest you get a few good dinghy how-to-sail books to hand and watch some videos on the internet. Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total), This topic has 2 replies, 3 voices, and was last updated. Links - The Various Types of Sailboats and Rigs. of

//728x90, created 21/01/08 We're going to rig the boat from the front to the back, and we're doing it on dry land as it wasn't a windy day.

It will answers most, if not all, questions you may have. Wayfarer-Sailing 18,991 views.

- Bungs (depending upon boat type). [5], From the original wooden design by Ian Proctor in 1957[6] many subsequent versions of the Wayfarer have been produced. Wysiwig - Wayfarer 8767 - Rigging Guide GENERAL NOTES Before you go afloat, make sure that the self-bailer is closed.

We've then tied this off and secured it with a series of hitches (Photos 27 and 28).

2. The other end is taken around the sheave at the end of the boom (Photo 32), through the clew eyehole in the sail, and then secured to the end of the boom - there is a small notch in the back of the boom which when used with a knot in the rope can secure the outhaul (Photo 33). - Boom :�C��E�t��Ut����$um�GXj��Ty� ,���?AB��T�9��|�9�md The Wayfarer has three battens, and they should all be inserted before hoisting the mainsail.

already have Before you do this - you should put the battens in the sail.

E.g., the mast is non-tapered, and the hull and cockpit are slightly wider, Not to be confused with the "W" on the sail of the, Intended for "rough weather or novice racers. The rig – a combination of masts, booms, rigging and all types of equipment. There are however plenty of spare cleats, so it's easy to add one if you wish. [7] There is also a double-hulled Canadian clone, known as the CL 16, featuring a simplified rig[A] but otherwise identical. Keep hauling until the sail is at the top of the mast - as the sail reaches the top you may find it easier if the other person lifts up the boom to take the weight off and make hoisting easier. 07/05/2010 at 5:31 pm #4157. Photo Galleries - In contrast to other GRP models, this version has a large hatch to the forward buoyancy compartment useful for stowage when cruising, and a forward bulkhead extending right up to the foredeck level. The former of the mainsheet rigging.

Wayfarer Rigging Guide.

neater by removing about six inches of mast groove in the appropriate one end of your new 3/32" halyard wire. Take the sheet up to the block on the underside of the boom, from front to back through the block, then back to the lower block, and back to front through this block (Photo 14); this is for an aft-main rig arrangement (Photo 15), yours' might be different if it's centremain. With the mast down, feed the

- Battens sail head and the point where it is fastened) is wire.

They have several internal bouyancy tanks, and usually a back hatch which can be used for storage. I imagine you are not in a sailing club, otherwise these questions would have been answered by club-members who come over to admire your Mk4, so my other piece of advice is to find your local club, join it and ask questions, sailing people love to help new mates, there are a lot of things that only become clear when you see them being done and a book doesn’t always help you decide if something is quite right, like rig-tension for example. - Painter (10mm x 3 metres)

Review of West Wight Potter 19 Sailboat.

… They're easy to rig too, which you're about to find out! The downhaul is harder to see, but is a length of rope from the front of the underneath of the rudder blade (as can be seen in Photo 48), with a length of elastic attached, which is pulled and fits on a catch or hook on the tiller (we can't show this as you can only do it when sailing to hold the rudder down). Once a favourite boat of many sailing schools due to its size and stability, the Wayfarer has since lost out due to the more modern designs such as the Topper Magno, Topper Omega, Laser Stratos or RS Vision. However, the buoyancy sealed in the floor increases the inverting tendency and, when righted after a capsize, the trapped water causes instability. Suggested wire: Installation: Photo 8, The rudder with the kicker and mainsheet.

Classic Classes is the complete reference to the classic yachts and … [9][15] The Mark IV is also available in the United States.[13][14].

A typical bermudan rig boat, the Wayfarer has a main and jib sail, and a symmetrical spinnaker (although the Wayfarer World is assymmetric). [9], The Wayfarer World S Type is generally similar to the Wayfarer World but is made using the same foam sandwich construction as the Wayfarer Plus S.[9], Built by Abbott Boats in Canada, production stopped in 2006 after a fire in which the molds were destroyed.

Rigs with one mast are sloops and cutters.

Glossary -

end of the wire through the sheave box at the mast head as indicated [16][17][18] This is the reason many cruising sailors prefer the older Wayfarer versions.

Photo 29, Alternative to secure the basic outhaul, Photo 30, Alternative to secure the basic outhaul. Spinnaker Layout, Ton Jaspers: The Mark I has no side buoyancy, and consequently does not suffer from a tendency to invert when capsized that plagued later models. How to Rig a Preventer Line.

Both forward and aft buoyancy compartments are fitted with large watertight hatches and this provides ample stowage space for cruising.

We are new to sailing and have just purchased a Wayfarer Mk IV No 10513. Link To Us -

The large floor space with flat floorboards and good clearance under thwart makes the Mark I a comfortable boat for two people to sleep in, when a boom-tent is erected for shelter. Its' wide double chined hull gives' it great stability, and plenty of space gives it a lot of flexibility.

Mark the

Feed the main sail car along the bottom of the boom (Photo 23); the wayfarer does not have a loose footed sail, so the boom has to have the sails' bottom edge bolt rope (the thick edge that feeds up the mast or along the boom, again in Photo 23) fed through it, with the small plastic car first (if your sail has one).

right at the black band. The Mark I was also available as a composite model with a GRP hull and bulkheads but plywood fore- and side-decks. Reduced clearance under the thwart made this boat uncomfortable to sleep in. Drop the rudder onto it's pintles carefully (Photo 45), and then feed the tiller into the top of the rudder (Photo 46). Discussion The middle My bowsprit stops about … You may find it easier with a boat this size to get it on the water before you rig it, especially if you have pontoons you can moor up to.

Photo 22, Secure the jibsheet wiht a knot, Photo 23, Feed the mainsail car into the boom track, Photo 24, Secure the tack of the mainsail, Photo 25, Attaching the basic outhaul to the boom. As conditions become more epic, the rig is brought inboard, the staysail balancing a reefed main. Next, it's time for the rudder.

This was the original wooden Wayfarer designed in 1957 to be manufactured by Small Craft Limited and also by amateur builders working from 'Yeah, that's a gaff brig, and that a Bermuda cutter' - If you don't know what this means … The kicker on our Wayfarer is a 4:1 ratio. Finally, ensure all self-bailers are up, and all bungs are secured.

This was especially suitable for boats kept on moorings. The particular advantage of this system is the fact that the number of panels is kept to a minimum. the mast groove (I prefer the port side) or you can make the The Wayfarer is a wooden or fibreglass hulled fractional Bermuda rigged sailing dinghy of great versatility; used for short 'day boat' trips, longer cruises and for racing. - Mast, Spreaders, Shroud, and Forestay (unless you've bought from new, these should all be together) - Photos 1, 2 and 6

Once the rack is riveted onto the

Over its history several versions of the Wayfarer have been developed, as follows. How to Rig Your Small Sailboat and Prepare to Sail. This would have been useful for a spinnaker chute, but class regulations of the time did not allow that. Inside, most have floorboards to level the floor, and several different bailing/draining systems can be found underneath. About Us -

check again to see which hook should be used so that your sail head is

Secure the tack eyehole to the boom using a split pin (Photo 24), then secure the outhaul at the other end.

- Jib Sheet (10mm x 10 metres) Mark Hill. How far should the bowsprit be able to extend.

Over 11,000 have been produced as of 2016. Article by Vanessa Bird, author of Classic Classes .

The boats we are rigging are aft-main Mark 2 GRP boats.

Latest News: › Forums › Technical › Wayfarer Manual. - Outhaul (depends on arrangement) It has proved successful in both racing and cruising, including a North Sea crossing 1998. The exterior boom outhaul is designed for slightly smaller diameter rope than we have.

As long as you continue to use the same sail, The front and rear buoyancy tanks were built into the hull before bonding on the deck.

below: If you

Attaching the main halyard and the jib sheet, Rigging

Assemble the kicker as shown (Photos 38 to 41 inclusive) or as necessary if yours is different (get in touch with us if you are stuck with yours). Other boats of this model are still racing after 60 years, and new ones can still be purchased today (on a custom basis) from Porter Brothers.

Does anyone know if there are better images or if the leaflet is available digitally so the images can be enlarged? Attach the bottom end to a fitting on the bottom of the mast (usually a fairlead or metal D-Loop) with a shackle (Photo 42), and the top end to the boom fitting - this will be with either a key that fits in a slot, or a shackle fitting (Photo 43). position (sail head at lower edge of upper black band). you hook the lower loop onto the appropriate hook. Not only a versatile cruising dinghy, Wayfarers are also raced with a Portsmouth Number of 1101.

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